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Cystic Fibrosis, Autism and Flu Vaccine

Cure_cfManaging Editor's Note:  I received this email from the mom of a child with Cystic Fibrosis. I'm running it with her permission, although I've removed her name for privacy reasons. I'm hearing from parents in all walks of life that they are afraid of the ramifications of over-vaccinating their children. Paul Offit may have gone after us -- the autism community -- for lifting the wool that had been firmly tugged over health consumers' eyes - he's going to have to write several more books to cover all of the parents who now have very real questions about our national vaccination policy as it relates to each individual child. At least his agent will be happy.

My son is not a child with autism.  He is however a child with cystic fibrosis, sensory integration dysfunction, horrible allergies and a former preemie.  People with cystic fibrosis have their own gut issues, similar but not quite the same as people with autism.  In searching for help with his sensory issues I discovered the autism community.

I have to say that I have learned so much about healing the gut from you all, though I wish no child had to go through any of this stuff.  Anyway, long story short, I follow the autism community closely now.  We found an allergist who is also a DAN doctor and have been following a protocol very similar to what I see you all doing and we are seeing improvement! 

We've also got the lab work that shows high levels of metal in the blood and hair.  Of course, he is fully vaccinated as most all preemies and/or kids with cystic fibrosis are.  Each year of course the flu shot is pretty close to a "requirement" for kids with cystic fibrosis.  Each year we struggle with the decision on whether or not to get the flu shot and each year become more angry that in the United States of America we have to be concerned about the safety of the shot or fear how many kids will use the flu mist and be shedding the virus in the classroom!

Imagine the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I found the information printed below in the newsletter that our PTA sends us via email.  To my knowledge our school is not doing this but I would suspect that there are schools out there that will as this is a national PTA newsletter.

Best of luck to you and the group at Age of Autism.  You all do a wonderful job.


Concerned Mom

Parents: Let's Fight Flu Together

Let's Fight Flu Together is an influenza awareness and vaccination campaign designed to urge children, families and members of the community about the risks of and recommendations regarding influenza; and to give them opportunity to get vaccinated against influenza.

PTA is working with Flu Busters, a leading provider of on-site vaccinations, and Novartis Vaccines, to provide convenient access to influenza vaccinations in local communities. Local PTAs are invited to host vaccination clinics on-site at local schools.

With the influenza season fast approaching, receiving an annual vaccination is the best defense in preventing this serious disease. This fall, PTA is asking you to Educate, Motivate, and Vaccinate in order to help protect children and their families from contracting influenza—ultimately keeping the whole family in school, at work and healthy!
Beginning the week of August 18th, local units will be receiving an Influenza Education & Vaccination Outreach Kit that provides turn-key materials for you to schedule and host an influenza vaccination clinic at your PTA school. There will be a series of template
documents and guides for you to customize and use to build awareness among students,
parents, school officials, and local media.

The cost for each shot is $30.00, of which $4.00 will be donated to the local PTA hosting the clinic and $1.00 to the state PTA. Free vaccinations are available to those that meet the qualifications of the federal Vaccine for Children (VFC) program.

To register your school for an on-site influenza clinic for your students and community, please visit pta.org/flushotclinics or call 1-866-782-3014. Clinics are available from October through December. It's very important to sign-up early to ensure the best date for your school's calendar.



I have 2 boys with CF. 10 years old and 9 months. Not one single shot. Our old pulmonologist was actually dead against the flu and pneumonia shots for anyone with respiratory issues. With over 40 years expirience he saw the devastating effects.
With CF their immune systems are already in overdrive keeping them healthy. I would not risk overburdeningnit with shots.

Theresa Hanes

My daughter is 3 months old and has CF. She got her first rounds of vaccinations but am so scared for the rest after doing research. Any parents that have opinions one way or the other, please contact me. I tried clicking on others Info but couldn’t get any where with it. So hopefully to have others reach out and let me know their insight! She received the RSV vaccine last week and has had a horrible cough and cold since.... makes me wonder if it didn’t have to do with that? Thank you. Theresa Hanes

jason D vandervort

In reading all comments and post i have to say i'm no more educated then when searching for this information . It seems there is more parents struggling to find the right answers for the true well being of their child . I also the father of a 6 year old daughter with CF am painstakingly searching for others sharing the same issue of myself . For the past 5 years i have been forced into a decision i'm not comfortable in making Threatened with Charges of child neglect from Doctors and DCFS for not getting the Flu vaccine . All tho their is Medical proof the vaccine is potentially more harmful than beneficial to my CF daughter i find myself being challenged again this year with the possibility of being charged while only looking for the best for my daughter . Anyone in the same situation please respond as i'm debating seeking legal help in this matter

Posted by: jason D vandervort |

Amber Edwards

Anyone who has not vaccinated their child with cf have any input on that decision. My son is 5 1/2 mths old and no vaccines yet. Im not sure about my decision.

Concerned mom

To the parents with cf kids who have delayed vaccines. What do your drs say and how are your kids doing ? My son with cf is almost a year and has not been vaccinated . We were worried about his reaction. Any insight would be appreciated!

Nicole Frank

I also have a child with CF who is 5 years old. I have opted out of several vaccinations in fear of what could transpire from them. We have been pushed into the flu vaccine every year but struggle with the decision at the same time. My son has had behavioral issues and a ton of allergies. He has been confirmed as being a hyper sensitive child. I would like to get in touch with others that are going through these similar issues and hear as to what may or may not has worked for them. Struggling at the moment for this years flu vaccine not knowing if I am helping or further hurting him. Anyone who would like to chat or has more info on these topics please let me know.


I have a CFer and would love to talk to the few parents of Cfers that commented on this post. If you get this message, please contact me.

Kathy Blanco

Cystic Fibrosis responds great with IV Glutathione or even nasla glutathione (even better because it gets into the lungs). Look up the studies. Could it be that a similar infection, from autism, is causing both conditions, such as the flu? I think so. And I think both populations are vulnerable to vaccine injury. The also have similar problems with gluten. Many of our diseases overlap one another, and it seems the three prong atack that I have coined is true, infections, toxins and metabolic problems. This is the cause to most of our "genetic diseases". Is there ever a genetic cause when so much environemtnal triggers are going on?


I am astounded and disgusted that the PTA is getting into the drug pushing business!
I haven't been a happy camper since my son left school and entered adult services, but I guess I just found one reason to be glad.
What is wrong with these people?


It's just sickening that a PTA felt they had to resort to having their own children assume such a huge risk - and such an unnecessary one - just to earn a few bucks! What a bunch of uninformed parents and teachers! I'd rather take my chances with the flu!


It's just sickening that a PTA felt they had to resort to having their own children assume such a huge risk - and such an unnecessary one - just to earn a few bucks! What a bunch of uninformed parents and teachers! I'd rather take my chances with the flu!

another parent of a child with CF

i too am a parent of a child with CF. my child was never vaccinated, here's 4 years old now. the pressure to vx is 10-fold for a child wCF. apart from routine childhood vaccinations, we were supposed to get monthly RSV shots up to the age of 2, and yearly fu shots. needless to say, as in general population, children wCF were never part of vx vs never vaccinated study, but for what it's worth here's a link to Cochrane review of studies on flu shots for people wCF http://www.cochrane.org/reviews/en/ab001753.html
the bottomline: There is currently no evidence from randomised studies that influenza vaccine given to people with CF is of benefit to them. There remains a need for a well-constructed clinical study, that assesses the effectiveness of influenza vaccination on important clinical outcome measures.


Kecia-- With some PTA/PTO's tauting Teenscreen programs, the idea of a PTA promoting flu shots isn't exactly a "new" low. Maybe a deep dip in a long-standing low plateau.

Great post. I know-- though it's a relief to share tips and get information between parent groups representing various injuries and conditions, it's horrible at the same time in that so many injuries could have been prevented. I hadn't considered the fact that some children's use of flu mist is almost a form of blackmail for all other children to get the flu shot.


Flu vaccine clinics are the biggest profit makers for independent pharmacies. The owner of a local pharmacy I work per-diem for said that they are not making a profit on prescription sales OTC sales,and he is actively soliciting churches and next on his agenda-pre-schools to set up flu clinics. I have told him the story of my son's injury from thimerasol and over-vaccinating,but he is following the money trail. But I continue to try to educate him on this issue.


I guess we weren't buying enough cookie dough and wrapping paper... ?



We've hit a new all time low-PTA as drug pushers. Sickening to say the least.


Wow, now PTAs are being asked to sell out - that's really dirty, disgusting. $4 per shot for the local PTA... but it may cost your kid a lot more then that.

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