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Measles and Chicken Pox: Entertainment or Epidemic

Vaccine_record_2"Most any child can have the mumps
Or even German measles
So here's a record of my health
From Chicken Pox to sneezles!"

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By Kim Stagliano

This poem is from the vaccine record sheet of a 30-something Age of Autism reader, as kept by her mother starting in 1969. Take a good look at this darling sheet of paper. Then read her mother's notations.

We're reading the media alerts on "measles epidemics" that loom because of non-vaccinating parents. Remember when these diseases were featured in children's books and on sitcoms?

Arthur_chicken_poz_2 Leave it To Beaver: Beaver Gets the Chicken Pox

Friends: The One with the Chicken Pox


Arthur's Chicken Pox

The Brady Bunch: Is there a Doctor in the House?

Were kids dying of measles in America when Leave it to Beaver was airing? How about Arthur the Aardvark and his sister DW contracting Chicken Pox? Did PBS, the station that brought you Mr. Rogers and Elmo, mean to scare children with an episode about a deadly disease or simply explain to them that they too could manage the itch and discomfort of the Chicken Pox. Just last week, I heard a Frank Sinatra song called, "Ev'rything happens to me," where he sings, "I've had the measles and the mumps." When did measles and chicken pox go from entertainment fodder to epidemic fear? And who's behind it? 

Frank Sinatra Lyrics
Everything Happens to Me Lyrics

Why ramp up the fear level of childhood diseases right now?  Is it for back to school doctor's visits, so as to increase uptake? The media is in a frenzy with dire epidemic warnings, much like the color coded terror alerts that popped up everytime the current administration needed a voter boost before the 2004 election. Using fear to sell a product is as old as Cleopatra's eyeliner (which was made from lead.) Let's not be blinded by the technique.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.



Dr. Cohn:

Review of data from the Verstraeten zero analysis published by SafeMinds and the books Evidence of Harm by David Kirby and Changing the Course of Autism by Bryan Jepson provides clear evidence of risk for brain injury from vaccines. Quantifying a potential risk of this harm by comparing the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) rates between the years 1967 and 1983 of 3.4 per 10,000 and the CDC rate of 1 per 150 children in 2002 and then using an annual birth rate of 4 million children per year in this country – calculates out to an increase of 25,307 more children each year with ASD. Every single child and family (as well as future generations yet to be injured) desperately needs advocates. Please help in anyway you can.

Mitchell A. Cohn, D.O.

Thank you all. I am not only edified, but humbled by your most recent responses. Yes, it is sad about your experiences with the medical community. I have had the exact same experiences in my field of Manipulative Medicine.

I'm reminded of a story that C. Everett Koop, MD told as a forward to a book I read. Our esteemed Surgeon General had once tried to convince his M.D. colleagues of the efficacy of osteopathic manipulation by doing a demonstration. They just wrinkled up their noses in disgust and walked away.

It is impossible to continue learning if you already think you know it all. I know at least some of you looked at my blog because someone quoted it. For those who didn't see this, let me quote my own writings: "No physician, myself included, knows everything there is to know about medicine, nor even about any small facet of medicine, such as pain care. Medical care is a vast field, with vast stores of knowledge which are ever-increasing and ever-changing. Any doctor who claims otherwise is a fraud."

I have already done a great deal of research on autism just since yesterday and YES, the information is out there, and I'm impressed. I'm also impressed by the fact that most physicians, myself included, don't really know about it.

I will bring it to others' attention, as well, now that I am better informed. No one will listen, though, for quite a long time. They still don't listen to the man who became Surgeon General. They won't listen to Dr. Wakefield. And me? I'm not very bright - I only graduated around the top 10% of my med school class. They won't listen to me, either.

My message: keep going. It's been a pleasure learning from all of you. Good luck to you and your families.

Cherry Misra

Dear Friends in Autism, Where have we all gone wrong, that a kindly doctor like Dr. Cohn tells us that there is no evidence of a link between autism and vaccines. I know he is not alone because my daughter, a neonatologist in San Jose says that this is what the peds tell her whenever she asks. It isnt easy even for her to ask, because they will probably sneer at her behind her back later. My point is - Why do I have a stack of papers about half a foot high on all the research that points to mercury and vaccines as a cause of autism, and Dr. Cohn hasnt seen even one paper? Why dont we find a way to get copies of these research papers or at least the simple descriptions that we read to pediatricians of America?
And of course, we have to keep pounding away at the lies with all resources we can put together- Particularly the lies about how no vaccines have had mercury in them since 2001`. And we need to have some good data about other sources of mercury- in fish? in water? in air? dental work? Are Rhogam injections REALLY without mercury now?
One more thing- When mainstream doctors tell us about kids who have died from infectious diseases- We need to challenge them and say -= Tell us if that child had a mercury vaccine prior to that infection- because if he did- You know that child had a damaged immune system from the mercury- so dont blame the disease- blame the mercury (Research done at UC Davis relates to this) Cherry Sperlin Misra, New Delhi


Dr. C. -- the focus solely on measles is misplaced. The entire reason for the media cries of "plague!plague!" is to frighten parents and cow physicians and researchers who speak out about the vaccine schedule. It is directly aimed at the courts in the UK who currently are deciding the case against Dr. Wakefield, and the courts in the U.S. that are mulling over the Autism Omnibus cases with verdicts due soon. The efficacy of the measles vaccine and its value for mankind is a separate issue entirely from whether or not it is safe as formulated and administered. It could be the greatest boon for all mankind and it also could cause autism in some people and immune problems in others.

Craig Willoughby

Dr. Cohn, I am pleasantly surprised at your response. It is so nice to see a doctor actually listen to what we are saying, whereas before, most of us can tell you of Doctors yelling at us, calling us idiots or stupid, and then calling CPS on us for not vaccinating our children (This happened to me with my youngest; I explained that my oldest 2 had bad reactions and I wanted to delay my youngest child's vaccinations. I was told I was an idiot, run out of the practice, and 2 days later had CPS show up at my doorstep). I had a snarky comment prepared for your first post, and I was going to veil it as best I could because I wanted some of Kim's GFCF cake, but after reading your later posts, I have to say that I am happy to change my assessment of you. If only we had more doctors that are willing to listen...

Kelli, in response to your post, guys just don't look as good as you ladies do when we hold your purses. :P


Regarding the measles vaccine, I am not qualified to weigh the risks and benefits of this vaccine, but I do have the following comments:

One of parents' main concerns is that the measles vaccine is generally only available in combination with the mumps and and rubella vaccine (MMR), even when parents request individual vaccines. Dr. Paul Offit says that theoretically babies can receive thousands of vaccines at the same time with no ill effects, but it is the experience of many parents (and the opinion of some doctors and scientists) that injecting multiple viruses at the same time increases the risk of adverse events.

My own daughter had a febrile seizure after receiving the MMR at the same time as the Varicela vaccine (see my article The CDC web site used to have a reference to an article from the New England Journal of Medicine saying that the MMR and DPT vacccines cause increased risk of febrile seizures. A recent study showed even higher risk of seizures with the Proquad vaccine, which is for MMR+V. See Dan Olmstead's articles on this, including interviews with parents who describe their kids' regression into autism after receiving this vaccine.

The CDC says that febrile seizures are harmless, but many parents report that their kids' regression into autism began with febrile seizures. It seems to me only a matter of degree; while one child's immune and nervous systems are able to recover balance, another's is not.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield studied patients with autism and IBD whose parents reported that their symptoms began after the MMR vaccine. He took intestinal biopsies and sent them to a lab which found virus-strain measles infecting the lining of the intestines. His work is scoffed at by many, who say that it was discredited, but in fact it was replicated by Japanese scientists with the same result.

Perhaps if the MMR was broken up into separate vaccines it would be safer, I don't know. Those responsible for our vaccine program seem to be primarily concerned with denying problems instead of investigating and studying them.

Measles can have serious complications. But I believe these complications are currently being exagerated. I grew up 50 years ago, before these vaccines were given. I and everyone I knew came down with measles etc., and nobody I knew suffered any lasting effects.

Never-the-less, in view of the rare complications, perhaps it does make sense to vaccinate for measles. But mumps is lower risk, until adolescence when it can make boys sterile. Perhaps the mumps vaccine should be given later in childhood, for those who did not already come down with the disease. A full blown case of the mumps generally provides life-time immunity, whereas the vaccine wears off at an age when the illness can have worse effects. Rubella in pregnant women can cause birth defects. But perhaps toddlers don't yet need a rubella vaccine either.

The point is, the proper risk/benefit analysis is not being performed. It is just assumed that the vaccines are safe, the more the merrier, and reports of adverse events are dismissed as "anecdotal" and "coincidental".

I understand what you are saying and appreciate your comments regarding your experience regarding prolotherapy. What is frustrating is that there is a Catch-22 here: "We are not studying it because we don't believe it because it hasn't been proven because we are not studying it because we don't believe it..."

Many of those we normally turn to (CDC, AAP, FDA) have too much vested in the current program to admit to problems.

Many autism "experts" have blinders on like horses and only see genes and the brain. Millions of dollars are spent on looking for genes. It's as if car accidents were occurring and millions of dollars was spent on studying the genes that determine worse effects from injuries and better or worse recovery, instead of trying to prevent the car accidents.

And of course the pharmacy companies have a huge profit motive, and financial & political influence. These are the same companies that have recently gotten in trouble for suppressing studies showing safety problems with drugs.

I encourage you to read David Kirby's book, "Evidence of Harm".

Kelli Ann Davis

“Kelly Ann, just what did you mean by your comment "Pssst...Tell you what guys (Randy, Craig); I'll give you a one-time shot to get caught up." Are you threatening to give them a multi-vaccine booster shot, the equivalent of adult Pentacel? That's a pretty dire threat, you cyber-bully! (just kidding...)”

Twyla, LOL!

Just trying to do my part to *rehabilitate* this fear guys have over holding a purse. Heck, Craig’s willing to drive 5,000 miles in a car -- through hail, sleet, snow, tornados, -- just so he can avoid it.

After I got over my initial shock with *scary smart* guy the other day, I finally figured out why he even agreed to hold it for the nanosecond that he did – the halls of Congress were empty due to summer recess. Not one soul around. Zilch. Nada. Zippo. The other incident (where he guided me to the trash can lid) was in Dulles Airport. Tons of people around just ready to snicker ;-)

To all the I’m-not-touching-that-thing-with-a-ten-foot-pole guys: Just remember *that* in the event of an emergency when you need *the kitchen sink* which, as you all know, is contained inside that purse!!

Not an MD

To: Dr. Cohn

I am very worried about my twin ASD, MMR-vaccinated children contracting wild measles virus. I would not be nearly as scared had they never received their initial MMR vaccine. Why? Please check out this article in Pediatrics, Vol 70, No. 2 August 1982, pp 203-209. The link is: If my children were exposed now, post MMR vaccine, to the wild measles virus, they could contract atypical measles, which I have read, has a 10 - 15% fatalilty rate. Wish I had known that before I agreed to vaccinate them. Vaccines are not the purported cure-all that many would like to believe.

Mitchell A. Cohn, D.O.

One thing I forgot to mention. I wanted to respond to the following statement which is, I think crucial: "there is quite a lot of evidence of a link [between autism and vaccines]. Some of it is direct but anecdotal -- the many many accounts of parents who witnessed their children's vaccine reactions."

I have absolutely NO doubt that you are correct - and I definitely should have used my language more carefully.

Unfortunately, healthcare policy and recommendations are not made on small study or anecdotal evidence. Prolotherapy (which I mentioned in my prior post) is still rejected by the government (Medicare, in particular) because it was deemed that the studies were too small and much of the evidence was anecdotal. Despite that, I had seen it's effectiveness, first-hand, and continued to use the treatment on my patients, though insurance would not cover it. It wasn't until the Florida Pain Society did what is called a meta-analysis which combined small-study and anecdotal evidence covering approximately a half MILLION patients, that anybody paid attention. The FPS found Prolotherapy to be on the order of 90% effective. Despite that, Medicare still refuses to pay for it.

So, I respect the anecdotal evidence but also accept that our regulatory and scientific bodies cannot make policy on said evidence. Moreover, I accept that these bodies, like lumbering giants, are intransigent and slow to change direction - even in the face of overwhelming evidence - if it is not presented in a study of what they deem acceptable scientific design and statistical strength.

Mitchell A. Cohn, D.O.

You people are DELIGHTFUL!

I only had to laugh at a single comment: "Whereas some physicians are threatened by a patient who “knows too much,” Dr. Cohn has always believed that an educated patient is a doctor's best ally." Except for the autism community and those who question vaccines, Dr. Cohn???"

This was, to me, hilarious: I have built my personal reputation as a physician on listening to my patients and other well-informed individuals. In fact, it was in the course of doing research on the media coverage surrounding the resurgence of measles (an attempt to learn more about something I was not well-informed about) that led me to discover "Age of Autism." Listening to my patients on several occasions has completely changed my practice - it was, in fact, a patient who turned me on to a practice called Prolotherapy which revolutionized the way I treated pain.

I am SO glad that so many people responded and not just with opinion, but with links to information I can learn from. I stand amazed and abashed at my ignorance about the varicella vaccine, in particular - and I would never have performed research on that subject, if not for your well-informed discourse. It is very likely that since I am after the TRUTH, I will have an article in the near-future which will discuss what I've learned. This will hopefully disseminate this knowledge even further.

I am by no means a traditional physician and have taken heat from traditional doctors for ages for my non-traditional viewpoints and practices. You can't imagine what a shock it was to be hammered for being too much like the medical establishment! :)

With all of this in mind, I would only like to respond to one or two things: 1) I NEVER asserted "that the risks of contracting ALL infectious diseases outweigh the risks of the adverse events." I specifically discussed only measles (which I had recently researched) and chickenpox. 2) I agree with the statement regarding individual reactions. Before I even encountered this post, I had already planned an article on exactly this subject and how modern medical practice is designed to look at what benefits the majority of the populace, ignoring individual variation.

Finally, I found it telling about what was NOT said: No one, as yet, has commented on the utility of the measles vaccine, which is actually what my initial comment was about. Any comments on that?

Again, I take no offense, but take great delight in your intelligent discourse. Keep up the good work!


Kelly Ann, just what did you mean by your comment "Pssst...Tell you what guys (Randy, Craig); I'll give you a one-time shot to get caught up." Are you threatening to give them a multi-vaccine booster shot, the equivalent of adult Pentacel? That's a pretty dire threat, you cyber-bully! (just kidding...)

Dr. Cohn, there is quite a lot of evidence of a link. Some of it is direct but anecdotal -- the many many accounts of parents who witnessed their children's vaccine reactions. Some of it is in scientific studies which are pieces of a puzzle that is not yet fully assembled -- such as studies showing that neuroinflammation plays a big role in autism. And there are recent studies of animals who developed autistic-like symptoms after vaccines. Go to information on evidence.

The fact that our governmental agencies are in denial and are not really studying and tracking vaccine reactions resulting in autism is because, as Dr. Bernadine Healy said, they are afraid of what they might find out.

Nor are our agencies studying children whose parents say they have recovered from autism with biomedical treatments. That, too, would lead to evidence of causation. This is a travesty.


Dr. Cohn,
I am curious about your point #2. Why do you find it "inconceivably expensive" to routinely test titers? A brief cost analysis:

Option A: Vaccinate and booster every child on every vaccine without ever testing titers. Cost = 2 or more doses of vaccine + lifetime medical care and disability for the 3% who wind up with autism and other serious adverse events. (per AAP)

Option B: Vaccinate once using aluminum- and mercury-free vaccines, test titers for everyone, only re-vaccinate those who need it. Cost = 1 dose of vaccine + cost of titer test + 1 or more doses for the 5% who need a booster, with a likelihood that that 3-5% autism number will drop. The reduction in costs for the second vaccine dose + reduction in lifetime care costs would more than offset the cost of testing. And maybe testing the titers will make everyone stop and realize how insane and unnecessary the vaccine schedule really is.

I think you are seriously underestimating the costs associated with caring for, educating, and attempting to recover an autistic child. Costs to the parents, to the insurance companies, to the school districts, to the state and federal governments (i.e. you and me and every taxpayer). Not the mention the opportunity cost of those lost lives and what they might have given to the world.

The cost of testing titers is a darn sight cheaper than our monthly bill for supplements, let alone meds, special foods, therapists, doctor visit copays etc. Testing titers is a drop in the bucket, and worth every penny, from everyone's perspective except perhaps the manufacturers, who would obviously sell fewer vaccines both here and abroad.

Tracy Stewart

Welcome Doctor Cohn, I hope everyone carefully reads your ideas and thoughts. But I have to disagree with your point about the varicella immunization and shingles (seriously, where did that one come from?). Please do some additional research on this as it actually is suspected that increased varicella vaccination rates are causing shingles in older persons (meaning basically anyone born after about 1990) due to the lack of recurrent activation of varicella-shingles immunity. Of course, they want to make vaccine for us all to take against shingles now.

See these resources
From Journal of Infectious diseases
from a longitudinal study of infants immunized with varicella thru their twenties. Findings? “Overall, the incidence of HZ in this cohort, therefore, is similar to published data for the US population in the prevaccine era.” Hmmm, no effect on vaccinated.
This one is from March, 2008: “There were 25,306 adverse events reported (52.7/100,000 doses distributed); 5.0% were classified as serious (2.6/100,000 doses distributed). Adverse events associated with evidence of vaccine-strain VZV included meningitis in patients with concurrent herpes zoster.” IT GAVE THEM SHINGLES, BABIES! Meningitis to boot. (isn’t there a vaccine for that?)
this suggests a new strain of wild varicella can cause shingles in certain persons already vaccinated….
This one is from France (yes, France, don’t laugh) “This vaccine is not yet recommended in France, because the length of protection is not known and there is a potential risk of delaying the occurrence of zoster and, thus, of increasing the risk of post zoster neuralgia.”
From the journal “Bulletin of Mathematical Biology”
Article titled “Modeling the effects of varicella vaccination programs on the incidence of chickenpox and shingles.” Immunization against varicella and zoster

Quote: “Two possible dangers of an extensive varicella vaccination program are more varicella (chickenpox) cases in adults, when the complication rates are higher, and an increase in cases of zoster (shingles)… In the simulations, zoster incidence increases in the first three decades after initiation of a vaccination program, because people who had varicella in childhood age without boosting, but then it decreases. Thus the simulations validate the second danger of more zoster cases.”
Immunization against varicella and zoster
“Universal immunization could also increase the incidence of zoster. These problems indeed seem to be emerging in the United States.”

Look, there’s a lot more on pubmed, so don’t come in here with a blanket “oh, vaccines are good for preventing shingles.” BS, because we are much smarter than that here, OK? MUCH. We actually do read medical journals. That’s why we’re livid. You should be too. My dad had shingles, and a lot of other people I know, so I know how bad/painful it can be.

I also would respectfully disagree with your assertion that titres testing is too costly for mass use. Considering that much of the additional vaccines stores would be spared by checking for immunity, the cost of that shot would pretty much pay for the test, not to mention that generally it’s more than 1 “booster” given. (I’ll leave out the cost of the doctor visit) So, the cost of titres testing is naturally mitigated by eliminating redundant vaccination. Include the harm done by unnecessarily re-vaccinating immune persons and you really have a deal breaker. But who wants the messy deal of taking a baby or child for a blood draw? Well, I do. (now that I have a severly autistic 5-yr old)

SO what do you mean when you say someone pulled statistics out without any regard for what they mean? 90+ being revax twice means a lot of money wasted on unnecessary vax that might be harmful to the individual. I may not be a doctor, bud (although I should be), but I am an economist and I understand opportunity cost and incentives. Trust me.


Another one for Dr. Cohn, regarding the supposed expense of the titer test. We had a titer test performed for our daughter for diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus (so that's three separate blood tests), and they were all covered by insurance. We have Cigna, a very common carrier.
I know insurance companies have treated you and your kids badly regarding speech and other therapies, Kim, so this isn't a "bravo" to the insurance industry--just a note that parents should not be scared off by the bull**** spewed by people like Dr. Cohn about how it's so much smarter and better and cheaper to load your kids up with yet another round of toxins. When you think about it, it makes sense: insurance companies typically cover the cost of vaccinations, so it stands to reason that they'd cover the cost of a test that would save them the cost of another round of vaccinations.

Is this you Dr. Cohn?

"Whereas some physicians are threatened by a patient who “knows too much,” Dr. Cohn has always believed that
an educated patient is a doctor's best ally." Except for the autism community and those who question vaccines, Dr. Cohn???


Mark, You get a double helping of cake. I found the doctor's shingles comment to be especially lacking in current knowledge. Lord, I remember when being a DO meant knowing so much about the human body, and doing manipulations and treating the whole body - not just the symptoms. Now, most DO's are sadly (and proudly I'm sure) synonymous with MD's.

Yes, it's constant low grade exposure to the real chicken pox that protected adults from its cousin the shingles. And as you know, pharma is working on a shingles vaccine to protect against the shingles that are related to the "success" of the chicken pox vaccine. I think that's called a cluster F... Ooops. No cake for me. K


Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell,
You need to understand how to address people with respect. Please deal with facts and don't dismiss an entire discussion that makes you uncomfortable with accusations of prejudice. That's simply rude.

As to your claims,
1. The environmental causes of autism receive virtually no research attention. Many of us have been fighting to change that, but the sad reality is that much of the attention you describe has been wasted.
2. Yes, testing is expensive when you multiply the cost difference between vaccination and testing by several hundred million. But have you ever considered posing the question in reverse: what would it be worth to you to avoid a vaccination that your child doesn't need? From an individual standpoint, it's an expense many would gladly incur. In our family we've done testing aggressively to avoid getting unnecessary boosters.
3. You simply assert that the risks of contracting ALL infectious diseases outweigh the risks of the adverse events. But diseases are different and vaccine adverse events may be also, but when adverse event data is suppressed, our ability to make these kinds of trade-offs is based on faith, not science. Your faith is based on little evidence; many of us have lost faith in a vaccine safety management system that is manifestly broken.
4. You ask about shingles. A good friend of mine died from shingles, so I know it's a bad thing. Childhood vaccines don't protect adults from shingle (the vaccines wear off in case you didn't know), endemic chickenpox protects adults from shingles by boosting their immunity. My friend probably died BECAUSE of the childhood chickenpox vaccine program. You need to understand the law of unintended consequences, my friend.
5. Excuse me, when you baldy claim "there is no real evidence" of connections between vaccines, thimerosal and autism, you put on display your rather serious lack of attention to the science and your susceptibility to public health propaganda. To be sure, there is controversy on the vaccine/autism connection and evidence that goes against thse links, but to claim there is NO evidence to support them at all is simple ignorance. Go read a bit more before you decide you want to post here again. I fear we'r a bit too informed an a discussion group for your current state of knowledge.

Jenni Byrd

Dr. Cohn,
I certainly appreciate your input for it resembles the comments made by so many mainstream doctors I have had the pleasure of speaking to. But the issue I have with the CDC and the vaccine schedule is simply that it does not treat each child individually. They are vaccinations given to all children without regard for that child's medical or family history. Giving a vaccine to a child who is probably in the 95% that has developed an immunity may or may not cause a negative effect. We basically have to wait and see if there is a reaction to the vaccine...or wait and see if in 50 years after numerous children are negatively affected and someone finally does a study to provide there is a connection between a vaccine and a medical condition.

I, like so many other parents, have witnessed my healthy child regress immediately after given a vaccination. With 2 children who have autism and are being treated through biomedical interventions to recover their health and immune system...I think they and my future children are entitled to have a titers test to be treated individually.


Dr. Cohn, thanks for chiming in - we're happy to have input from a medical professional.


KIM, Managing Editor

Mitchell A. Cohn, D.O.

Oh, folks, I see this is a very one-sided conversation. It's clear to me that prejudice abounds, so let me clear up a few things for you. First, although I am a doctor, I do not practice and I'm a RADICAL - not particularly impressed by the medical community nor it's practices. (If you don't believe me, see my blog.) I DO, however, try to keep an open mind and make rational judgments based upon ALL available information.

I'm sure I'll get booed off the stage, because my opinion in this forum will be unpopular, but here it goes:

1. Autism is NOT shoved under the rug, at all. It's a serious and growing problem with extensive ongoing research being undertaken at many centers by many groups worldwide.

2. It's clear to me that someone has pulled statistics out of references with little regard for what they mean. For instance, Yes, doctor's re-vaccinate because a small percentage of children don't develop immunity after one dosage. It is inconceivably expensive to test each child for a measles antibody titer after each vaccination. If you want to be the one to pay for such a test, PLEASE DO. A good titer will likely obviate the need for further vaccination for your child. In the absence of such evidence and in the absence of parents willing to foot that bill for testing after each vaccine dose, it makes more sense to re-vaccinate.

3. I am not interested in whether there is or will be an epidemic. I am interested in the well-being of each individual child. I have 4 children and raised them all myself with very little maternal input, so I know from whence I speak. A look at the numbers and the risks - not only of fatality, but of other less lethal but terrible complications such as encephalitis and permanent hearing loss convinces me that vaccination against measles is appropriate.

4. People joke about chickenpox. Do you know that the vaccine prevents shingles later in life? I've seen shingles MANY times - I've seen it attack people's skin and even their eyes. It's so painful, some people want to curl up in a ball and die. Did you know that an adult who gets chikenpox is in danger of losing their fertility - in a VERY painful way, I might add?

5. Has anyone seen the fact that despite all the clamor, there is no real evidence of a link between vaccines, thimerosal (the vaccine preservative), and autism?

Kelli Ann Davis to the Guys

*Scary smart* guy actually shocked me yesterday in the halls of Congress -- trust me, it takes a lot for anyone to be shocked in the halls of Congress cuz nothing ever happens there -- he took the bait (purse) and he did it with a grin on his face.

Now, that's a first.

I said, "Did you read Kim's piece on AoA this morning?" He told me, "Not yet."

While I was using the restroom (that was the ploy to pull the ole' can-you-hold-this-for-me-just-a-minute routine) I thought there was NO WAY *scary smart* guy would agree to hold a purse that easily -- so I grilled him when I came back out.

Now, in the midst of all my grilling, I failed to realize I picked up my purse from the floor once I exited the restroom.

It wasn't until I updated him on the whole purse thingy -- the on-going joke on AoA -- that he pointed out to me the fact he had deposited it on the floor, which of course is WORSE than any trash-can lid.

So guys -- sorry. Any points you would have rec'd cuz he took the bait, is immediately wiped out by the fact that my purse ended up on the floor where millions of feet have walked.

PS...Mark, er, I mean, *scary smart* guy had a hell of a good laugh about it all and *that's* always a good thing ;-)

Jenni Byrd

Being a military brat, I had more than the average population in getting vaccines. I had 18 by the time I was 18yrs old. Both my ASD kids born in 2002 and 2003 each had 22 vaccines by the time they were 18 MONTHS!

I thought I would share this info from the Pink Book for those, including those in the media, who actively promote vaccinations against measles and chickenpox. I LOVE that our Government approves to get all of us vaccinated w/ MMR and Varicella before entering Kindergarten when the pink book tells us that over 95% of the population develop immunity after the first dose given b/w 12-18 mos. Never mind that the child might already be immune...lets just load them up w/ more.

Pink Book's Info on Measles:

Page 10 & 11 -
Measles antibodies develop in approximately 95% of children vaccinated at 12 months of
age and 98% of children vaccinated at 15 months of age... Approximately 2%–5% of children who receive only one dose of MMR vaccine fail to respond to it (i.e., primary vaccine failure)...Most persons who fail to respond to the first dose will respond to a second dose. Studies indicate that more than 99% of persons who receive two doses of measles vaccine (with the first dose administered no earlier than the
first birthday) develop serologic evidence of measles immunity.
A second dose of MMR is recommended to produce immunity in those who failed to respond to the first dose.

[MY COMMENT - Remember from above that only 2-5% do not respond to the first MMR vax so they just readminister it to EVERYONE to catch the 2-5%]


Page 10 -
Immunogenicity and Vaccine Efficacy
Varicella Vaccine

After one dose of single-antigen varicella vaccine, 97% of children 12 months to 12 years of age develop detectable antibody titers. More than 90% of vaccine responders
maintain antibody for at least 6 years.


Note the funny van covered with spots in the picture at the top--this went around the country to convince parents that they had to vaccinate their children against measles.

And on this one, you can enjoy the poster with the happy baby who is going to get permanent immunity to measles "with just one shot." Right.


Angela Warner

"Goldie Locks Has the Chicken Pox"

Garbo, thanks so much for sharing this book. I will be buying it. But dang it! They don't have one for measles or whooping cough (at least not that I saw). shizzzznit!

"One can imagine without too much effort where the campaign to convince people otherwise comes from."

True words spoken, indeed. Thank you.


Isn't it interesting? The media you are talking about has been created by people of our generation and the one before, who grew up routinely getting these diseases. In addition to the ones you mention, I have a newer book for our kids called "Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox". It's part of our childhoods and childhood lore in general -- the idea that kids get these diseases and it's no big deal. One can imagine without too much effort where the campaign to convince people otherwise comes from.

Louis Conte

I am blown away! I never knew that Arthur was an Aardvark. I thought that he was, well, some other kind of hairy non-marsupial.
He does appear to pulled through and survived the chicken pox. Did chicken pox wipe out all the other aardvarks?
This all brings us to the great realization that I saw on a poster at the Green the Vaccine march. The poster said "If I had the flu I would be recovered by now."

Thanks for the giggles.


Yes, I Survived Back In 1982

Kim, You did a terrific job with this!

Yes folks, that's my vaccine record. And this whole measles scare is driving me nutzo! We've had how many cases this year and they're resorting to saying that there is going to be an epidemic of measles... Were is the grave concern for the autism epidemic????

I'll preface what I'm going to say next with the fact that I know there are some really wonderful doctors out there, but I have many concerns. First, it appears that as newer doctors are educated, the mantra that these diseases are so deadly has been drilled into their head. So many people are saying that we're not old enough to remember all the people who used to die. It's interesting because many of the doctors saying this are not old enough to remember this either.

Second, I am greatly concerned that as these diseases continue to "re-surface" (for lack of a better word) doctors are not educated as much as they should be with their presentation and how to treat them. A good example of this is when our family came down with whooping cough in early 2005. Nathan presented classically, plain and simple. He went from the cold symptoms overnight to the horrible coughing fits that led to vomiting every time for 24 hours. That very first day of the coughing and vomiting we took him straight to our P.A. The P.A. was quite possibly younger than me. He had no concerns, and said it was viral. To make a long story short, we were all confirmed by the Clark County Public Health Nurse as having whooping cough. We had been exposed in Oregon. The P.A. refused to believe it was even remotely possible that we had whooping cough. Needless to say I fired him. Our new doctor put the kids all on antibiotics. By this time, Emma had developed pneumonia and a bi-lateral ear infection from the whooping cough. Her oxygen saturation was down to 92. Pretty scary for an 18 month old. Upon firing the P.A. I asked him point blank if he had ever seen a case of whooping cough. Silence. I told him, your silence speaks volumes, and I think you need to be re-educated on these diseases. We'll be finding a new doc. Good-bye. Click.
I later found out that there was a huge outbreak of whooping cough that year with many many cases confirmed. I am sure there were twice as many that were not confirmed. I had talked with a friend at the office of the P.A. I fired and asked her a few questions about how many kids they had seen with this type of cough. She told me there were a ton of kids who were coming back time and again because they had had this cough for three months or longer. Whooping cough used to be called the 100 day cough.

One last note on the whooping cough... Nathan had been vaccinated fully for it, then he got the whooping cough. His titers show he has no immunity to it. Great!

So when I had the measles, my doctor took one look at me and said I had them. He told my mom to keep me out of school and away from other people until my fever broke and the spots were going away. Supportive care, and if anything changes to call him. Out the back door I went. I was miserable for sure, but I did not miss being at school, for sure! It makes me wonder if I didn't have the mumps at some point as well. How can one component of a vaccine create immunity and not the other. If I did have the mumps, it certainly didn't leave me with any in-fertility issues...

The other thing that strikes me is that Dr. Metcalf recommended that I not be re-vaccinated due to my age. I still don't understand that one... today they'd be lining up the shots. It is frightening to me that so many of our practitioners do not have the experience and wisdom of doctors like Dr. Metcalf. He was probably in his late forties when I had the measles.

If I had it to do all over again with vaccinating my older kids... man would I do things soooo very differently. Thank God I became educated in time to help my younger two.

Angela Warner
mom to four - two with autism.

Craig Willoughby

Kelli, I wouldn't dream of trying to catch up. Randy and I both know how awesome you ladies are, and we count ourselves fortunate to be able to bask in your shadows (quit snickering over there).

Anne Dachel ROCKS!

"Still, autism isn't a health care concern for the U.S., measles is."


"Their selective panic over measles and failure to address of autism is more proof of their worthlessness."

You *said* it. Very nicely summed up. You really hit the nail on the head with that one.

Kelli Ann Davis

Ohhhh I loved the Brady Bunch -- talk about a *blast from the past* -- and yes, I remember the episode well.

If I remember correctly, no screams of *I'm dying* just a lot of canned laughter.

Hey, the gals even managed to protect their turf while lying on their death beds:

Marica: Gentlemen...if you don't like the conversation in this room....

Jan: Which by-the-way happens to be a WOMAN'S room....

Marcia: True! Then you can simply VAMOOS!

Jan: Scram! (edit)

Cindy: Yeah, and here. Would you take mommy's purse to her while you're at it?

Gals: 3 Guys: 1

(Pssst...Tell you what guys (Randy, Craig); I'll give you a one-time shot to get caught up.

I'm going to be hanging around *scary smart* guy today and I'll pull the ole' "here, can you hold this for a second" routine. If he does, you get 2 more points and you're tied. If he doesn't, the gals get another point. If he directs me to the lid of a trash can again, the gals get an automatic 10 point bonus cuz no purse should land there.)


Lisa, oh yes. I'm not sure "today's mothers" know how to tend to sick kids at all. It's Tylenol at the first hint of a fever. OTC meds for every symptom. And I blame the peds and advertisers for a good portion of that thinking. Plus, women HAVE to work today in large measure. No one can afford to miss weeks of work to tend to sick kids. That plays into this.

Finally, are the PEDS THEMSELVES able to take care of sick kids any longer? They are pretty much mere gatekeepers, referral machines (sending every kid with 3+ ear infections to an ENT) and well visit managers (vaccine administators.) Are peds trained in tending to truly sick kids any longer? I've wondered if the fear doesn't start with THEM (the younger ones) who haven't seen measles or mumps and feel unqualified to manage them - especially in our litigious world.

We need to get back to simpler times. Kids get sick and get lifelong immunity. Why was that bad?

Lisa | Finding Balance, Naturally

This is great, but there's another thing at work here. It seems that vaccinations, combined with overuse of antibiotics have created a culture of mothers who are ill-equipped to deal with normal sicknesses. And, compromised immune systems of children make simple illnesses a nightmare.

Perhaps this is also why mothers are so easily convinced to vaccinate? Because their children become extremely ill from a simple cold?

Anne Dachel

Excellent points Kim. Isn't it interesting that as the controversy over vaccines and autism grows more heated, suddenly we have this new opportunity to debunk the claim and denounce the parents.

Still, autism isn't a health care concern for the U.S., measles is. Can you imagine what it would be like if measles affected one in every 150 kids? I can picture the CDC press conference about how to deal with the measles crisis. Their selective panic over measles and failure to address of autism is more proof of their worthlessness.

Anne Dachel
Media editor


I've also seen recent children's shows about chicken pox - Caillou and Fireman Sam. Interesting how in such a short time, illnesses considered to be a normal part of childhood have been transformed into something to fear...


The Simpsons: Episode 359 Season 17
First Aired: September 25, 2005

Milhouse of Sand and Fog:
Maggie has chicken pox, so Marge throws a "pox party" to help the children of Springfield catch the illness while they are young. During the party, Milhouse's parents get back together. Milhouse does not like this idea, so he and Bart try to break them up. Instead, they break up Marge and Homer.

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