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Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Welcome Britney Spears

BritneyspearsjennymccarthyBritney Spears was one of the celebrites who appeared at Jenny McCarthy and (newly shorn) Jim Carrey's Generation Rescue fundraiser. Read the story from PEOPLE Magazine HERE.

Charlie Sheen was also there. We wrote about his interest in vaccine safety earlier this year HERE.

Britney looks lovely. Here's to her health, and that of her young sons.


Media Scholar

The problem with "Star Wars" is it diverts attention from the victims, the science and the true issue, and it might lead to an environmentally-unsound lime Jello death match of some kind.


Britney Spears deserves compassion and understanding just like children/adults with autism. Plain and simple.


I really think we need to give Britney a chance. I think we can all say we have made mistakes in our past, whether those mistakes were big or small. The fact is, she supported and attended the event. She supported our cause. She did not support and spew crap from Offit. The more people who support GR the better. That should be all we look at here. Let's not judge what she may have done wrong. Let's give her a little credit. If Jenny and Jim are willing to embrace her, shouldn't we? After all, maybe she will refuse to vaccinate her children according to schedule. That would be a great thing for her kids. People should be given the chance to redeem themselves. But you get the point here. We haven't spent a day in Britney's shoes. Let's just thank her for what she did. There are better people to expose for negativity!!! Let's spend our time and energy on them.


So pd, Jen, Nancy...

You're perfect then? Amazing.


Welcome Britney! Thank you for your attendance and you looked great. However, I did not see Amanda Peete in the crowd. Where was Amanda Peete? Anyways, as a man I too had a Britney moment and it was a tough time in my life but I got through it. I am sure Offit is going to try and make this into something that it isn't.

Heather O

Just by some miracle, I first started learning of the vaccine-autism link the morning before my ASD son was scheduled for his kindergarten boosters. I delayed them, and that afternoon started reading almost everything on the GR website. We're now 3 years into biomedical treatments, and I owe GR so much for putting us on the right path. I don't even want to think what my recovering son's life would be like now if I'd went through with those shots (MMR, DTaP, IPV, VAR...)

I think this is great exposure for GR. How many other families are there out there that need help like my family did. Plus, a great fundraiser too, because like most families of ASD kids doing a biomedical program, donations to a terrific organization are a luxury.

Kelli Ann Davis

"Disappointed to say the least!!!!"

You're kidding right? Please tell me you’re kidding.

So, let me get this straight:

350 powerful, wealthy, influential individuals (who I'm guessing brought their wallets with them) attend a fundraiser for GR and *you're disappointed* that one young, and imperfect mom -- who has the ability to contribute a million bucks at the drop of a hat -- was in attendance???

What *IF* that one, imperfect mom decided to front the funds for a vax/unvax study? Would that justify your disappointment then?


JB and Stan: Personally, I think this is one of our community's finest moments. I can't wait to see what's next on the list!!!!!! Again, you two absolutely ROCK!


I had my first child at age 24. Never once did I do anything like this loser. She should have had her act together before she had kids but sadly society tends to forgive the rich and famous way too easily. I feel for those children and we should be relieved they are being raised by (most likely) a nanny rather than Britney and luckily don't appear to be autistic. I can't even imagine her handling that!

I just hope people don't associate her with Generation Rescue as she herself needs serious rescuing.

Stagmom for Jen

Jen, I had my "Britney???" moment too when I first got this story to post. Then I started thinking that maybe at age 26, she's getting her act together? And while I agree she displayed some dreadful mothering skills, let's hope she's learned from her mistakes and has matured. I had thought we'd be reading her obituary. I find myself glad we are not. And as JB points out, she was one guest ina crowd of 350. The controversy around her is why she was singled out by the media. Ron Howard's balding pate wouldn't have drawn so much attention.

Thanks for reading A of A.

Kim Stagliano


Britney Spears?? This is the person who drove around with kids on her lap (and at times supposedly under the influence of God knows what substances,) fed her children soda out of their bottles and eventually lost custody of her kids. Why in the hell would Generation Rescue want this woman associated with their name? Do they think Britney has a clue to vaccine safety or anything else associated with kids in general much less kids on the spectrum? She can't even be trusted to be their mother. Disappointed to say the least!!!!

JB Handley


That is an ignorant and naive thing to say. A party with more than 350 people, with both power and money to help our kids, is only positive. Britney gets the gossip headlines, but she was one attendee. She is not holding herself out as an expert on autism, nor are there any quotes from her to indicate that, she attended a party.


Kelli Ann Davis

"More amazing was that they all sat, enraptured, as Jenny explained to them what has happened to our kids."

This made me weep. There are just *NO* words to express how extremely grateful I am that Jenny is there as the spokesperson for our children.

Finally, our children are being heard and my heart soars just thinking about it.

JB: Your vision is awe-inspiring! If it hadn't been for GR who knows how many children would still be languishing without the hope of recovery. You are definitely *one of a kind* and in case I haven't said it in a while -- YOU ROCK!

PS....Stan rocks too :-)


Ugh. One wonders if Paris Hilton or Linsday Lohan had scheduling conflicts.

Jenny was great at getting attention; and being a well known beautiful person helped this along. But in all honesty, I think it would be helpful to find some folks that are, shall we say, a bit of a harder target, intellectually.

In all honesty, please consider; do we really want Britney Spears giving out child rearing advice with our sensibilities in mind? Perception does matter; who on Earth is going to take child safety advice from Britney Spears? In fact, how many people might do exactly the opposite of what she advises?

- pD


Was Amanda Peet parking cars?


Great! More publicity!
It's wonderful to see BS so vibrant again:)


It was a remarkable event, more than 350 attendees. Britney gets the gossip headlines but the sheer number of actors, producers, directors, studio bosses was amazing.

More amazing was that they all sat, enraptured, as Jenny explained to them what has happened to our kids. People were shocked, amazed, and deeply touched.

Hollywood is waking up to the scale of what has been done to our babies and this is great news for our community.


michele i.

I can't believe that two of my favorite websites are coming together-
generation rescue is the Top Story on People.com!


Playboy's Hugh Hefner was there, too, with "Girls Next Door" Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson. Very kind of them to show support. Photos are at the Gossip Girls website.


What a life those 3 gals lead... I'm jealous. A room of one's own at the Mansion, with no cooking or cleaning. Just pets and parties and Porsches. Interesting how this issue aligns them with the likes of Phyllis Schlafly, thankfully sans pasties.

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