Olmsted on Autism: Roy Grinker's Unright Facts
Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation "Rock 'N Ride"

David Kirby Free Lecture: "The Autism-Vaccine Debate: Why Won't It Go Away?

David Kirby, the New York based investigative journalist and author of the NY Times Bestseller, “Evidence of Harm,” will speak and take questions from the public during a free event at the Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library.

Thursday, July 31, 2008
6:30 – 9:00 PM

999 Old Country Road, Plainview, New York 11803

RSVP REQUIRED: [email protected]

Among the subjects Kirby will address and take questions on:

■ A recent case in the US Vaccine Court in which the government conceded that vaccines induced autism in one little girl, and updates on other cases.

■ Autism among Somali children in Minnesota.

■ Growing evidence of a link between mitochondrial dysfunction and autistic regression, and case studies of several ASD children with mitochondrial issues.

■ Current research underway at top universities on the connection between environmental toxins, mitochondrial function, oxidative stress, glutathione depletion, neuro-inflammation and autism.

■ Declarations by US Presidential candidates that autism is epidemic and calling for more research into vaccines and mercury as possible causes.

■ Recent studies linking ASD with heavy metals and contaminants in air pollution.

Kirby is a former contributor to The New York Times and a writer for the The Huffington Post. Mary Holland, Director of the Graduate Legal Skills Program, will host the event. 

David Kirby is the author of Evidence of Harm.  You can read his Huffington Post pieces HERE.


Justin Lofton

Yeah, is anyone video typing or audio taping this lecture? We need to get this out to the masses.


Fielding J. Hurst

Would love to see this, does he do any of these types of lectures via the web?


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