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Autism Research Institute on Secretin

Ari_final_horiz_rgb_3By Stephen M. Edelson
Autism Research Institute

The secretin story: still a promising treatment for autism

Secretin, a hormone involved in the process of digestion, was the talk of the autism world a decade ago. Unfortunately, the research on the efficacy of secretin has often been misinterpreted. Secretin was and still is a very promising treatment, and it has the potential to be one of the most effective interventions available for individuals on the autism spectrum. Here’s the real story.

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If you are already aware of this list, my apologies.

Here is the page to access a list of DAN! physicians that have registered with the Autism Research Institute as using biomedical treatment approaches:


Some of the providers indicate in a questionaire some of the services they provide (if you click the link on the physician's name).

I've heard varying stories about how helpful/successful DAN! physicians can be, and I'm sorry I don't know enough about the Virginia area to help more, but I hope you can find access to what your son needs.

Lynnette Mitchell

Im a mother of a 17 yr old non verbal autisic that has all the constipation and mega colon disorders that come with autism. I have been trying for yrs to get a Dr. to look into this for me and I can't get a single one to listen to me. He has the insomnia and rage problems as well. How and where do I find a Dr. that will help me get this for my son so we can at least see if it will help him. I live in Lousia, VA. Im desperate for any help. What is the average cost of this treatment and am I to assume like usual insurance won't touch it?


My g-son also had the constipation issues until we started secretion, now he is very regular and talks alot more. And seems to understand us more clearly most of the time. If they decide to do some more testing on this, we would love to participate.



Is it possible that secretin helps the mitochondria in some way?

I have a child - not my ASD son - who (when he was a toddler) had chronic diarrhea that nothing seemed to help. Finally, in desperation, I tried acetylcarnitine as part of a "mito cocktail" & within 24 hrs he was having formed stools again.

He began developing ADHD type behaviors during the chronic diarrhea period. Needless to say, I have been watching all the mito news with quite avid interest!


Thank you for the update on secretin. About ten years ago, when our son was three, we began monthly infusions of secretin. At the time of the very first infusion, he began babbling and showing other positive changes. By the 6th infusion or so, he began imitative speech. Secretin did not cure our son of autism. However, I wonder if he never had it, would he ever have been able to talk at all? I am so glad we did it. I hope research continues on this very important treatment.

C. Reilly

My son is suffers from chronic constipation - not the reverse. Secretin therapy has been a total success for him. Stool analysis shows very low pH of the stool indicating his pancreas is not manufacturing secretin which jump starts a chain reaction in the bowel - this leads to low pH, maldigestion and inflammation. It's not a magic cure that caused my son to sit up, look at me and say "HI MA", but over the past 11 months his bowel pain,ability to focus and work at school, connect with others, PLAY with his sister have all dramatically improved. Our DAN! was involved with some of the initial secretin research, and he observed first hand some of the defecits of that research and finds it to be a effective treatment for many of his patients that met certain bowel criteria.
The first day I walked into his office and saw a news article about a patient he treated with secretin, I nearly burst into tears. Not good tears - I had read that secretin was a hoax, snake oil, etc. Now, here I was in this new (very expensive) docs office and he actually *believes* this crap. Fast forward a year and here we are... You really do have to keep an open mind and read research from both sides. Thanks for bringing this Helpful (yet, expensive) treatment into the light again.

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