Random House Poisoned Profits on Autism One Radio
Vaccines: Concern, Anxiety, Worry


Page Kurtz

The genetics though...they would have to explain heredity (or lack of), of course what parent hasn't had a vaccine, I had my first 47 years ago (which may have altered my genes).

Robin Nemeth

Here is what I think will happen, sometimes.

The powers-that-be will acknowledge a link with vaccines. They will frame it to sound as though the vaccines don’t cause the damage, it is the genetic makeup of the individual that is at fault.

There will be many people who’ll see this as acceptable, in that it at least will lead to the science and the resources that will be necessary to help these children.

The guilty parties will be let off the hook. And we will be left telling ourselves that it is worth it, because it’s the only way to move forward. And help the people who need to be helped.

Damn, I really, really want to see the guilty people pay a serious price, though….


David Kirby hits it out of the park again.

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