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David Kirby: Amanda Peet vs. the Medical Establishment

DavidkirbyDavid Kirby has a piece on HuffPo this weekend.

This week, actress Amanda Peet called parents who don't vaccinate their kids "parasites," and then essentially went on to lie when she announced that scientists have concluded there is "no association between autism and vaccines."

Peet saw fit to blast "the media and journalists" and "a few fringe medical groups and parent advocacy groups" for "presenting vaccine safety as a controversy." She thinks the debate, save for a few dangerous holdouts, is over.

I thought that Ms. Peet (and her ill-advised advisors such as Dr. Paul Offit) might want to see from whence these parasitic, fringey parents and doctors have been getting their cues of late.

Here are just a few recent examples:

Read the full HuffPo piece HERE.  Please leave a comment at HuffPo. Sometimes the HuffPo system is recalcitrant, but do try!


Riley's mom

If you go to the Cookie Mag thread Autism News Beat is there too. I've been put down and stomped on put I keep pushing on. I've even been accused of attacking others on the thread, which I admit to saying something rude to someone and promptly apologized to them because I lowered my standards to Amanda Peets name calling. Now this guy has been doing personal attacks but only with me. Just goes to show you that this guy will stop at nothing to defeat our recovery efforts. This guy is all sorts of sociopath.


Richard - I wish what you wrote were true. I think it is a more serious issue of AutismNewsBeat et al wanting to wear us all down with vitriolic, incessant gibberish to make us appear (to the uninformed) as stupid, crazy and dangerous. Of course, as more and more scientific papers are published connecting vaccines and autism, and more court cases won, they are the ones who are going to be exposed as stupid, crazy, and also just plain evil.


The mercury defenders quote the same worn out talking points no matter how much new evidence comes out,they are like kids putting fingers in their ears and saying lalalalalala...........thinking that by avoiding the truth they can make it go away.

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