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Recovery Story: Evan

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My son was diagnosed with ASD in July 2006 at the age of 4. He had always been called “quirky” by his pre-school teachers, but I knew in my heart that there was much more to his tantrums, speech delay, behaviors and massive gut issues than was being addressed.

So, the official diagnosis came of no real surprise. However, hearing the word “autism” sent a jolt through my soul that empowered me to get busy doing everything and anything I could to help my sweet, darling boy.

Immediately, we began with the traditional modalities: ABA, speech and occupational therapy. Slowly, I began to engulf myself in research. Thank Heaven for the internet! I enrolled him in a social skills group at the local University, a swim therapy group with his ST and OT; I started my own social skills program for other families with ASD children; but he was still struggling for control of himself.

So, I began reading about the integrative approach and the DAN! protocol. I just knew that this was our answer. I found an integrative pediatrician to supervise my GF/CF diet. We immediately began a mutli-vitamin, probiotic, L-Carnosine and DHA. Within three months, it was like I had a totally different child. He could have a conversation! He began to engage others in play rather than just parallel play. He was not fixated on certain toys. (His happened to be Thomas the Train). He became potty trained and was having more normal BM’s.

The true testament to my son’s recovery was my husband’s return from a four month military deployment. I began the diet and intervention when my husband left. When we picked my husband up at the airport, he tearfully shared, “I finally have my little boy”. It was the most dramatic thing he’d ever seen.

Prior to his witnessing it, he didn’t really believe that it would work, but he stands by the diet and supplements as the tools that turned our son around.

My son no longer meets the diagnostic criteria for autism; and we are ecstatic to share our story through our support group (and everywhere else) of our success. I diligently seek to help others initiate their GF/CF programs, eliminate toxins from their diet, as this is a massive undertaking; but it is SO worth the effort.

And so to my beautiful and special son, Evan, I say—shine on my love, shine on!

Mother of Evan, age 6
Previously diagnosed with Autism

This and other stories of recovery can be found on the Testimonials page at GenerationRescue.



Happy for you and your family. I thank you for sharing your experience. I will bring this up at my boy's next dr. visit.


Too all the parents with kids on the spectrum please go and see a well versed homeopathy dr. One who specializes in children and autism.
You will see results in a month!!!!
Day after day of improvement, attention span, learning etc

Bill Cotter

Use L Carnosine! Only 3 days in and I have a happy little boy back. I take 1500 mg per day myself and it’s wonderful. Had no idea it would be so beneficial to my son. It’s a god send.


I just wanted you to know that you rock and your son is so lucky to have you as a mom. Being a Mom Warrior is a powerful place to be. Our son is 5 and is making amazing gains on his new DAN! protocol. I'm excited to see where he'll be in one year, three, five. We've been at it for a year and a half now and I'm amazed at his progress. Thanks for writing. I loved reading your journey. And on we go....

Paul Rosenstein

Thanks for the feedback. We have not given up by any means. I am not bitter just a realist. My son shows improvement monthly but he also has a long way to go. My wife is a fighter and spends evey possible moment researching and learning. Temple Grandin is a autism sucess story, not a recovery story. I am still waiting to see a fully documented "recovery".


Paul, I too have a 3 year old that was diagnosed at 18 months. 2 of the 6 doctors have released him from the diagnosis yet he still has a long way to go. We have no real support from the government. School offers him an hour and a half of speech a MONTH, the other programs have been suspended, there are two to three year waiting lists everywhere you turn. You sell your house and rent, if your house has no equity you walk away from it, you lose your sanity, you eat bowls of rice and cereal, you scrape the last bit of peanut butter out of the jar before throwing it away. You sell everything you got for 10-20 cents on the dollar on ebay to raise money to see specialists. You die trying.

That's how we've seen results.


I sat here today in my living room and watched my son say "I want a turn" when playing a game...it was a constructed social group of kids from the local kindergarten that he attended for 2 hours a week last school year (the rest of the year he is placed in 1st grade at a special needs school). My son is 8. He has been verbal for 2.5 years. He still stims and is sometimes lost in his own world. But he speaks, can play a game, follow directions, tell a joke and give a hug. Last summer during a similar social setting he could barely attend to the game, his buddies couldn't understand his words and he was so weak he could barely move around for the game...It's been a long 3 years of biomed - but we've come so far and we're not done yet. It IS a marathon and that is not what people want to hear. But it is possible to help our kids.


I would respectfully say that I wouldn't expect a 3 year old to be recovered. This is a marathon, not a sprint. What works for one might not work for another. Is Evan the same child now that he would be if he had never encountered autism? My son certainly is not the child he was going to be before over-vaccination of a genetically predisposed immune system. But he's going to do well in life. Don't let the year and a half you've been at this make you so bitter.
I work for a pediatrician, come in contact with many autism families. The ones that continue to search for the answers for their particular child are the ones with the best outcomes. The ones that quit are the ones who have kids that are always the same, year after year. Keep pushing to find the answer. It's your obligation as a parent, no?

Benedetta Stilwell

Paul he is only three! I have cried and had my fits too over the years out of rage, frustration and FEAR of the FUTURE! He is three, he is three.

My son at nine months had a stroke right after his DPT shot. He had epilepsy seizures. But youth has its advantages. Not just the very young ages but the teen age years TOOOOOO!!!

Calm down, he is still only three and God Bless you!

Paul Rosenstein

Let's see video of him before and after. Lets see him stim, ignore other kids, appear self absorbed. I have a 3yr old diagnosed at 18 months. We have tried the "diet" Dan, and numerous supplements. We have spent 10's of thousands out of pocket for private therapy. We have battles with the school board and the State of Florida for placement in the least restrictive enviornment.

Personally I have yet to see a belivable recovery story yet.

Recovery is not realistic, ask TEmple Grandin.


I glad your son recover, God Bless you
your deternimation is what I admired most
and your son is the lucky one you have you as mother. I am happy for your son can you please tel us about more what you mean
probiotic, L-Carnosine and DHA
I don't understant that. those of us who are still strugling.
Your story thouch my heart Thanks for sharing with us.

Veronica Olachea

I very happy for you! I would Like to Know how did you Know about the diet you started your child on and supplements. Where can you get this information. I have a Daughter with Autism. I'm doing speech and OT. I Started her in school since the age of three. She has improved so much put her speech is not there yet.


You say he had "massive gut issues"? Are you referring to bowel impaction? If so, would you be open to emailing me? My son is 3 1/2, but we go to a GI dr. He's been on miralax for 8 months now, and I've felt he shows some behavioral signs of possibly being autistic. I would truly appreciate any information. He has other issues, which I don't have space in here for, but would he have horrible tummy aches and strain when having a bowel movement? thank you for your time, Liz

Sandy Kitzhaber

How exciting and encouraging to see such a story. We have consulted with a DAN doctor and have thus far only eliminated dairy from our 2 year old's diet, but what a difference in temperament this single move has made. I think as we go on, we will be even happier with the results.

Lea Schizas

What a truly heartwarming and encouraging story. As a mother of five, none autistic but my youngest with NLD-Nonverbal Learning Disability, it's always a tearful and joyful moment to hear another parent's success. It's motivating to see parents out there who are diiligent, determined and persevere downfalls to make sure their child gets the best treatment possible.

Barbie Hines

Congratulations! I am so very, very thrilled for you!

Thank you for sharing...there is no better motivation to keep on going then reading these wonderful recovery stories.

Meg Naughton

Sounds like our journey...we haven't arrived just yet...
AMAZING!! (wipes tears from eyes)

Deb in IL

*wipes a tear from my eye*

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