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Logospectrum2_2Managing Editor's Note: Click HERE to link over to our friends at Spectrum Publications. Here is Cris Italia's report on the press conference today. Thank you to Cris for allowing us to run this piece from his blog at Spectrum.

by Cris Italia

I’m not sure what you can call this, maybe some of the readers can come up with a fancy name for the war of words that will begin between Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Peet. On Tuesday morning Every Child By Two (ECBT) an organization created by Rosalynn Carter, former First Lady of the United States and wife of former President Jimmy Carter and Betty Bumpers wife of retired U.S. Senator Dale Bumpers, held a press conference in Manhattan to settle the score about vaccine safety.

ECBT was joined by actress Amanda Peet, Dr. Paul Offit, Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Dr. Rene Jenkins, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics in an effort to combat what they deem as “inaccurate” information that oppose the current state of vaccine safety. Autism and a potential vaccine link has dominated media coverage of autism as of late, thanks mostly to McCarthy and her Hollywood soul mate Jim Carrey. After leading a march to the steps of Capitol Hill in June, the two have continued their media storm.

“I’m so distressed with what is happening,” said the former First Lady. “Recently our mission about the importance of vaccines has become difficult. As a result there is an outbreak of measles… People read misinformation on the internet, but it’s just not true.”

She spoke frankly and calmly and was backed up by statements from Peet who believes that vaccines are essential to every child. “I’m here because there seems to be a rift between the medical community and parents,” she said. “It makes absolutely no sense for parents to feel that there is this massive cover up about the safety of vaccines. There are people presenting this as a controversy when they shouldn’t.”

Peet has been in the news recently addressing her comments in Cookie Magazine where she stated that “parents who don’t vaccinate their children are parasites.” After outrage among parents, she quickly addressed her comments in a letter published on Cookie Mag “I believe in my heart that my use of the word ‘parasites’ was mean and divisive; I completely understand why it offended some parents, and in particular, parents of children with autism who feel that vaccines caused their illness. For this I am truly sorry.”

On Tuesday Peet urged parents: “Don’t listen to actors about this. Don’t listen to celebrities about this. Listen to the doctors and scientists who know what they are doing.” Peet has agreed to be a spokesperson for ECBT because she was concerned with contrary information on vaccine safety circulating in Hollywood circles. As a mother of an 18 month-old, Peet consulted her brother-in-law a Philadelphia based pediatrician who worked under Dr. Offit. After her own research, along with her relationship with the medical community she made the decision to vaccinate her child and eventually she felt the need to speak on behalf of vaccines.

When asked specifically about McCarthy’s efforts to reduce the amount of vaccines children receive before the age of two and the removal of toxic ingredients in vaccines, Peet said, “I want to make this clear: This is not about me, I’m not in line with Jenny McCarthy or Dr. Offit. I’m a spokesperson for the data,” she stated. “I think there are some misunderstandings about what makes something toxic. Mercury is everywhere, but at what point does something become toxic? Parents shouldn’t just believe that because there are certain ingredients in a vaccine that it is harmful. You have to ask yourself what does a trace of mercury mean? Then get the right information so that you can understand why vaccines do have certain ingredients in them.”

Parents are encouraged to log onto Vaccinate Your Baby to learn more about ECBT’s campaign.

According to sources, Jenny McCarthy is slated to respond to Tuesday’s press conference on Wednesday in Los Angeles. More coverage about ECBT’s press conference and their new campaign to come, stay logged into Spectrum Publications for continued coverage.

Editor’s note: It concerned me that both Katie Wright, daughter of Autism Speaks founders Bob and Suzanne Wright and Jane Johnson of Defeat Autism Now were removed from today’s press conference. While Johnson was eventually let in, I feel it is essential that if the AAP, ECBT or anyone else wants to get their message out they need to continue to keep dialogue with the very parents they are trying to reach, open. While they may disagree with each other it is important that both sides are able to meet and speak to each other face to face. In the past I haven’t agreed with rally moms at the Green Our Vaccines march in D.C. booting writer Arthur Allen from covering the event and I stand by any parent who wants to inform the masses about what they heard from today’s press conference. They should also be allowed to ask questions and receive responses. If ECBT wants to educate all Americans they should start with the very parents that oppose them.

Cris Italia is Editor of Spectrum Publications.



Jim welcome to Age of Autism. You bring up a fine point - mother's milk is well, "mother's milk" (like the phrase says!) So we really oughtn't inject pregnant women with mercury courtesy of the flu vaccine. Nor should pregnant women tinker with mercury based dental work. Thanks for bringing the importance of breastfeeding and mother's health to our attention. Do come back again.



Craig Willoughby

Well, about the mercury in mother's milk. Can you prove it? Back it up with some science, why don't ya? There's also mercury in Fish, Water, and many other sources. But, here's the question. Do you know the difference between injested versus injected? I know it's only 1 letter, but it isn't too difficult to figure out, I'm sure.

About the California data. Your response would be true if Thimerosal had actually been removed from the vaccines instead of shuffled around. Additionally, adding and removing cohorts doesn't really apply that well to a truly well-designed epidemiological study.

Nice try, though...thanks for playing


Here's a twist to the mercury argument... Research shows that there is more Mercury in most breastmilk than in vaccines.... Oooh and the research last week from the state of California shows that removing Thimerisol had no effect on autism or other syndromes.... Interesting...
You argue about equal coverage, lets see if you publish my comment...

Katie Kelley

This would be my question to Mrs Carter who is so distressed about the measles outbreak...Of the 120 or so reported cases (as of June) how many children developed permenant developmental disorders? I'm sure the rated of measles has not reached 1 in 150!


Lisa Clark

My question exactly. What are these people hiding from. Why can't they meet us head on? Answer our questions logically,not try to dazzle us with how poorly they are informed. Like Dr. Amanda Peet trying to tell us mercury is not toxic. It builds in the brain tissue over time, and yes it is toxic. Please stop insulting our intelligence.


Wow, Amanda Peet is sure out of her league! Who does she think she's convincing when she says "Mercury is everywhere, but at what point does something become toxic? Parents shouldn’t just believe that because there are certain ingredients in a vaccine that it is harmful." So, an extremely potent neurotoxin that isn't safe in any amount is okay if it's in a vaccine??? Something becomes toxic at the point where it is toxic- it's not rocket science Amanda!



Thanks for being there when many of us from New York could not make it. I didn't realize Katie was not allowed in and/or was removed from the press conference. She must have been very upset. Thanks to you too Katie for being there.

Amanda Peet makes no sense. She tells parents NOT to listen to actors and then she gives her opinion, which we are supposed to listen to. You can't have it both ways, Amanda.

I CANNOT wait to hear what Jenny has to say. I hope someone videotaped it and puts it on YouTube.

Kelli Ann Davis

"You have to ask yourself what does a trace of mercury mean? Then get the right information so that you can understand why vaccines do have certain ingredients in them.”

Actually Amanda, the question should be, "Where is the study that demonstrates that mercury at *trace levels* is SAFE?" and until there is one, NO LEVEL of mercury should be *assumed* to be safe.

Also, how about sharing with us the *right information* to answer this question: "Why do vaccines have mercury in them when there are OTHER non-toxic preservatives that can be used?"


Arthur Allen lost his journalistic rights when he blatently insulted the President of one of the participating autism organizations. That is no comparison to the blocking of parents and advocates who politely ask to be admitted to a meeting like this. I guess we can interpret that to mean they are afraid of us. And well they should be. Because somehow, someway, we will have the truth about the mass poisoning of infants, children and, now, teenage girls, all out there proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Thanks for your coverage of this issue!

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