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Free Autism Treatment Teleconference

Long_island_spectrum_centerDr. Michael Gruttadauria, DAN! practitioner and Chiropractic Neurologist from the Long Island Spectrum Center, is offering a free teleconference on autism treatment on Thursday, August 14, at 7pm EDT.

From Dr. Mike's site: Dr. Michael Gruttadauria is an autism specialist with personal and professional experience.

You see, like many doctors that treat children with autism, he did not aspire to this type of practice, he was recruited. Five years ago, he and his wife Michelle were told the news that their 18 month old baby had PDD-nos. Nothing was ever the same.

After the shock wore off, Early Intervention started with multiple specialists coming to the house to provide hours of therapy. After 12 months of this, with minimal positive change, Dr. Mike realized that this was not a problem with what his child was being taught, but a problem with the brain’s ability to learn, grow and adapt.

It seemed that no one had any answers to the hard questions…

If this is a neurological problem, why aren’t there any neurologists treating it?

Since there are so many physical issues, why are we only using an educational/cognitive approach?

What is going to happen to my child in the future?

With these questions constantly on his mind, and evaluation after evaluation confirming what they already knew but not offering any treatment options, Dr. Mike began researching the research on autistic spectrum disorders and started applying a basic treatment approach to his child. The basis of his approach is the foundation of the Defeat Autism Now!™ Program; add to the child’s body what is missing, and remove the things that are holding them back. It worked! At 5 years old, Dr. Mike’s child was totally recovered and declassified. Great news, unfortunately his next child was also diagnosed. From that point on, Dr. Mike has dedicated himself to helping kids with autism to heal from the inside out.

In 2006, Dr. Mike created a research-based treatment program called Neuro-Enhancement Therapy (N.E.T.). This unique set of protocols combines a functional neurological and bio-medical examination with hemisphere-based sensory integration, multi-sensory integration and IT-based cognitive stimulation. He currently practices in Plainview New York at the Long Island Spectrum Center.

Now Dr. Mike will share, via these teleconferences, what you can do to help your child improve.

Register for the free teleconference at Just Ask Dr. Mike.

Please send your link - your video, news clip or story can make a difference for families living with autism today.

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The initial seminar is free but there are 3 additional seminars that cost $75. Is this a scam?

michele i.

Just wanted to comment that Dr. Mike and the Long Island Spectrum Center have played a HUGE part in my son Jackson's progress.
We have been going to the center for almost 2 years now and I can't say enough good things about how effective their program has been for Jackson. You can read about our experience there at http://lispectrum.com/pg_testimonials.asp

I hope many of you are able to tune in tonight!

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