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Rockwell_country_doctor_2By Dan Olmsted

The fact that my pediatrician is a Dan! Doctor may sound like the least interesting thing ever posted on Age of Autism. But stay tuned -- I don’t have any kids! What I mean is that the pediatrician I had as a child back in Danville, Ill. (I know, Dan from Danville) in the 1960s is now a DAN! Doctor.

This is the coolest fact I’ve come across in quite some time, because here I (and we, dear readers) are hanging out on a limb saying we think there is a problem with the current CDC vaccination schedule, that it’s connected with autism, that an alternative schedule is a no-brainer, and that we need to be treating autism like the environmentally induced illness it really is.

And now I find that W. Robert Elghammer, the level-headed, mainstream voice of reason back in my hometown, is on the same wavelength. I found this out from a faithful reader of our site who posts as Tanner’s Dad and lives in Catlin, Ill., where my grandfather grew up on a farm.

The story ran July 4 -- how perfect -- in the Danville Commercial-News, where I worked in high school, during summers in college and for four years thereafter. Here’s an excerpt from the article by Barbara Greenberg.

“Right now, Elghammer believes strongly that the routine vaccinations young children receive may be responsible for the increase in autism. … ‘Immunizations may be fine for 99 percent of the population. I wouldn’t change anything during the first year, just follow the same routine. But I suggest everyone delay their children’s boosters until they’re two years old. By that time, autism will have manifested itself.”
I might quibble with that -- the first year is when I would advocate the biggest change -- but I am not a doctor and I am not in the mood to argue with my old pediatrician. Back in the 1960s, he was the most reassuring and respected person you could imagine. I got the mumps, the measles, chickenpox and a fair number of nasty colds that in those days meant staying in bed and watching “I Love Lucy” reruns all day. But I got through them, and I didn’t get autism.

In fact, the worst thing I can recall is when I set the Garfield Grade School record for consecutive situps -- 241. I can’t believe it either, especially as I was a markedly unathletic child. But I just got going and kept going. The next day, you might imagine, I was doubled over, and my mother took me to see Dr. Elghammer. I believe he was more impressed than concerned.

I looked up Dr. Elghammer on the Web just to make sure he hadn’t been in the slammer in the interim -- you know how the CDC-apologist fringe likes to start throwing stones at anyone who raises these kinds of issues. His record was clear; in fact, I found that just last year the State public health department recognized him “for his excellence in pediatric care and childhood injury prevention initiatives.” It was some obscure honor called THE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, people! Here’s one part of the citation that stands out:

“In 1956, Dr. Elghammer spearheaded the Vermilion County polio drive as its director. Volunteering to inoculate all of the county’s children, Dr. Elghammer administered polio vaccine to thousands of children through visits to schools around the county. The drive charged 25 cents per vaccination, which Dr. Elghammer collected and donated 100 percent of the drive proceeds to the two nursing schools in Danville. In 1971, Dr. Elghammer established the Intensive Care Nursery at Danville’s Lake View Hospital. He also designed the equipment and developed the procedures for the nursery including florescent lighting for infants with high bilirubin, catheterization procedures and laminar flow and hyperalimentation procedures for infants who required intensive IV nutrients.”

Wow. A doctor committed to kids and to a vaccine that was really needed and really worked. Now, based on a lifetime of experience, that doctor is saying, Watch out, we’ve got a problem.

And he’s not just any doctor. He’s my pediatrician! I am so psyched.

One more thing: "Tanner's Dad," who put me on to this story, tells me his son's last full sentence after getting his shots and regressing into autism six years ago July 4 was the following: "My name is Tanner. My name is Tanner."

Now, says Tanner's Dad, "After diet changes and supplements (Methyl B12 GFCF) he said his first words to me for Fathers day.'Hi Daddy'! It was beautiful yet sad."

It may be worth pointing out that Tanner's doctor these days is an old-school, well-respected, mainstream pediatrician: W. Robert Elghammer.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism


TannersDad ❌ Tim Welsh

I am sad to report the Good Doctors Passing Visit Dr. Robert Elghammers memorial page https://goo.gl/0rgFQ4

Jeff Ransom

Wow, did not want to cry today, but this story almost got me. Great story, & I can see, how your pediatrician is a Dan! Doc would make you feel, Dan O. BTW Dan O. this is my favorite web site, it is the 1st site I go to in the morning & the last I go to at night. Thank You to all of the AoA people!

Harry Hofherr

Dan, that is the neatest story I have read in a long time. (Yeah, I said "neatest")

How cool to find out your old pediatrician is a Dan Doc. I think it shows there's a lot of wisdom in some of the old doctors that's missing in the generic vaccine fueled pediatricians of today.



made me think of Dr Sidney Baker - sounds like a great doc....

Kelli Ann Davis

"In fact, the worst thing I can recall is when I set the Garfield Grade School record for consecutive situps -- 241."

Are ya sure it wasn't 242??

I remember being the *2nd* fastest runner out of two combined classes in grammer school. We started out in a pack and had to run around the playground -- twice!

Being a girl, coming in *1st* didn't matter as much as letting the same 6th grade boy win. Think: Puppy Love

(That's right guys. Sometimes *we* let you win on purpose ;-)

Teresa Conrick

Yes, more proof that the tide is turning and great to read! Very cool that Dr.Elghammer is smart, unafraid to tell the truth, and passionate about his patients. Loved the "Dan from Danville"...and it could be that I had relatives down there then ...O'Connor is the name. My grandfather worked for the RR in IL.

It is a good feeling to have someone in our own lives, past or present, join in the search for truth and healing. Thanks for sharing, Dan.


Dan, That is a great article. I am sure that it gives you a great deal of comfort to have this tie to reasonable thinking. LOL, any suppot is good support:)

Nicole Raimann

Just more proof that the tide is turning!

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