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Thoreau-FDA.com Exposes FDA Risks To Americans

ThoreauThere is a website devoted to telling the American public about the problems within the FDA. Please click HERE to visit Thoreau-FDA. From their site:

Welcome to Thoreau-FDA.com, a website launched and operated by current and former US Food and Drug Administration staff who believe public health is being put at unnecessary risk. These concerned civil servants and ex-civil servants have either experienced or are aware of wrongful directives by US FDA upper management – directives that put public health at avoidable risk. 

Thoreau-FDA stands for Thorough – High – Objectivity – Review – Ends – Are – Us – FDA.

Here at Thoreau-FDA.com, you will find articles by its members that describe their efforts to protect all of us and our pets from harmful drugs and other medical products.  (Click on Articles) And there are also reports of ordeals of other US FDA staff, who are not involved in setting up this web site.  (Click here for Accounts of their Ordeals)

You can join others in discussion about the US FDA’s broken system by clicking on the link to FDA-blog.com. Or submit articles that will be considered for publication on our site by going to “Contact Us.”

Finally, we ask for your help. Read as much content on the site and related links as you need to convince yourself of the truth. Then, join an effort to effect real change at US FDA by sending a letter to the Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration. A sample letter is already prepared – but you can edit the letter to reflect your perspective. (Click here) It prompts answers from the US FDA Commissioner about the effectiveness of the FDA’s “Values and Vision” effort – a program that is supposed to correct many of US FDA’s problems that have persistently gotten worse over the last few years.

On behalf of the members of Thoreau-FDA.com, thank you for reading, listening and considering these very important actions to ensure life saving changes at the US FDA.

Now, Thoreau-FDA.com presents three introductory videos (2 to be released at a later date), each containing statements written by current and  former US FDA staff, and presented by one of those who needs to remain anonymous.



Anyone else getting nostalgic whiffs of underground radio transmissions and resistance activities during dictatorships of the past? I mean good God, the voice alteration on the video. We're truly in a pharmocracy.

The people bringing out this information are putting themselves at risk of more than job loss. I commend them on their undeniable courage.

It's too bad this didn't reach the public in time for my dead cat, iatrogenically maimed father and cognitively injured children, but perhaps not too late for others.

Tim Kasemodel

I point out the idiotic rational of the FDA in my AoA article "THIMEROSAL AND VACCINES: WHAT YOUR DOC WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE".


I used information from the HHS response to CoMed's request that the FDA prove thimerosal is safe (apologies for not crediting them in my article) to compare their rationale with a more tangible infant product:

"The FDA’s justification for safety of thimerosal exposure for infants under current recommendations is that the total possible exposure of 28 micrograms by 7 months of age is “significantly below the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculated exposure guideline for methyl mercury of 65 micrograms during the first 6 months of life for a child in the fifth percentile body weight.” The word “during” indicates the calculation was made based on the daily weight of this baby multiplied by the daily exposure limit, calculated each day, then totaled after 6 months. However, the EPA exposure guidelines are 0.1 mcg per kilogram body weight per day. For a 20 pound infant, the 65 micrograms calculated to be safe by the FDA would be 72 times more than allowed that day. The 12.5 micrograms of mercury in each of the mandatory two flu shots is actually 14 times more than the EPA guidelines for the average 6 month old.

This is the same as the FDA accepting that giving 8400 mgs of Tylenol (three 1 oz. bottles) all at one time at 6 months and another 8400 mgs at 7 months of age is “SAFE” because the baby could have received 43,200 mgs now that he is 180 days old."

I actually had a MN State Senator tell me "Thats crazy - are you saying the FDA is crazy?" I simply said that yes, because of the way they portray mercury is safe, they are crazy. He walked away saying he would not talk to me if I was going to call the FDA crazy - funny - I only repeated his own words back to him.

Kelli Ann Davis

Yup. I noticed that comment last night when I read the other piece too.

I was going to check it out in more detail today and give 'em a *heads up* on the Subcommittee that's been taking a hard look into our issue hoping that *someone* may step forward with information to give to them.

Waiting for some more *movement* first then I'm going to go over to the site.

I'm hoping there's a blog somewhere on it so that individuals can *add* a comment??

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