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I don't have to tell another parent the story. We all know the happy baby who begins to suffer recurrent ear infections, horrific diarrhea, and a variety of non-stop illnesses and rashes. "He'll out grow it", we heard the doctors say. Sleep disorder? No, just bad parenting. What about the screaming and fever after vaccinations? "Normal reaction", we're told. And then we watch our children spiral downward, losing skills, losing language, screaming over minor changes in routines.

Like you, I knew something was medically wrong with my child, but traditional doctors wouldn't listen. I finally turned to a naturopath who helped my son's immune system. Health and behaviours improved to the point that at age 8 he was labelled with aspergers rather than autism. But many health problems remained, and daily life teetered on the brink of hell. Rejection by school, family, friends and neighbors? Let's not even go there.

When my son was 9, I finally had the opportunity to meet a DAN doctor. Within 24 hours, my household was completely gfcf. Yes, the withdrawal period was very difficult, but good things happened. Within 72 hours, the horrible gastrointestinal problems that plagued my son stopped and never returned. Within 72 hours, my son yawned, said he was sleepy, and put himself to bed. Seven years of nightmares began to end. And 13 days into gfcf, my son announced that his brain had "gone quiet", and he smiled.

Now I was fired up. I knew, I had proof, that real treatment was possible. It wasn't easy, but I found a doctor willing to consider heavy metal poisoning. My son began chelation with dmsa. At the end of the first month, I realized that he had not experienced a single meltdown (out of the blue tantrum). And amazingly, he was asking when he could have more of the "smart pills". He said his headaches were going away and his brain was working better.

Further fired up, I researched everything I could find on biomedical treament not only for "autism" (a misnomer), but also for environmental illness. We switched to safer products and foods, began using a sauna, further supplemented with antioxidents, and everything else we could think of. I say "we" because now my son was actively participating in his recovery. Treament with DMSA and ALA continued for 2 years. Since then, we continue to supplement with nutrients that support natural chelation.

Now our focus turned to making up for lost time. For coordination, my son began karate, which he continues 6 years later with a room full of tournament trophies. For education, he switched to a small, private school, where he was accepted in mainstream classes and allowed to test orally to compensate for poor handwriting. Later, he added summer programs in his areas of interest and began weight lifting.

He is now 16 and healthy. He has a 3.75 grade average and was elected student assembly vice president. He is popular and dates. He walks with his head high, but always aware of others who need a hand or a kind word. In April 2007, 7 years into biomedical treatment, after 4 sessions of interviews and testing, he formally lost his pdd diagnosis. "Well adjusted." "Articulate." "Intelligent." He does have a dyslexia dx, but we can live with that!

This and other stories of recovery can be found on the Testimonials page at Generation Rescue.


Lani Nuland

I'm Mac's mom, and wrote this almost 2 years ago. In retrospect, I find it a bit cold. Perhaps I was keeping my sorrow and rage under wraps. I am still filled with anger and horror about what my son suffered because I blindly did as told by so-called authorities.

Please let me fill in the gaps. After each series of baby shots, I reported changes in my son's behavior. I was never taken seriously. After the 6 month series, and my son screaming through the night (beginning 8 years of a sleep disorder), I refused further vaccinations. Fortunately, we moved overseas to a country without mandatory vaccinations shortly thereafter. However, I was pressured to give him the MMR. At the age of 18 months, he received the jab at 2pm, with screaming and seizures commencing at 5pm. Just a coincidence, I have been told. And thus began the decline I report in the story published above.

We have been blessed with almost full recovery (neurological problems with fine motor control remain as well as chemical sensitivity), but we know that if we had stayed in the US and followed the recommended vaccination schedule, our story would be horrifically different.

I urge all parents to be pro-active. Research, question, and fight for your children. These are our babies - don't make them dollar signs for big pharma. Autism is preventable. Autism is curable.

Sally McCarter

You should check out this site called www.mycureforautism.com it sells a book that has the cure for autism. May sound like a joke, but it's not. I read it and tried it and it worked for us. I'm sure it will work for you too. I don't belong to the site or what it sells. I just think it is good. The book only cost about $20 and it is the best money you will spend. Good luck.

Riley's mom

I'm so happy for you and your son. We are just starting on our road to recovery. My son is completely non verbal and does a lot of stimming, head banging, tantrums...
My oldest son (14) said to me the other day, "Mom, I can't wait to hear Riley's voice" Amen buddy, we're working on getting there. We just started the diet gfcfsf and probiotics. Our DAN! just put him on a bunch of different supps (which the pharm here has problems getting) and she wants to start chelation in 6 months **after his gut heals**
You're story gives me great hope and inspiration. I've always wondered if Riley would date and have friends and go to a mainstream class...now I know it's possible. Thank you so much for sharing and giving those of us just starting a light at the end of the tunnel that isn't a freight train!!
Riley's mom


What a wonderful story! Your hard work really paid off.

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