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More Joy of Autism: Another Lost Child

Lost_childUpdate: Found safe! Click here.

By Kim Stagliano

This one hits close to home. Imagine the plight of a girl who may or not be able to speak well, scream "no," or defend herself in a meaningful way.

From Minnesota today: A teenage girl who suffers from autism wandered away from her St. Paul home early Wednesday and police today are asking for the public's help in finding her. Read more HERE.

Last October we took our first family vacation in.... in...., OK, ever. I mean a "get on a plane, fly somewhere where you have no family, check into a hotel" kind of vacation. Not the "Mom, we'll be there in July" sort. We had two rooms, connected in the middle. Mia wandered into the hallway and off she went. I didn't realize it for about 5 minutes. In that time, she had gone far, far away. THIS is where she wandered off.

I grabbed my emergency sheet, a piece of paper with each girls' photo and stats, and bolted down the elevator, tackling the security detail in the lobby. "She's lost! She has autism!" I was practically hyperventilating. Mia is NOT my runner. I call her my "indoor cat." Mellow. And she was gone. Mia is 13, tall, dark curling hair, and looks utterly typical. No one would give her a second look strolling the grounds, except every 13, 14 and 15 year old boy there.

Security went into action. I went straight to the pool, which was the size Rhode Island, maybe Delaware. To my eyes it looked like the pits of hell. "Mia! Mia!" I cried, willing myself not to sob. (I didn't listen.) I told everyone I passed, "My daughter has autism. She looks like this (I pointed to myself) and is in a blue t-shirt."

When I went back into the lobby, having aged a fifteen three years in twenty minutes, I saw a woman escorting Mia into the front desk area. THANK GOD! Mia had gone for a spin in the huge, glass elevators in the lobby, up 20+ floors. And in that elevator was a Grandma, who has an autistic grandson and knew the signs right away. That guardian angel from Missouri brought Mia safely to me. I'll never forget her. Carol Taylor.

Let's hope there's a Carol Taylor for a girl in St. Paul named Mari Zambrano.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.


For Dr. Hatem

Dr. Hatem, there are many GPS locator systems for Alzheimer's and Autism - I suggest you Google GPS Autism for more info. It's a huge problem in our community and life threatening, as you know. Thanks.


dr nadia hatem

plz tell me if any device or sensor to worn by the kid with autism so as not to loose the child in any wide place

dr nadia hatem

Isnt any sensor to detect the place of lost autism child

Fielding J. Hurst

Probably the scariest moment of your life for sure. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt ... http://autismparents.net/recommended-ion-kids-tracking-device/

Tim Kasemodel

Prayers were definitley answered regarding the girl from St Paul.

My son is not going to be lured away by some online friend. He is not going to go lost from some Camp in Wisconsin after going to to the camp store by himself.

He is COMPLETELEY dependent upon 24 hr hour supervision. It is EXACTLY like Kim decribes about her daughter. One minute he is there, you turn your head, he is gone.

You have SECONDS.

I can not tell you how many times that the seconds have worked in my favor, but I can tell you EVERY FIRKKIN TIME they have not.

My worst was when I did not have a cell phone. We live by a pond ( which means magnet in the mind of an autistic child) and when I called 911 they told me to stay on the on phone and not leave.


I was told that an someone would be there "shortly".. According to the police file it was under 4 minutes. According to me it was WAY TOO F-ING LONG.

An officer rolled up liesurely in a quiet squad car - I gave my story but was amazed at his who gives a shit attitude and lack of sirens.

After following up with the police chief later, he said "it would scare away any autistic child if we came in with sirens blaring"......

I told him "not if he was F-ING DEAD!!!!!!"

It apparently never occured to him that autistic "people" (not kids) were in any real danger, just that they often walked off.

I wonder what he would think if his own kid was gone, with no way to respond , no way to even know they were in danger.

I do not normally get this "F-ING" emotional - please forgive me.

Tim Kasemodel

Joe Herr

Regressive autism’s second refrigerator

There seems to be two refrigerators involved with regressive autism, one in the home and another in the pediatricians office. Colitis/diarrhea and otitis media are distressingly common in regressive autistic children. In my opinion regressive autism is the immediate result of obstructive sleep apnea. I discovered that treating obstructive sleep apnea also treats colitis and used that as the starting point to investigate regressive autism. (Journal reviewers have referred to papers which state that vaccines don’t cause autism. I will keep trying.)

A paper on colitis and Crohn’s disease (Rigas, 1993) reports that severity of the disorders’ is related to the duration of bottle feeding. (Refrigerator # 1)

The insert accompanying the MMR II vaccine lists diarrhea and otitis media as possible adverse consequences. Sound familiar?

The literature states that the cause of ulcerative colitis is unknown, but that there are factors, including respiratory infections, which can cause colitis attacks. If respiratory infections can cause attacks, couldn’t the initial attack also be caused by respiratory infections? Mandated MMR and DpT vaccines contain entities which can cause respiratory infections. (Refrigerator # 2)

Postulated preventative strategy for regressive autism is “avoid the contents of both refrigerator # 1 and refrigerator # 2”.

Bottle feeding and vaccinations are not genetic changes, they are environmental changes.

Colitis attack ‘URL’:

Extended details:

Joseph R. Herr

How to Contact Us

Check on the left sidebar - "Contact Us." My email is [email protected], Dan's is [email protected]. Contact us at any time. No, I do not listen to Michael Savage. His job is to create controversy and roil the waters. And he is extremely conservative. Heck, I'm not sure my NY radio even GETS Michael Savage. ;)

Thanks for reading A of A!



I didn't know how else to get in contact with you, so I'm posting on this story. Have you guys seen what Michael Savage said on his radio show on 7/16? Where do these wind bags come from? Mr. Savage - brace yourself pal. Here comes the pain....


I had almost exactly the same experience on holiday, and like you it wasn't my 'bolter.'

I'm so glad she's been found [and safe].

I should have taken out shares in hair dye.


Craig Willoughby

Heh..ignore my previous comment. I was posting on the wrong article :P

Shows you what 3 nights of little to no sleep can do to ya.

Craig Willoughby

Oh, and one final thing I forgot to mention. Those 14 studies you mentioned? Even the CDC says they are crap, worthless and misleading. This is why parents like me are so adamant about aditional studies.

Terri Lewis

More proof that brain damage caused by vaccines or other toxins can be life-threatening.

I agree with whoever said it here first: we need to stop using the word autism and call it what it is.

People who haven't been touched by it yet don't really know what it is, but lots more are going to learn, either the easy way or the hard way.

I hope this girl gets home safely.


Kristina Chew

She has been found early this morning.


Kelli Ann Davis


The article link isn't working. It says the article is gone. Even when I did an internal search and brought up the title of the story, when I clicked on it the article is still unavailable.

I want to know more about this girl. Any details you can give us?

I did see a video link about some lady who saw a girl with a sweatshirt and no shoes on being kidnapped and I'm praying it's not this girl that she's talking about!

Craig Willoughby

Kim, is there another link to that article? The link seems to be dead.


Kim, your instincts are right on. Thank heavens she wasn't kidnapped. But according to the girl's mother on KSTP-TV news today, the girl ran away after an argument about a boy she met online through her MySpace page. No more details yet, but yes -- too often those "boys" turn out to be dirty old men....


Nancy, I'm more concerned about her being INSIDE if you get my drift. So many questions for those of us with girls on the spectrum...


Oh, how I feel for that family. I put the story on our state listserv. More prayers will be headed their way.

Lately Minnesota and Wisconsin seem like Ground Zero for "runners" with autism. Unfortunately today and tomorrow will have stormy weather.

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