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David Kirby: Stop. Look. Listen.

Stop_look_listenYou can listen to David Kirby on yesterday's Dan Rivers radio program in the two mp3 files below. Also, David's lecture titled, "An Update on the Vaccine-Autism Controversy with New from Science, Policy, Politics and Law" from June, 2008 is now available on DVD for just $7.00 at the National Autism Association's Little Shop of Hope."

Dan Rivers Radio Show Hour 1, August 13, 2008

Dan Rivers Radio Show Hour 2, August 13, 2008

Buy the DVD of David's NYU Law Lecture Here



Thanks again David for your participation yesterday on the Dan Rivers show. It really was quite a good show.

David you were magnificent as always. Dr. Demio was fabulous. And, Rich and Lisa were very good as well.

This program actually all came together because of Michael Savage's ignorant off the wall comments about kids with autism.

Dan Rivers (the host of yesterday's program) is also the station manager of 570 am WKBN. A dialogue was started with Rivers via e-mail between parents and grandparents of affected children after some comments were made about Savage. Rich (the dad on the show yesterday) had the gumption to call Rivers on air the day the Savage comments were made and to briefly discuss his son and the successful treatments they had used. He asked Rivers to meet with him and his wife Lisa to discuss them. Through meeting with them Rivers was inspired to do a show on autism. And the rest is history.

I am sharing this with you to show you how easily this program was put together.

I encourage those of you who have attempted (and maybe those of you who haven't attempted) to contact your local station to remove Savage from the airways. To consider trying to get your station to do a show on autism. A positive show. Asking them to consider enlightening the public as to what autism really is.

I know of a couple of people who have been inspired to try and do this in their communities after yesterday's radio program.

I did want to mention. Dan Rivers did say they may be discussing this today. He referred to the "aftermath" of yesterday's program. He didn't guarantee it- but I think he might have received a call or two from doctor's who might not like what was said. Dan did express several times his affection for busy doctors who are going to be swamped by parents now asking questions about vaccines. He obviously was concerned about the "anarchy" that would arise from the discussion of the show. I'll bet he is more then willing to give the other side their say.

So, if you are interested to see if a Part 2 occurs today tune in at 10 am est here:

If I hear he is scheduling a future program on the topic I will let you all know. Dr. Demio graciously offered to discuss this with any doctor at any time on the program.

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