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Autistic_childBy Allison Edwards


It was the last day of school today for Jon and I went to a 2 o'clock assembly. I was late, had been rushing around doing all the things I won't be able to do from Monday. Summer holidays are my captivity as his carer. I crept to my seat on the back row whilst they were singing the cheery Cliff Richard song "Summer Holiday" led by Class Teacher, Anne.

About thirty children from two groups of eleven year olds, stacks of class support workers, and only a small handful of parents. Award Certificates were being handed out to each child leaving to go from primary to secondary.I looked around the hall and my eyes soaked up the scene and it almost ripped out my heart. Four wheelchairs contained severely physically disabled children, two boys with Downs, the rest were autistic.

* Cameron had his hands over his ears wailing
* Josh (so handsome, tall with blond hair blue eyes) rocked and hand flapped
* Kyle had his fist in his mouth
* Luke got up to study the glass in the door behind Anne for ages

* Jatinder sat behind everyone at the back on the floor, by his chair, a carer constantly grappling with him
* Alex had his mouth open staring into space
* Jonathon sucked his thumb and chewed his fingers, oblivious
* John hit his own face again and again, then a carer held his hands
* Jack went "eeeeeeeeeee" throughout
* Chloe sat very well indeed

Another boy was jumping into the corner facing the wall
In front of me, one was lolling his upper body on his own lap
So many of them in one place, several I'd not seen before. It was overwhelming.

In the commotion of that room I sat between Cameron's Dad and Jatinder's Gran and gazed around as Cam's Dad described how he mixes up who's who because the boys (all good lookers) are so alike in their behaviour. I said I blamed the vaccines, he agreed. I'd never talked to him before. It was hard to watch Jon stand to get his certificate, then not move forward, have to be taken, have his thumb removed from his mouth and his arm lifted out to accept his certificate, then escorted back to his seat, clueless!

The worst part came at the end. Jon had been at respite all week, I hadn't clapped eyes on him since last Sunday and I was all excited to see him. As he was brought to me, he just took my hand as if I was a carer to take him back to class. I said "Jon, it's mummy, look" and gave him a big hug. Nothing, not a flicker of recognition, he just stood, vacant. School is not the place to break down - so I didn't - but I wanted to let out a primeval scream. What have they done to our children, to my son? (Aside from my taking him for his MMR jab, the responsibilty for which I admit, and I am paying for daily).

That was an awful thing to see today, such a throng of autism, in one hall in one school in Shropshire. Young boys who should be able to do the simplest tasks but can't, should be playing football with their mates, going off camping, bursting out of school ready to climb trees and soak up the summer fun but instead are being led out by the hand or hands to their buses by carers. An utter waste of beautiful children.

I want the fucking bastard who damaged them, held to account. Please help me to do this.

Alli Edwards (one very angry mum) is with in the UK.


John Fryer

While they (govt, regulators and industry) deny simple observations after vaccines for the very few who react badly we see another failure of the trio above with regard to sugar substitutes in our food and drink.

Autism is just one example of a non-infectious illness that can start at birth if mother took a liking to diet drinks.

Today the folic acid has but one action that of hopefully stopping some of the problems of one particular sugar substitute.

Michael J Fox and his diagnosis at 29 of Parkinsons shows neurological illness is everywhere and at pandemic levels.

The trio can be heard loudly to be shouting:

Its not vaccines

Its not sugar substitutes

Its not mercury

Its in our genes

One year we were all healthy

Today we are so lucky if we need no medications and are in 100 per cent health.

Time to stop digging holes and admit TOXIC insults have chemical illness consequences.

julie raddbourne

I can not take my son into assembley in his mainstream school as the noise is to much he crys and trys to wander round. The head seems to blame me for his lack of control. He's only 5 for gods sake. He has autism, attachment disorder and delayed development. What does the head expect me to do. He was only diagnosed in nov 10 so we're still learning how to deal with all of this. It's when total strangers make comments like 'he needs a good hiding' I find it hard not to tell them to sod off .

Elizabeth Lasecki

My heart breaks for you and all of us out there who have to see these children and all their disabilities. My daughter is 7 and is doing well, but she still gets so much input she bangs her hand and covers her ears and screams in school when the bells ring and fire alarm. The stimming and having other parents stare and point "what is she doing" she fn stimming because you have 3000 watt light bulbs in here and they are driving her crazy!!!!!!!!!!
I love your article and look forward to reading more from everyone.....Pennsylvania

Alli Edwards

Thanks for the kind sentiments expressed here.
Every school visit produces raw emotion but brings with it the strength to fight hard to stop this train wreck of youth. Extraordinary times we live in, the age of autism.


Alli, I know it's been nearly 3 years since you wrote this, but it still brings tears to the eyes of all who read this.

I am sending you hugs from "across the pond," along with a phrase from part of our recent history: We Shall Overcome.


Its why my son won't be going to secondary school (high School).

The Primary School people are OK here in the UK, its the Secondary School - they are building an 'Academy' (2000+ kids) far from our home.

We would rather Homeschool .

Lisa - proud mom to Jeff

Your sentiments (if I was writing it would contain more cuss words) are felt all the way here in California. Its enough to bring you to your knees on a regular basis.

I don't know why we are here and why kids are suffering but we will help them. They will get better and our stories will be heard. They are counting on us. We will do this together.

alison MacNeil

You write beautifully, I am on your side and in your shoes. I am blogging because it is safer and cheaper than Crack, but my rage is simmering right below the surface...I'm with you, we are warriors and we will get the bastards...Alison

Kelli Ann Davis

So beautiful and yet so heart wrenching to read.

There are times when words will never suffice and this is one of those times.

Just *KNOW* that WE know the pain. It's why we fight.

God Bless you and your boy,


Hary Hofherr

Allison, it's a wonderful piece. So many of us are in the same situation and we know who's to blame. It's not the parents, it's the vaccine junkies doing this to our kids and more to come.


Thank you for your eloquent post Alli. I took a half day off to go to my son's last school day assembly - 2 kids from every class got an award - he was 1 of the kids from his class to get an achievement award. When his name was called he sat beside his helper (another student) with his hands over his ears staring at the floor - he couldn't make it up to the front - the teacher brought the certificate to him. He got the loudest cheer in the room - but he didn't know how to handle it. Every missed opportunity / activity / event / smile / question - it just kills me.

Anne Dachel

Those who think that the controversy over vaccines and autism will ever just wade away are living in a fantasy world.
The holocaust we continue to make of our children will go down as the worst medical mistake in history.
Who have the proof everywhere.
Anne Dachel
Media editor


Yes, I know the anger and the sadness. I attended a similar 'awards ceremony' in June at my son's school. I was so proud of him as he walked up by himself to get his certificate. At 7, this should not be the accomplish of which I am most proud. I'm staring down the barrell of another proud autism mom that his stomach is much more healed, we begin potty training for BMs...yes, another thing that we have to thank those f*&#ing bastards for.
We should take Mr. Savage to one of our awards ceremonies and he can see how much 'faking' we are doing. Then he can look at our financial statements and see how much we are bilking the gov't for...


If I could somehow put a hug in a comment box, I would.
Keep fighting, keep healing.
Our gains came later than most, beyond the 5 year old window.
At 3 we had this video of a Christmas, we broke the bank that year, only to see our ASD son stand in the living room spaced.
His siblings squealing in delight around him.

There is a boy in there.
Trust me.
When we did get language and writing finally
all the stories read and experiences had came tumbling out.
A medal of honor should go to the Moms and Dads who love the kids past the Autism shell.
Who bother to show up for awards day.
Bless you.



You write beautifully. I could feel the pain all too familiar. My daughter's high school class is identical. I have lived this moment with you more times thn I can count.

You said--" (Aside from my taking him for his MMR jab, the responsibilty for which I admit, and I am paying for daily)."

There is no way to sugarcoat how many kids have had horrible damage done BUT you (we, parents) did not do this. Taking our kids in for their vaccines was supposedly a good thing, good for them, and what all loving, caring parents were to do. The resonsibility goes to all those who have allowed, continued, minimized, denied, covered up, not cared, received money, and downright lied to promote these biological products that are dangerous and have transformed our babies into injured victims, some whose lives will never be close to normal.

You are not alone in your pain, sadness and anger BUT there are tremendous efforts on the flipside of this catastrophe, trying to heal the children, stop more from being injured, and identify the different avenues for their well-earned day in court, politically and legally.

We are with you--!


Alli, thank you for writing this piece. So often the truth of the situation is overlooked, and the anger stuffed. Reading your post focuses my anger and lights a fire under my ass to keep fighting.

I am so very sorry your son cannot recognize his mommy. I am crying for you and for him, as well as every other child that has been taken from us.

Tanners Dad

We are all angry at the people who did this to our children. I spent the night writing to sponsors of the Savage Nation. I realized after talking to American Express, Staples, Campbells, Direct Buy, ABC, and many others that we should be saying how offensive Lilly, merck, and others are to us.
As a conservative, I think that Savage did more to help Obama in one night than the campaign has done in the las two years. As much as I am disgusted by what Michael says, as long as we have classrooms as described in this article, we need to educate and use voices like his to help get the word out. He is the third most listened to personality right now. He needs to be educated about the facts in the Autism epidemic. He did not even know about vaccine court.

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