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Cheryl Gaudino

This year, Massachusetts changed the name from DMR (the icky-sounding Dept. of Mental Retardation) to the Dept. of Developmental Services. :-)

Wicked Pissah! LOL


I'm not sure about the entire state of KS.. but here in Topeka we've got TARC, which stands for Topeka Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc.


New York: Retarded. OMRDD


Hey -

It's just me over here in "retarded" Ohio. Just kidding- relax....

Just an FYI Kim. Some counties in Ohio have been talking about getting
away from using MRDD- although I don't know if there is a statewide
initiave going on or not.

Here is an editorial from yesterday on the topic.


MRDD name change is long overdue

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The article in Sunday's Repository regarding the discussion of a name
change for the Stark County Board of Mental Retardation and
Developmental Disabilities is long overdue ("MRDD considering taking
MR out of its name").

The term "mental retardation" is a negative, archaic one associated
with the 19th and early 20th centuries, when people were made fun of
by others, called derogatory names and were hidden from their
families, neighbors, and communities in institutions. This negative
language and treatment have continued by some people today.

The mother with the 3-year-old, and the 20-year-old young lady,
clearly expressed how they want their quality of life to improve for
themselves and their loved ones. As a community, this is everyone's

I don't understand why people would be afraid of the cost or be
reluctant to change a name that takes a less than favorable view of
the community.

This community has given the Stark County MRDD Board much support
over the years. We realize a more positive name for the board will
not overnight change attitudes, but how many more young people and
parents will be affected until a change is made?


Riley's mom

Yep Kim...I'm from the great state of Ohio and my son is labeled mentally retarded or developmentally disabled, which ever catagory he fits into the day I call or stop by. It's not saying that ANYONE in that office isn't wonderful or helpful and do their very best to help the kids and adults in our area. I'm just saying I hate the word retard and do not use it myself and neither does my 14 yr old son. As a matter of fact he yelled at a girl in his high school for saying it. Good kid I got huh? I've told the girl behind the counter at the hot dog shoppe that it was rude to people with a disablity even though she threw the word out there to discribe one of her co workers because he splashed a little Coke on her. He didn't look "retarded" but what does being retarded really look like? Riley doesn't LOOK retarded. People often talk to him expecting an answer. Either the word needs to be completely ditched or we should use it where it fits. One could say people like Offit are "retarded" because they can't wrap their minds around the fact that they are causing so much damage and killing children. Or perhaps the guy on the Cookie Mag Rag hot topics board that gets some sort of sick pleasure by telling people they should die in the next plaque, we could refer to those people as "mentally challenged" or sociopaths because they get pleasure from others pain. Being retarded has nothing to do with IQ when it comes to some people. Some of the nicest, most caring, kind, compassionate, wonderful, non judgemental people I know could be labeled with the word retard. NO I think the word "retard" sort of fits certain people, just not the ones that have been labeled with it for years.

Angela Warner

Washington State:
Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)
Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)

Tori Tuncan

Virginia: Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse Services



Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (TDMHDD)

L Land

Georgia : Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Diseases (MHDDAD)

Great group huh? Lots in common..

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