Pretzel_logixManaging Editor's Note: Thank you to Ginger Taylor who runs Adventures In Autism for allowing us to run this piece from her blog.

Finally!  The CDC's Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment Network is currently looking for subjects to "evaluate the association between viral vaccines and encephalopathy/encephalitis through a detailed evaluation of children with encephalopathy/encephalitis as well as control children". (HERE)

Their message to doctors: 

"If you have a patient who you think might be eligible for the study, please complete the following two questions and provide your contact information. We thank you for your help in this important study."

This is a HUGELY important subject, one we have been waiting for them to examine, and we want to make sure that they have all the subjects they need for this study, so please take a moment to see if your child might be a candidate. 

Does your child have an encephalopathy?


According to HHS's Vaccine Injury Compensation Table (HERE) symptoms are:

Loss of eye contact
Not responding to external stimuli
Seems disconnected from the world around them

And the Merck Manual (HERE) notes that these symptoms can be preceded by: Nonspecific Gastrointestinal disorders.

If this sounds like your child, because boy howdy it sounds just like mine, call your pediatrician and let him know about the study to see if your child indeed has an encephalopathy and should be enrolled!

Oh wait... hold on a second... there are some exclusion criteria...  Let me check them out...

Ok... so if your child has the above, but DOESN'T have:
A history of medical disease
A history of congenital problems
A history of developmental delay
Any immune system dysfunction
Any family history of immune dysfunction
Fevers and Seizures with in 72 hours
THEN they want to study them to see if their encephalopathy might have anything to do with their vaccines.  You know, the HEALTHY kids with encephalitis.

So as long as the swelling in your child's brain that was caused by vaccines didn't cause or was not related to any of the above symptoms, CDC wants to get to know your child.

But that pretty much counts out all our kids... now doesn't it.

Never mind.

UPDATE:  The day this post went up, the site with the study on it went down. 

Quite a coincidence.

I checked the Wayback Machine and found that the call for for participants for this study, which can now be found here, was posted at the end of 2004.  Was it ever undertaken?

Since the study has been there for almost four years, and went down the day that I wrote about it, I am just going to go ahead and assume that the correlation of these two events is likely more than just a temporal association.

Looks like you called it Tex.

Ginger Taylor is an autism mom who is tired of having to be a government watchdog and wants them to do their job already.



Aluminum induced encephalopathy is a recognized condition.

The diabetic aluminum load comes from at least two sources; the dialysate, and the phosphate-binding gels ingested by the patient. This can be further compounded by antacids and baking powder.

A common pro-vaxx argument is to point out that Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust; this is true. Once you point out that only 0.01–5% of ingested aluminum is absorbed, they usually try more esoteric sophistry.

Get this: One time Chris from RI tried to equate intravenous aluminum to getting dirt in a knee-scrape. Facepalm.

Diabetics unfortunately prove that the level of aluminum that is safe when ingested causes encephalopathy when used as a dialysate!

Throw away your antacids, aluminum pots, and double-acting baking powder!

False scientists make me laugh

That CDC study is way too funny. Comedy gold. Scientists looking to find something but not really...


This might be a good question for William Thompson....

Ginger Taylor

Tex, you might be right. That site still is not up.

And there wern't much on it other than that study.


I'll settle down and defer to your wisdom, Ms. Taylor.

Ginger Taylor

The whole site is down.... curious.

It must be a glitch. I don't think they would remove the whole site to hide this study. They do these kind of crap studies all the time, why would they try to hide this one?


I can't seem to hit the vaccine safety site. In fact, the entire site seems to be off line.

Error Code: 403 Forbidden.

Did someone oopsie? Oh, to be a fly on that wall.


Is it a study meant to define it, so that, the CDC can classify in such a way that it makes it difficult to qualify on the table of vaccine related injuries?


The CDC played the same kind of bizarre exclusion games in their fake effort to get to the bottom of "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."

Which is why, after three decades, the public still doesn't know about the real nature of the disastrous CFS epidemic or HHV-6, the virus linked to it.

To see them playing the same Three-card Monte with autism, another epidemic potentially linked to HHV-6, is unbelievable.

What is it about HHV-6 that makes the CDC behave in such a disingenuous manner towards any epidemic linked to it? What don't they want the public to know about HHV-6?

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