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David Kirby on an American Troop Threat: Vaccines?

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One more thing, check out this link from the blog Charlie in Wonderland, David recommends it.

David Kirby has a piece on Huffington Post titled, "Up to 1 in 50 Troops Seriously Injured...By Vaccines?" 

US Department of Defense: 1-2% of individuals may experience severe vaccine effects that "could result in disability or death."

American Academy of Pediatrics: 2+ % of children have "defects" that cause vaccine "risks"

On August 5th, the President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Renee Jenkins, made a rather puzzling comment on "Good Morning America," during a segment on vaccine safety and the risk of autism.

Dr. Jenkins said that, "97-plus percent of children don't have these kinds of defects, and so when you look at what the (vaccine) risk is to children, and then what the benefits are, the benefits far outweigh the risks that occur."

Many observers, myself among them, were startled by the comments. But due to awkward editing, it was left entirely unclear as to what Dr. Jenkins meant by "defects," and what sort of vaccine-related "risks" threatened the remaining two-plus percent of children.

Read the full piece HERE. Be sure to leave a comment at HuffPo for David.



I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after leaving the Air Force in '01.

Multiple JE shots (I was stationed in Okinawa) plus 5 multiple Hep B/flu/etc.etc.etc.

So *somebody* considers me an acceptable casualty? Disgusting.


Renee Jenkins has no further comment about her comment on GMA- "97 plus percent of children do not have these kind of defects.."

So that's it?

She is asked for clarification. The clarification offers a different explanation then the GMA producer offered (who does by the way have her on tape saying whatever it is she said)

Attempts to clarify the clarification/discrepancy are met with "no further comment".

I sure hope GMA knows they are sitting on a huge story here with Dr. Jenkin's "slip of the tongue".

Have you informed them of that David? I know Ginger Taylor has.

Angela Warner

Thanks John for posting the link to Vaproject. Got sidetracked looking for the military video in my crazy inbox! :D argh!

John Stone

With regard to Angela Warner's post, I would just like to post the link to the recent Vaproject article by F Edward Yazbak and Ray Gallup '1-in-88 - Autism/ASD among Children of Military Families'

Angela Warner

David, Thank you for sharing this with us. People have often said to me that they wonder why the rate of autism is so high in the military. I have said all along that I do not think it's any higher than the rate in the civilian community, and the papers that Dr. Yazbak, Ray Gallup, and I each wrote on the military numbers show that. We know many children have been missed on both sides. If you missed it - you can read it here

What deeply saddens me about all this is the same thing that saddens me about our children who have autism... lack of acknowledgement that vaccines are the culprit, and the lack of medical care our children require. That our service members have to endure this and continue to fight to get their medical and other needs met to sustain and receive and live with some quality of life absolutely sickens me given their service to this great nation of ours! Below you will find just a story - I lost the full size link in my "reaching out of control status" inbox so I'm sorry for the small size of the video.

It's hard to watch. I've heard many many stories like this over the years, both in person and on TV. Someone said that more need to speak up. Unless you fully understand the military beast, all I can say is that is an incredibly hard thing to do. You're asking an attorney to take on the federal government... there is no vaccine court for military personnel injured by vaccines. It's a difficult situation.

Thanks again David for continuing to dig and write and bring forward truth to help all of our heroes (adults and kids alike) who have been injured by vaccines!


This doesn't surprise me a bit. I have a 9 year old son vaccine injured into autism and a brother in law (active duty military member) fighting cancer. Our military members are suffering just like our children.

John Stone


This is horrific but thanks for getting to the bottom of the Renee Jenkins story.


Wow, just when I though that it couldn't get any worse...
If there are truly that many injured soldiers, I wish they or their families would come forward and joint the plea for proven safe schedules (for kids) and safety FOR ALL.

Thanks for everything DK!

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