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My Son is Fine, Therefore Vaccines are Always Safe

Groupthink_2By Katie Wright

My Son is Fine, Therefore Vaccines are Always Safe: CDC Vaccine Science

I just finished reading the CDC transcript regarding “why science is not always enough.” This seminar was contrived in order to convince parents to give a newborn babies 5 vaccines, containing ammonia, aluminum and anti-freeze, at once. The CDC does not understand why American parents do not think this is a great idea.  I encourage all to visit the CDC website [HERE] and listen to this bizarre and convoluted groupthink seminar. No opposing points of views were allowed and no parents of vaccine injured children are included.  Vaccines are presented as completely risk free, in any quantity, with any number of toxic ingredients, at any age.

Where to begin?

The lecture was so rambling and repetitive but it basically comes down to the fact that the CDC believes that parents are falling victim to the Internet and, God forbid, educating them about vaccine safety! Another calamity, as they see it, is that we are uneducated, which in and of itself contradicts their primary concern, that we are reading too many books and articles. All these parents researching vaccine safety issues on their computers and in their libraries are creating so many problems for pediatricians that the CDC needed to convene a conference to stop the “parent to parent exchange of misinformation.”

In an attempt to appear somewhat relevant to the pediatricians who deal with Moms everyday, the CDC enlisted a new Mom and doctor, Dr. Kristine Sheedy, to speak for the organization. Dr. Sheedy speaks about how precious her baby is, how much she loves him, how much she sacrificed during the course of her pregnancy in order to be safe. Been there, done that.  Then Dr. Sheedy takes her newborn in for 5 vaccines. Yes, he cries a bit but is fine. Therefore she concurs that, yes, it was psychologically scary to have her baby hyper-vaccinated but that the vaccines safe totally safe for all babies. Case closed.  Interesting scientific method.

During a rare moment of quiet, when her two boys are napping, Dr. Sheedy had turned on “Oprah” just in time to view the Jenny McCarthy episode. Well, then all hell broke loose. When Sheedy heard that Jenny went on the Internet to find help and information, “she knew exactly where this was going! And I was right.” Where is that? To knowledge??? Maybe Jenny had to go on the Internet because her pediatrician knew nothing about autism and basically told her to just give up and accept it? The fact that Jenny wanted to help her son and not give up on Evan is apparently a big problem for Dr. Sheedy.  The doctor sounds less like a physician than a paranoid private investigator. “ I know what you are thinking, forget about Jenny McCarthy, there are so many holes, so many contradictions in her story.” Whoooa. “Holes in her story” is Jenny McCarthy under some kind of federal indictment? Is Jenny trying to escape prosecution? “Holes in her story,” what a bizarre way to characterize a courageous Mom’s description of her son’s horrific descent into autism. I guess Jenny should have made the narrative less messy and scary for the CDC.

Not only is the doctor furious at Jenny she is angry with “Oprah” for not, you parents of autistic kids will love this, “not having an autism expert on.” OK, Ok, I know, very funny right? From all the physician friends I know, the medical school education on autism comprises like 2 hours, even for pediatricians. In that 2 hours they are told autism is totally genetic. Apparently, Dr. Sheedy wanted a CDC pediatrician or a vaccine patent holder from the NIH on the program. Sounds interesting and helpful! No one at the AAP or the CDC seemed too interested in autism until Jenny McCarthy started talking about it. These agencies had decades to lobby Oprah but never seemed particularly interested in autism, and now they want to ride Jenny’s coat tails and piggyback on her show? That is really sad.

After the doctor we hear from a nurse, Patricia Strincfield, who waxes on and on about all the horrible deaths from disease she sees, apparently all day and everyday. It sounds as if she alone is trying to save these children from their horribly selfish and misinformed parents. No wonder she sounds so bitter, what an awful job! Then Stinchfield repeatedly cites the Danish study as a paragon of scientific validity, proving once and for that vaccines have zero to do with autism. She never mentions that the Serum Institute, a vaccine company, paid for the study or that Gerberding herself recently acknowledged that this study was rife with errors and was not very useful. Gerberding also stated that the CDC would not utilize a study with such a poor research design again. Strinchfield also denies that the CDC has withheld the VSD data and has never sought to deny public access to these records. I swear, I thought I was listening to a parallel universe!

Finally pediatricians are counseled to basically humor parents. Listen to their concerns, pretend to respect their beliefs and then try to convince them they are wrong. But in a nice way!! Throwing in a big dose of guilt is also advised. Remind parents how they are putting all children at risk for horrific diseases. No one wants to see the return of these awful disease but it is so disturbing that the CDC is so obsessed about the one in a million chance of contracting polio but not at all concerned with the 1 in 150 chance of developing autism.

The thing is we can have it both ways, but not in the matter the CDC is proposing. We will not convince parents that our insane vaccine schedule is safe by demonizing the internet. That is just crazy.  Parents are turning to the online community for the help and knowledge their pediatricians do not have. The CDC will not convince parents vaccines are safe by bullying them about herd immunity either. The only way for the immunization program to succeed is to support outside, objective research and until then not aggravate an already disastrous situation by adding more unsafe vaccines, like Pentacel, to the schedule. Finally the CDC should apologize to Jenny McCarthy and thank her for bringing attention to autism. While the CDC is holding web seminars on dated scientific information, ignoring the needs of millions of sick and suffering autistic kids, hiding the VSD, Jenny has been touring the country meeting with thousands of families offering them hope and inspiration through empowerment and knowledge. Dr. Sheedy and Patricia Stinchfield would be wise to stop lecturing and start listening.

Katie Wright has two young boys. Her oldest son, Christian, is severely affected by autism. He developed normally; smiling, talking, walking; only to lose every skill and every word by the age of 2 and a half.  Upon the advice of medical professionals Katie and her husband were advised to pursue only high quality behavioral therapy, speech and OT for Christian. It had no meaningful impact on Christian until his parents sought help from DAN! doctors who treated the underlying causes of Christian's descent into autism. Christian has improved but still has far to go. He has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the measles virus in his gut and an immune system akin to a late stage AIDS patient. Christian does not have a psychiatric disorder. Before autism, Katie Wright was the Clinical Director of Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Stamford Connecticut. Katie is proud to serve on the boards of NAA and SafeMinds.


michele i

Thanks for the amazing piece Katie!!!


for an article looking hard at some of the bogus disease statistics being thrown around by these folks.


These are my most favorite statements by Dr. Sheedy"

"And that while the biggest and best population-based studies have found no association between vaccines and autism, they don’t rule out the possibility that maybe vaccines somehow contributed to some of these kids conditions. We just don’t know for sure."

"So I do say a little prayer before Conner gets his vaccines that he will be like the vast majority of babies who get vaccinated, enjoy the protection that it affords him and have no problems following vaccines."

"I mean, let’s face it five vaccines is a lot."

"I also know that truth changes as science advances"

alison macneil

Katie Wright - you write for me! I'm 3/4 of the way through Evidence of Harm and I am so angry I am numb! Keep going.... you are helping every kid on the spectrum, their families and babies waiting to be vaccinated everywhere. I send you energy!Alison macNeil


Thank you Katie, for writing this piece.

What can I say? It's the same ol' schpeel, just a different person. I am getting amused by the increase in scare tactics that they are using. Are they serious?

Do they actually think that there is ANYTHING scarier than autism? We already have a health crisis on our hands.

Just that alone should tell all of us that they have no idea how autism has BLOWN a whole through our lives.

Yes...the interent is making us knowledgable but we would not be seeking this knowledge if we didn't have an autistic child. If we were not told that there was NOTHING we could do by the pediatricians.

Stop poisoning our children.

Stop making them chronically ill.

Stop making families break apart and become financially ruined.

Stop lying to us.

Maybe then ....just maybe....we will stop talking about this very serious health crisis. But until then. The fight will continue. Our children are worth it.


These public health policymakers certainly reveal a lot about their psychopathologies... I'd like to see a study on the prevalence of narcissistic personality and other psychiatric disorders among them. Who on earth would trust people who display such arrogance and lack of respect for human life? For some sick reason they need to demonize others who question them. That allows them to rationalize hurting our children and ignoring or denying what they've done. That type of rationale has prevented rape victims from receiving justice for hundreds of years.


"Dr. Sheedy said: I also know that truth changes as science advances."

I didn't read the transcripts or listen to the podcasts - is that actually what she said?

I thought that science was a method for revealing the truth, not determining it...


Thank you Katie for suffering thru that annoying CDC presentation and for your great analysis! I pray that someday this fight will feel less like a made for TV movie.

Terri Lewis

Julie O., I want to second your comments, as I'm sure many of us could. I, too, have never met anyone, anytime, anywhere whose child got a terrible, vaccine-preventable disease.

Again, as you say, *maybe* this is because most kids are still "fully vaccinated"--maybe not. (I say not, but we needn't go into that right here and now.)

Yet all these doctors and nurses claim to be treating these kids *all the time.*

More lies.

They're simply exaggerating--wildly, and out of fear of what they *think* will happen if vaccination rates go down.

If they really wanted to make sure that parents continued to vaccinate against the most dangerous diseases, they would:

1. Offer vaccines one at a time, and start at a later age (age 2 is recommended in Dr. Donald Miller's schedule).
2. Take the mercury out of all the shots, not just some!
3. Eliminate the most ineffective shots completely (flu shot comes to mind first, and of course Hep B at birth).
4. Etc., etc.

But the real goal of corrupt government agencies such as the CDC, the FDA, and most of the others is to keep the program in place and to simply lie about the casualties.

Is there anyone new here tonight?

Take a look at what happened in Simpsonwood, Georgia, in June of 2000 when the CDC held a private meeting to review information that *did* show a link between thimerosal and autism. A strong link.

Eight years ago!

What happened was, they turned their backs on the kids who were being hurt by vaccination in favor of those who were only *theoretically* being protected!

(Remember, lots of kids who get vaccine-preventable diseases have been vaccinated--it just doesn't always work.)

They closed their eyes and continued to drive the bus--straight off a cliff.

And they're getting away with it, although the resistance is growing.

I'd like to hear from someone who's new here today, or tomorrow; someone who's been lurking, maybe, and hasn't yet spoken. Because our numbers are growing, and as tragic as that is, we can only successfully resist this madness when we join together and speak out and fight it as one.

Others need to see that they are not alone when this happens to them, because tonight there is someone--there are many someones--just finding out.

I hope they make it to this site and to Generation Rescue before some mainstream quack tells them "there's nothing much you can do. . .ABA. . .genetics. . .acceptance. . ."

That is my prayer and hope for tonight.

That, and that whoever is new here will speak out NOW and join us.

Terri Lewis


I sincerely hope that Dr Sheedy got pre-vaccination mitochondria testing, genetic testing, allergy testing and amino acid testing.

And I sincerely hope she did the same following the injections and repeats the testing again at 1 and 2 months intervals before doing the next round of vaccines.

And I hope that if she sees any changes, she can live with herself.

If you are going to offer your child up voluntarily for this kind of experiment, Dr Sheedy, then be a true researcher. Then at least you will have an exact starting point to work with your son - something we lack when the curtain of autism descends.

Every 15 minutes, another parent wishes they didn't do what you just did. I hope for your child's sake, the clock is not ticking for him...and that you didn't put your collegue assurances ahead of your child's best interest.

Robin Nemeth

I can’t understand why she was asked to give this presentation once, let alone twice. The question, I thought, that the speech was supposed to address, was ‘why do we need more than science to console parents’ concerns about vaccinating?’ I don’t know that she ever answered the question. Nor did she address just what it was that we might need, in addition. There was the comment about the eye contact—that’s the only thing that I can think of that might apply. “Her eye contact makes her seem like she really cares.” This, when describing her own pediatrician’s response to her own alleged concerns about vaccinating.

Ah well, that explains it. Who needs science, when we have eye contact?

I was curious to hear the seminar because, knowing what I know about the CDC, there isn’t much chance that what I’d want to do, for either fun or information, is to sit down and listen to anything put together by the CDC. Katie no offense, but my first thought was to wonder if indeed even the CDC could have somebody give a speech that sounds as asinine as you’ve made it out to sound. But indeed, it is quite so. If nothing else, why is a CDC employee getting paid with my tax dollars to do, at the very least, nothing much but get in front of a couple of hundred people and tell them how much she loves her babies? But of course we know that she is attempting to do much more than this.

I think I could describe the ‘new baby world’ as well as she does. Of course, my new baby world did look a little bit different than hers. No little bit of crying and then sleep, for my firstborn. No, it was more on the order of incessant bloodcurdling, ear piercing screaming. The way a baby would sound if you stuck a fork into her. Every waking moment, until she screamed herself to sleep. For about the first three months of her life. I strongly suspect that that’s not what the ‘new baby world’ was like for her. I think that even a woman as daft as she sounded might’ve known that something was wrong and tried to figure out what it was, had her ‘new baby world’ sounded like mine.

I suppose the reference to Jenny doing an appearance on the Oprah show was an easy enough mistake to make. Or maybe Jenny did do one, although I think I would probably have known about that if she had. I suppose you would. Do you know if Jenny, too, was ever on Oprah? But still and all, if you’re going to speak about a person in the disparaging way that she did (“holes and contradictions”), I think you owe it to the person you’re disparaging if not your audience to try to get the names right.

I don’t remember any specific descriptions as to what exactly ‘Jenny’s holes and contradictions’ were supposed to have been. All she mentioned was that Jenny had pointed out that “my son was always different”. So what? I’m not at all sure how that is relevant. Why would that be a hole or a contradiction? Certainly somebody with the CDC ought to know that babies are exposed to Rhogam shots and flu shots even before birth. And are thus exposed to the toxic crap that is in those shots, even before birth. Not to mention that nobody I know of who is concerned about the link between vaccines and autism has ever said that they think that vaccines are the only source of mercury harming our children.

But the thing that she said that made me the angriest was “Good, open, transparent communication is critical to building trust.” Mm hmm. Would that be like the ‘good, open, transparent’ communication I received from the person who worked at the CDC when I called them last November, to try to find out from them what percentage of the flu shots being administered had more than trace amounts of thimerosal in them?

“I’m sorry, but we can’t give that information out?,” I was told. And when I asked for the name of the person to whom I was speaking, “I’m sorry, but we can’t divulge names?” When asked why not, she said to me “well, we’ve received threats.” Have I threatened you?” I asked. And her reply—“well there are crazy people out there, you know.”

Ah yes. Nothing like open, honest, transparent communication.

Personally, knowing what I know about the CDC I can’t understand why on earth you’re spending time listening to their podcasts, Katie. Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time. Unless they were under oath.


All the docs who had their kids vaccinated and then lost them - one day or one year - later usually turn into DAN! docs or researchers for autism (or have to quit their job to take care of their child). The rest continue to bash those of us searching for a way to make our children whole - at least lessen their daily pain.
We'll see how Dr. Sheedy's child does after that child receives it's boosters or next hyper-vaccination.

Maurine Meleck

Thank you for writing this. It expresses so well the feeling of thousands of us experiencing the same thing. It feels so good to be validated.
I've been in this fight since 2000 and the gov't and CDC have yet to change their tune.
They will never admit they are wrong. But I see so many advances on our part since that year and i know where we are headed and where they are headed.
Blessings to you and your children.

Maurine Meleck
South Carolina

grandmother to Joshua, raising and recovering him


So, if a lion chases 10 kids but only catches and eats one of them, is it correct to say lions don't cause kids to be eaten because nine got chased and didn't get eaten.

And if later people ask what happened to the one boy, do people answer, "Well, we just don't know. He was slow. Must have been genetic. What can you do?"

Of couse not. They say what happened. "He got eaten by a lion. We should be more careful about having the kids around lions. Lucky the nine got away."

John Stone

In my post below "one by openness" should of course have read "won by openness" as in:

"Yes, this recalls the BMJ row over MMR in March 2005, following an article by NHS policy wonk,Paul Bellaby. Bellaby declared that the war for MMR could still be won by "openness"."


Dr. Sheedy said:

I also know that truth changes as science advances. And that while the biggest and best population-based studies have found no association between vaccines and autism, they don’t rule out the possibility that maybe vaccines somehow contributed to some of these kids conditions. We just don’t know for sure.

Yeah, Hannah Poling...... ever hear of her Dr. Sheedy???

How many times must we hear :"We just don't know for sure?" But we are expected just to put all common sense aside and hope for the best. And like Dr. Sheedy does say a little pray for our kid hoping nothing bad will happen to them from the vaccines they are receiving.

And for a CDC employee who is so damn sure about the safety of vaccines she sounded more then a little nervous about vaccinating her newborn son.


Dear Doctor Sheeley

After listening to your presentation, "Why it Takes More than Science to Address Parental Concerns about Vaccines: Confessions of a New Mom", I concluded your propaganda skills for someone who works as a Public Health Communication Specialist for the CDC need fine tuning. Please allow me to assist you. Here’s some “hit it out of the ballpark” sayings you may want to include in your repertoire during future pod casts. These are courtesy of the former Iraqi Information Minister better known as “Baghdad Bob”, who used them during the second Gulf War:

"Our estimates are that none of them will come out alive unless they surrender to us quickly."

"I can assure you that those villains will recognize, will discover in appropriate time in the future how stupid they are and how they are pretending things which have never taken place."

"I have detailed information about the situation...which completely proves that what they allege are illusions . . . They lie every day."

"They do not even have control over themselves! Do not believe them!"

"They have begun to tell more lies so that they might continue with the perpetration of their crimes. May they be cursed!"

"We are surrounding them and pounding them. The whole trend has changed and we are going to finalize this very soon."

"They are in a state of hysteria. Losers!”

"They are like a snake and we are going to cut it in pieces."

"These cowards have no morals. They have no shame about lying”

"All they tell is lies, lies and more lies!"

"They always depend on a method what I call ... stupid, silly”

“Do not repeat their lies."



Ginger Taylor

I read the transcript of the conference call, and man... Katie was being generous to these people.

I wrote a piece expounding on it and adding in comments on the Natural News story today on a different version of the same phenomenon from JAMA.

I call it: Mainstream Medicine Does It The Max Power Way


I know, where is she finding these people with these diseases?

I know a few families who have dealt with chickenpox and it was no big deal, we all had the flu ourselves this February (and I was pregnant and you always hear about how dangerous the flu is during pregnancy and how that still mercury-laden flu shot is so much safer, yet my kids and I survived) about four different families off the top of my head who have dealt with pertussis (and two of these families were fully vaxed for it) and while it was a lengthy illness and it sucked for them and their kids, there were no deaths or hospitalizations; all lived to tell the tale. My MIL is a polio survivor; she caught it at the tail end of the epidemic but I have yet to meet anyone younger than her who has had polio.

I meet families EVERYWHERE with autistic children, profound enough that you can tell after just a few minutes. I know there are risks on both sides, but I've got one child with autism, I am going to do everything in my power not to have another.

And as far as having all those shots and "my kid is fine", well, guess what, my firstborn had all her shots and is "fine" also but her younger sister is NOT fine. What kind of science is that "my kid was fine so yours will be to". Give me a break!

Anne Dachel

In the very near future, when the full truth is out, when the world realizes how terrible the damage has been,
everyone will be asking why we gave the people at the CDC oversight over themselves.
Why did we allow them to be in charge of the vaccine/autism studies?

The only thing comparable to this setup would be to give Philip Morris the last word on safety concerns about smoking.
Does anyone really think that the CDC will ever admit that there are serious side effects?
It makes no sense. . . but we keep on asking them.

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Twyla Ramos

It's so amazing to me how groups such as the CDC and AAP continue to deny the reports by parents of vaccine injuries, with no study at all of these injured children, and no offer of effective treatments.

I'm so upset at how much Jenny McCarthy gets bashed. Yes, she is not a doctor or scientist, but she is out there telling about what so many families have also experienced first hand.

And, if all information on the internet is inherently worthless, maybe the CDC and FDA should close down their web sites. Yes there is some bogus info out there, but we pick and choose -- and the info on sites such as GR, Safeminds and AoA is referenced to reputable sources.

Thank you so much, Katie, for another interesting article and for all that you do for our community.

Julie Obradovic

You know, it's funny. Nurses and physicians are constantly telling us how many diseased children they have taken care often they see vaccine preventable diseases show up in their office or hospital, and how horrible it is. According to them (and the nurse in this article), they see this all the time.

But interestingly, I have actually never met anyone, at any time, anywhere that I can even remotely think of who has had a child in the last 15-20 years that came down with a serious (not chicken pox or the flu, thank you) vaccine preventable disease. Not one. No one. Anywhere.

I have never met anyone whose child got whooping cough. I have never met anyone whose child got Hepatitis B, or any adult for that matter. I have never met anyone whose child developed diptheria. I can honestly say that for every other disease for which there is a vaccine (again, except chicken pox and flu).

Certainly the argument may be that these diseases aren't showing up because of vaccines. Agreed. But if that's the case, how come so many physicians and nurses keep seeing them...and no one else is?

I'm not saying there aren't some children out there who have developed these diseases, but I find it fascinating that there are enough of them for every physician to have treated many of them, and I seriously have yet to ever meet ONE in my entire life. Where are these diseased kids?

In fact, the only disease I have seen seriously harm, and actually kill a child, was meningitis...and the child had been vaccinated for it.

So again, it's funny. Never met a kid or had a relative or a had a friend that even knew someone who got any of these diseases that supposedly show up in doctor's offices all the time.

And yet, in my neighborhood there are 3 children with Autism. On my street, there is 1 child with severe learning disabilities, another child with medicated ADHD, another child with seizures that have landed her in the hospital on many occassions, and my own child who once had the diagnosis of autism. That's within a 5 house radius.

It is like a parallel universe...Physicians keep treating children with vaccine preventable deadly diseases that no one else is seeing, and they aren't treating children with disabilities that everyone else is seeing.

Kelli Ann Davis

"Another calamity, as they see it, is that we are uneducated, which in and of itself contradicts their primary concern, that we are reading too many books and articles."

Great point! Unfortunately in their book being educated only *counts* if you have some of those letters behind your name.

Guess they think it's too hard for anybody without those letters to read and understand the hundreds of Pub Med articles that say, "Mercury is bad" or to understand that having any substance with a *skull and crossbones* injected into your body is not a good thing because it's toxic.

(For all you *uneducated* folks just picture the Robot shouting, "Danger, danger Will Robinson, run." :-)

John Stone

Yes, this recalls the BMJ row over MMR in March 2005, following an article by NHS policy wonk,Paul Bellaby. Bellaby declared that the war for MMR could still be one by "openness".

Of course, openness had nothing to do with what followed, which was a continuation of bullying, arm-twisting, half-truths, outright lies, with which the government and the industry lobby have fought back these three and a half years. One major newspaper editor lost his job over the issue, such is the respect for free speech in our country. There is no doubt that in the UK, where we have heard nothing of Katie, Jenny, Hannah Poling, Bernardine Healy the "0penness" strategy been very successful.

I do believe in the US that the cat is out of the bag, and you are not going to allow it to be recaptured. But the price of freedom is vigillance.

Harry Hofherr

Thanks Katie for spending the time to listen to the CDC garbage, but also for sharing your dead on insights with us.

This is a wonderful piece. It really exposes those bozo's feeble attempts at spin control.

Lisa | Holistic Treatment for

Thanks for posting articles like this that questioning parents will find, and perhaps be encouraged to buck the insane system. Lately I've noticed that the children of two doctors I know have developmental delays --but their parents seem unaware or unconcerned. I really think they can't see reality because of their need to tow the line. Perhaps one day they'll wake up and have the courage to speak out about this insanity.

Keep "speaking truth to power" and parents will continue to have the courage to protect their children from the insanity that is considered "necessary" and "normal."

Tanners Dad

Boy they had that under a few stones... Here is the links to the conference...

Robin Nemeth

Katie Wright wrote: I encourage all to visit the CDC website and listen to this bizarre and convoluted groupthink seminar.

I went to their website but I can’t find it. Where do I look?


I believe this is called a syllogism. A syllogism, for those who are unfamiliar with logic consists of a major premise (a general statement), a minor premise (a specific statement) and a conclusion based on those two statements. For example:

All terriers are dogs.
All terriers are mammals.
Therefore, All mammals are dogs.

This the logic of the CDC.



Thank you for all the time and effort I know you use for this battle. You stay in my prayers.
WOW, what a disturbing piece to read this AM. I am so thankful to have AOA to come to to be informed (you wild bunch of uneducated parents LOL).
The fact that the CDC has this on their website is frightning to say the least. Has anyone at the CDC listened to what JG had to say in her reply to the House Appropriations Committee? And I am so tired of nurses ( I work at a hospital) telling me of the horrible disfiguring diseases that can be vaccinated against, and people like me asking for more problems. My reply is always the same. "Just because you cannot see my sons disfigured brain does not mean that it is not as bad as having a disfigured body. At least there is a chance my son will walk away from measles.
ANyway, off to work. Thanks for the new bit of info:( It's so defeating.

Tanners Dad

Therefore she concurs that, yes, it was psychologically scary to have her baby hyper-vaccinated but that the vaccines safe totally safe for all babies. Case closed. Interesting scientific method.

Wow that scares the C**p out of me. Did they actually use the word Hyper-vaccinated? I was wondering how they might explain pentakill(SP:)) to the new mothers.

The CDC needs to spend some of its big bucks on a PR person. I would think that we would be much easier to get along with if they made nice. Throw some of those big bucks towards respite, therapy, research for treatments, and alternative adjuvants. How did the leaders of the movement get them to "voluntarily" pull the plug on thimerosal to start with?

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