Vaccine Industry Group Calls on Couric and Attkisson for CBS Retraction
On Autism's Trail: Olmsted & Blaxill Meet Hans Asperger Jr.

Sam Miller of OC Register's "Inside Autism" Blog and Voices for Vaccines

Ocrlogo250Sam Miller, of the OC Register (Orange County, California) contacted Lisa Randall of Voices for Vaccines about her letter requesting a retraction from CBS.

Lisa Randall, executive director of Voices for Vaccines, has asked CBS to retract a story it ran last week that documented financial ties between some defenders of vaccines and the vaccine industry.

The story was by Sharyl Attkisson, an investigative reporter who covers government spending and taxpayer issues for CBS.

“It was a pretty sorry piece of reporting,” Randall told me in an email. “It bothers me when journalists make unfounded accusations and defend themselves with the claim that they’re doing a service simply by raising questions. David Kirby [the author of “Evidence of Harm”] has tried to argue similarly recently. I think ‘raising questions’ without a firm evidentiary basis is exactly the same as ’starting rumors.’”

You can add your own comments on the OC Register blog HERE.



The neurodiverse are having a field day with Sam Miller. They are romping around like its May day on OC Register.

We need some more comments at the Register.

Lisa Clark

Why is it that every time there is a new vaccine developed it makes it onto the vaccine schedule? Why would'nt these organisations have their representatives give an interview? There are too many unanswered questions for me. I do not have the blind faith it takes I guess. I am going to keep looking until I find my answers.

William E. Johnson

Why is it that schools are continually seeking more vaccines to be mandatorally given to children before enrollment in school. It is a perfect fact that some, mabe not some, but alot of children contract neurological disorders because of this. Especially children that are givin vaccines within 24 hrs of birth. I also ask why is that? thier immune system let alone thier nervous system is undoubtfully at risk at any dosage. Mercury based substance should not, in my opinion be injected within someone who is no older than 10. Now that schools such as in West Virginia are now asking more vaccines for the new children enrolling. This mmore triples the risk of this. Why? please e-mail back i would be much obliged


So far there are some great comments at this OC Register blog. And you can "Take INSIDE AUTISM's Weekly Poll" answering the question:

"Do the financial ties between the American Academy of Pediatrics and the vaccine industry taint the AAP's advice to parents regarding vaccines?"

So far there are 338 "yes" and 82 "no".

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