Steve_wilson_wxyzWXYZ ABC News 7 in Detroit, Michigan (WXYZ.com) ran a report on mercury, vaccines and vaccine safety. Read the report HERE.  The link to the video is on the right.  Dr. Renee Jenkins of the AAP is interviewed along with others. Thank you to anchorman Steve Wilson.

Anchor Lead:

It’s the controversy that won’t go away. Is the skyrocketing rate of Autism in children due in any way to the mercury long contained in childhood vaccines? It’s an issue our chief investigative reporter Steve Wilson has stayed with from the start…and Steve will science ever answer this one?



I posted the below to my group shortly after posting Steve's invesitgative piece. I think it would be a good idea if this guy heard from us.

Re: Deborah has sent you a news story from WXYZ.com | Detroit

This link is to a gentleman *sarcasm* who is refuting Steve Wilson's most recent investigative piece. I think he should hear from "US". The parents, families and victims of this "epidemic".





Does anyone have a link to the videos of the 3 part series Steve did back in 2004? I have been unable to locate them, and would appreciate if someone could post a link.


Steve Wilson fan

Way to go Steve! I ate dinner with you four years ago at Autism One and remember how passionate you were about getting this story out there then and now you have done it again--excellent job!!

Thanks so much!!


D's Advocate, I have to ask the question (as you post yet another in a long line of unexplained non sequitors), what's your agenda? I don't pretend to know your personal stake in autism, but you probably owe the Aoa community a more open explanation of your commercial interests in the issues we discuss here. Posting a link to the most bought-and-paid-for journaist who has ever covered autism (Maggie Fox) in which the urban legend about the high success of autism gene research (15-20%?!!!, give me a break) is recited uncritically yet again, is simply a bizarre behavior.

What are you trying to accomplish here?

Lisa Thompson

This piece is WAY more than a Cadillac ... it's the Rolls Royce of reporting. Steve hits every salient point that we, as autism parents advocating for our vaccine injured children, would want the public to know, in a straightforward and compellingly clear way. THIS is what investigative journalism should be. Steve for president!!!!!!


Jenkins says, "the progress we made in keeping children from dying from disease that we give them immunizations for..."

Finish that sentence with, "is overshadowed by the neurological damage we are causing in 1 in 6 kids!!"

This is a great piece! I might just drive to Detriot just to shake his hand.

D's Advocate

The new million dollar question...can there be a link established with environmental factors that produce the same effects as genes?


Kelli Ann Davis

Thank goodness Steve Wilson has been on this story for years!

I will *never* forget my first encounter with him at one of the last IOM meetings before the 2004 Report came out.

There I was sitting directly behind Dr. Johnson of Simpsonwood fame (you know, the guy who didn't want his new grandson to get any thimerosal containing vaccines) and directly after the meeting ended, Steve was in his face (with camera crew in tow) asking how his grandson was doing.

All I remember is Dr. Johnson trying like h-e-double toothpicks to find a door to exit stage-left as fast as his legs would take him which, by all accounts, wasn't fast enough. Steve followed him to the lobby trying to get an answer from him ;-)

Absolutely Classic!


Steve Wilson has either a really great reputation for investigative reporting, or a really bad one...depending on which side of his investigation you're on. Let's just say Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (who hasn't yet heard of our scandalous Detroit mayor?) is NOT one of his fans ;) And Mr. Wilson is also credited with exposing Monsanto's production of RBGH. Steve is not afraid to expose the truth, no matter how ugly it is, or how high the scandal goes. I couldn't be happier that he's chosen to speak out on this topic.


Now THAT is what I'm talking about! Way to go Steve Wilson, great job. And thank you for having the cajones to put the truth out there!

Tim Kasemodel

Apparently Dr. Renee Jenkins of the AAP has to read my AoA article "Thimerosal in vaccines - What your doc wants you to know".

She would then understand why she is so confused, or at least begin to understand why some of us, and now media stars like Steve Wilson refuse to buy her bullshit and lies.

She obviously is answering the question she WANTED asked, (Is thimerosal used as a preservative in routine vaccines for YOUNG children) instead of truthfully answering the question "Is there still mercury in vaccines" which I am sure is the question Mr. Wilson asked.

When I met with the new Commissioner of the MN Dept. of Health this past January I had to ask her Immunization Director 4 times to answer the question "Are vaccines with preservative level mercury available for sale for administration to children (under 18, not 7) in Minnesota, which is a big fat YES.

She kept wanting to answer the question "Does the MINNESOTA VACCINES FOR CHILDREN PROGRAM provide PRESERVATIVE level vaccines to CHILDREN UNDER 7" (excepting the flu vaccine of course), which would be no. Only begining this past January would the answer be no for trace level vaccines - Last year she would had too say yes because the Hep B is only now available without trace amounts.

The MnVFC program however, only provides vaccines for kids who are either have State funded insurance, are under insured or have no insurance. This is around 35% of kids, and considering the Flu vaccine, they only ORDER enough 100% mercury free to cover about 15% of children in the state. So, the majority of the 6 month old babies in the state MnVFC program ARE getting preservative level flu vaccine.

The rest of the children in the state lucky enough to have health insurance are at the mercy of the clinics - whether they want to spend a dollar or two more for the mercury free vacs, or pocket the money and gass up their yacht.


Fact is, these folks at the AAP are so used to lying and avoiding the obvious answers that they do it unconciously - it's called being a pathological liar.



Not an MD

Wow! That is the first time I have ever really heard a mainstream TV reporter "put it out there" for all to hear. I am glad Steve Wilson had the courage to contradict the untruthful declaration about mercury removal from all childhood vaccines made by Renee Jenkins. Dr. Jenkins should hang her head in shame for her flagrant deceit. How is any parent (whether they wish to vaccinate to the hilt, shun all vaccines, or pick and choose only certain vaccines) supposed to trust the words of any member of the AAP, when Dr. Jenkins has so misstated the truth about the continued, verifiable thimerosal content in vaccines?

dan olmsted

There are days when it seems Lincoln was wrong -- you CAN fool all of the people all of the time. Steve is no fool and we all appreciate him sticking with this story and hitting it with a sledgehammer.

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