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Autism Insurance Bill Fails in Illinois

Drown_in_debtManaging Editor's Note:  An autism/insurance bill passed in my state of Connecticut this year, effective January, 2009. Since my husband's company's insurance is "self-funded" they are exempt from including my girls. So even with a law (touted here as a huge success) I can count three children with autism who will NOT get their services covered. 

CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery reports that 5-year-old Brianna Di Cianni talks now. That is amazing to those who remember how silent she was when diagnosed two years ago with autism. Her mother and father have so far spent more than $70,000 to get Brianna the best treatment, none of it covered by insurance.

A proposal that would have mandated such insurance coverage was killed last night in the Illinois House.

"This was our fourth shot at getting this bill passed and I can't believe that we didn't get it," said Peter Di Cianni, Brianna's father. Click HERE to read more.



Sadly, we are in the same boat. The state passed a bill and yet anyone who works for a national company will learn that they do have to follow state laws. We as a nation have lost sight of helping children and seniors in need and are busy helping those who will vote or are in a speical group.

Media Scholar

a limited governmentalist, I am opposed to governments mandating coverage.
But I'll bet you aren't opposed to governments mandating car insurance, business insurance, home-owner's insurance, flood insurance, etc. At least one state garnishes worker wages to pay health insurance policy premiums.

Just curious, as a limited governmentalist are you strongly against medical malpractice caps, pain and suffering caps, and product liability protection? Do you disdain the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for assisting drug companies like Merck for product liability relating to Vioxx or vaccine injury?

If having a "free market" means the pharmaceutical industry will be forced to pay back every penny of the $43 billion dollar's worth of "free" tax money they legislated for themselves a few years back it might be something to think about. Why not force the drug companies to pay back every penny of "free" tax money they get to develop new drugs and vaccines?

The main question for consumers is how does one victimized by this "free market" society find compensation when there is no legal remedy? I can offer about three answers to my own question, but none of them are civilized and two involve violence.

Martin Cowen

As a parent with an autistic child I would love to have all of our expenses covered. We utilize all programs that are available to us. As a limited governmentalist, I am opposed to governments mandating coverage. The free market should control insurance contracts. Since government action caused my son's autism, though, I do believe that the government ought to pay for his care. Again, I am opposed to the government mandating that a private insurer pay for his care.

Laura Cellini

Riley's mom - the legislators that are insisting that this is a violation of the IL constitution are not necessarily in the right, first of all the constitution is rather ambiguous on the limits regarding the Governor's authority in applying amendatory vetoes. Two weeks prior they voted to accept the Governor's AV changes to a House bill extending insurance coverage to dependent children up to age 26 and veteran's up to age 30. It's just politics at it's worst folks. Unfortunately, the kids and families are the pawns in their petty game. A very sad day in Illinois indeed.


This may sound stupid but I have a question. What does this mean?
**House members said they voted the proposal down because Gov. Blagojevich used an amendatory veto to add it to an unrelated bill. They argue that it is a move that violates the Illinois constitution.**
Ok so when some dumb ass added to the bottom of the "homeland security act" thing, to protect vaccine makers, that was ok?
I'm not good with laws and how these things work but because of the way it was added it was shot down? Doesn't it matter that they are screwing with childrens lives just because it wasn't worded right?
Kim, I'm sorry that your girls still will not be covered. It's a crime on top of a crime.

Harry Hofherr

Sorry, Anne;

The same people won't be in office, but their children will. Illinois still practices the law of Primogeniture.

Anne Dachel

When the IL legislature has to deal with supporting a generation of autistic adults in the coming years, I hope the same people are still in office. They'll have a lot of explaining to do.

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Dana C. Sturdivant

That really sad! And it's ashame you get punished when it come's to being a small business owner. Do you think you could become part of a group like the Chamber of Commerence and be able to get your 3 girl's covered? What a shame!

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