Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

It is a large scale conspiracy with large $$$$ signs written all over it.


I was thinking the same thing, Garbo -- that perhaps the Special Master wanted to prepare people, pave the way, provide information, so that people wouldn't be totally shocked by a decision favorable to the plaintiffs, so that there would be some understanding of the issues. If this presentation could be quashed, I hope this does not mean that the decisions can be quashed. I hope that the special masters can make the decisions that they believe are appropriate.

We just came home from seeing fireworks. I treasure these special moments with our children. In America the beautiful, land of the free, when it comes to vaccination issues we are like a non-democracy where dissent is suppressed. Surely the truth must come out.


My hope against hope is that the tea leaves here mean that the Special Master knows which way the wind is blowing on the Omnibus cases and therefore decided to put together a panel of rational, informed people to help explain things to the lawyers who are going to be swamped with cases once the dam breaks. But then his superiors caught wind of it and put the kibosh on it. It's loathsome and vile that they are keeping Paul Offit and getting rid of Bernadine Healy, but par for the course.

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