On Media: Autism Speaks Plays Nice with Savage
And Now, the Unvarnished Truth from Across the Pond



Let's get Michael Savage and Paul (pr)Offit in the ring with some of these guys.

I'd pay huge bucks to see THAT.


Diane, I'll take Dr. Offit -- as I'm sure most Dad's would gladly volunteer for that event... No hold's barred??? :)


Here's some ideas for the bouts ...

Jenny vs. Amanda

Harris vs. Kirby

Who wants Offit?


very cool. a new audience and a very smart way to get inside the thoughts of those who might not see the "mainstream" tv broadcasts of the issue.

Kudos to gen rescue for thinking outside of the box!


Whoa - au-some!!!!!!!!
Opens the doors for the message of hope beyond Oprah and Chelsea Handler!


My father and I have fond memories of watching Saturday Night's Main Event together back in the late 80's. I'm sure he would be as happy as I am that the WWE is lending their support to Generation Rescue and folks such as my 7-year old son Adam. Thank you.


Hopefully this is the start of many such events for GR, and the end of Autism $peaks as the "default organization" for autism.

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