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Recovery Story: Austin

Recovery_storiesAustin’s Journey
Presented By Generation Rescue

I hope that my son, Austin’s story will give hope for some families and maybe even shed some light for a few. His is different from most that you read about because he was never actually diagnosed with autism, but he was, undoubtedly, “becoming autistic.” What you do need to know is what he was diagnosed with.

He was born in March, 1998- 3 weeks to the day after my 18th birthday. I was always a single parent, with the help of my own parents. He was always normal- just a very happy & content little baby. He did most things right on cue and a few he was a late bloomer on, but nothing unusual. He received his 15 month MMR & Hep B vaccines on the same day. He was 17 months old (we were a little behind). Within 21 days he could no longer move- he just laid there staring at the ceiling unless you touched him……then he screamed the most bloodcurdling scream that you’ve ever heard.

The weeks before that were so confusing and only looking back on it now, 8 years later, do I see how obvious it was. He went from not responding to his own name, to being mean and throwing tantrums, which wouldn’t have been strange but he had NEVER done that before, to banging his head on the walls, to refusing to stand, to not being able to speak words. His eyes even began to go different directions. Within about 10 days of those shots we were realizing something wasn’t right but we had no idea of the magnitude. Over those 3 weeks I saw 17 different doctors and the diagnosis’ ranged from nothing is wrong with him at all, to allergies, to a cold, to me spoiling him and my absolute favorite- me having Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. I went to St Mary’s Hospital, which is suppose to be a non-for-profit hospital specializing in children, with a doctor’s order for neurological workup on my son and they refused to do it and told me to give him Ibuprofen every 8 hours. I never even saw an actual doctor on that visit.

At barely 19 I was confused and decided maybe they were right, maybe I’m making up something that’s not there. Thank God my mom kept on me. I remember the tearful argument on my work phone- me asking “what else am I suppose to do? Everyone says it’s nothing, I’m crazy, etc”. All she really said was,” you know your son, you know something is wrong”.

Dr. # 17 was Dr. Ivy Faske. She sent me to another hospital with another dr.’s order for another set of tests. To be honest, I expected the same treatment as the other hospital, but I was wrong. Within about 6 hours of walking through the door of that hospital my son was being treated. Some of the details are fuzzy because I was so young and to be honest- I blocked most of it for years. They had done a complete scan- something like an MRI, of my son after they injected him with this “glowing”, active, green liquid that would help things show up better. They found that he had diskitis- this is only found in 1 out 1 million children. About 2 years ago I mentioned it to one of the doctors from the practice that we were going to at the time and he told me that I had to be mistaken- “if there had been a kid diagnosed with that in this practice I would’ve heard about it”. I ru dely told him to “check the file”.

The gist of it was that “bad shots” caused this bacteria infection at the base of my sons’ spine (diskitis). The infection was “eating” away at the vertebrates. By the time we got to the hospital the lowest one was already completely gone and it was “working on” the second, which they managed to save. If we hadn’t gotten to the hospital when we did the infection would’ve continued to work it’s way up his spine- creating more and more autistic symptoms until it got to his brain- then he would’ve been autistic.
They treated him with massive doses of i.v. anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories over 2 weeks. He was put in a body cast for 6 weeks and could return to daycare for 6 months.

I’m torn on whether it had any “long-term” affect on my son. My son never had a solid bowl movement until he was 4. As a result of that, it hurt so much when he did have one that he would hold it for days until he couldn’t, so we had potty training issues until he was 7. I know that sounds crazy but the doctor said that he had been doing it for so long that it was a learned behavior that his body became use to so we had to retrain his body. He was held back in kindergarten. I don’t know how to feel about that. He is a March baby and they say that boys mature slower than girls, but what I couldn’t understand is why he no longer knew how to count to 20 or his ABC’S- he had known them a few years before that. He would learn them but he couldn’t “retain” them for the longest time.

He just turned 10 last week and he’s a normal, rough & tough 10 year old boy. The main thing that I want people to know from my story is that NEVER let anyone dismiss you or make you think you’re crazy, especially when it involves your child. ALWAYS seek a second opinion and don’t be afraid to get a third or a fourth opinion. You know your child, so you know when something isn’t right. For any of the parents that are dealing with the aftermath of any of these toxic vaccines, please know that there is hope- my son is proof. Good luck to all of you, you’re in my prayers.

This and other stories of recovery can be found on the Testimonials page at Generation Rescue.


Michael Morley

Dear Friends,

Please visit to learn more about my new book project. My positive experiences in working with those with Autism have led to this project. I am compiling encouraging and inspiring true stories from families that have a loved one that is Autistic. I will also be compiling artwork and photographs to accompany these stories. If you or anyone you know would be interested in having their experience included in the book please e-mail me at [email protected]

Thank you very much for your time.

Michael Morley

Rachel Ford

Thank you for this important story. What a great mom you are to have been so persistent, especially at a young age! Your son is very blessed. I'm so glad you got help for him and that he has recovered1

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