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Beautiful Jessica Ericzon, "Died as a Guinea Pig for Gardasil"

JessicaBy Kim Stagliano

My God. Look at this beautiful girl. Dead at 17. Prom night car crash? No. Drug overdose? Hardly. "On the advice of her family doctor" she received the Gardasil vaccination in an effort to protect herself from HPV and the small chance that the HPV could lead to cervical cancer.

Read the full story at the New York Post HERE. I wonder how the New York Times would spin this same article. I don't suppose they'd run it at all. Our condolences to her family.

She loved SpaghettiO's, pepperoni, lilies, listening to her iPod and making her pals laugh. In her senior yearbook, she wrote, "The best things in life aren't things, they're friends."

Now that's the quote chiseled into her gravestone.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.


Frank Martin DiMeglio

The NUMEROUS biologically active (yet unnatural and foreign) vaccines are having a damaging/toxic/diseasing effect on us. These vaccines are making us increasingly unconscious and reactive in various, numerous, and unpredictable ways.


If any doctor or gubermint jokel says you have to get a vaccine, make him/her sign an agreement to pay for all side effects caused by this poison-they wont sign!
That should clue in anyone about the risks!


Ian, thanks for coming in to comment. I'm so sorry you lost your dear friend.

Kim, Managing Editor

Barbie Hines


Life is so hard sometimes...I'm so sorry you experienced this at such a young age...please hang in there...although life seems too much to handle sometimes, the good times are worth the hard have your wonderful memories to hang on...and a wonderful life ahead of you...again, I'm so sorry for your loss.

ian doney

i knew jessie she was one of my good friends at one point she was my girl friend my dad and her mother frew up together. 2 days before this happend we were on winter break and went to tgi firdays with her and my cousin everything was fine. then 2 days later on my way to the movies after trying to call her all day to see if she wanted to go with me and some friends my uncle calls me and tells me the news. its just still mind blowing and hard to comprehend it was like on the same day of the following week that we went to tgi fridays i was at her funeral life is hard to understand sometimes


FEB '09. Tim is indeed related to Jessica. My error and I have apologized to Tim. "Dad" can mean many things. I was trying to protect Jessica's memory. It's a Mom thing.

Tim - I deleted your comment. Jessica's father's name is John - was this supposed to be a joke?

Kim Stagliano
Managing Editor


I looked up Gardasil on the computer, and in less than thirty seconds found this: "If you or your child has any unusual or severe symptoms after receiving GARDASIL, contact your doctor or healthcare professional right away.

The safety of the vaccine is something that is being followed on an ongoing basis."

Basically, it tells you right there that, as with any medication, you should talk to a professional if you have severe side effects. It also tells you that it isn't necessarily 100% safe. This is why, especially with a relatively new vaccine like this, it's important to do your research before having someone inject it into you or your child. In the article, it mentioned that twice when Jessica got the injections, she complained of head and joint pain, ("After her second shot in September, she complained of a pain in the back of her head, fatigue and soreness in some joints, said her mom, Lisa.")
and yet the article never mentions her mother, a hospital technician, apparently, even asking about such a serious side effect. Also, this article never mentions whether or not any drug interaction testing was done with Gardasil and Jessica's current birth control medicine, or whether or not she could have been allergic to the ingredients in the vaccine, as with any other medicine.

Based on some of the information I got from the Gardasil website, I would advise my mother against getting that vaccine for my little sister (16), simply because it can't be verified as being safe, and there are other types of birth control, etc.

It's tragic that Jessica died, especially so young, and I feel for her family.

William Simmons

There is important background info in "Fatal Probe", a little book written a few years ago by Will Locksley that can be found on Amazon. He seems to have been out there warning women about this for years.

The primary focus of the book is to uncover facts concerning the cross-infection of women during their visits to the offices of their medical providers. However, there is relevant, previously undisclosed information that challenges the efficacy of the Gardasil tests.

btw: It seems there is also concern regarding the fact that the Merck-sponsored testing did not use true saline injections in most of their control groups. They were 'laced' with aluminum, which totally confuses the results.

Be patient, in that they seem to not be able to keep them in stock.

[email protected]

Cathy Jameson

I never realized how tragic the vaccines were until my children were adversely affected. I worry about their lives and their generation. Now, though, reading this article, I am even more saddened to see teenage girls falling into ill health and even death because of Guardisil.

This new generation of victims could include some of the students I taught back in the early 90s. I was surrounded by incredibly brilliant boys and girls who are now heading to college and the work force. I pray they have been able to avoid the ridiculous commercials and pressures of becoming 'just one more' while getting their school physical forms fillled out.

The kids I knew back in my teaching days questioned me, our lessons, the philosophy of life and made learning fun. They saw the value of life while they were living it. When I had the pleaseure of teaching that class again another year, I told them I expected to see them as doctors, lawyers, inventors, teachers and reputable businessmen when they grew up. This crew escaped the detrimental effects of their childhood vaccines. I hope they can do that again as they are bombarded with Guardisil adverts and other so-called vaccines now as young adults.

cathy Jameson


PLEASE support and sign this online petition. It addresses Gardasil, as well as apprprite study, vaccination choice, and appropriate compensation for ALL vaccine injured children. Please copy, paste and forward to everyone you know. We need to continue to put our voices together and take action!!!!


How incredibly sad :( "No connection" my left foot. Because normal, healthy teenage girls drop dead at the drop of a hat all the time for no reason. Sure.

What makes me angry about this particular shot is it prevents a disease that is PREVENTABLE BY OTHER MEANS, aka, abstinence! It isn't like meningitis, where the person really has no choice BUT to be exposed if they are.

Use the adductor muscles that God gave you and keep your legs shut until you get married. That's a great (and much safer) way to be "one less".


This is beyond sad. How many teens need to be damaged? (Cynical answer: as many children with autism?)
So heartbreaking...


I am walking out the door to take my thirteen year old daughter to the doctor for a sports physical. Three of her friends did the same last week and were all given the Gardasil vaccine. I was appalled their mothers would agree, but I guess unless you are involved in the autism community, you aren't questioning vaccines.

My daughter will not be getting the vaccine (of course). And I am interested to see what the doctor will say when I decline.

I've printed out a couple of news stories (including Jessica's), as well as some screen shots on Gardasil injuries to leave behind on the bulletin board in the exam room.

I hate doctor's visits.


Until Gardasil, I had no idea how vulnerable young girls were to random inexplicable death, stroke, or paralysis.


The loss of a young life is always especially tragic. I hope to never experience the wrenching pain Jessica's mother is experiencing over the unnecessary death of her daughter. I have wondered how many Gardasil deaths it will take before this vaccine is yanked from the market. My guess is that it will not be the deaths that "kill" Gardasil, because the sudden deaths of the girls can be easily explained away as just coincidental, and of "unknown cause." What will destroy Gardasil is the warts it causes some girls on their faces, hands and chests, because the exact type of HPV causing the wart breakouts can be readily identified in a laboratory. The causal connection between the HPV vaccine and the actual HPV warts it manifests in some girls is indisputable. Warts are an ugly nuisance to anyone suffering from them, and in our vain society, the warts (and sadly, pathetically, not the deaths) will likely be what ultimately undermines Gardasil.

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