By Dan Olmsted

I’ve had a chance to hang out for a while with World Mercury Project director Eric Gladen and his crew since the Green Our Vaccines rally and I’m here to tell you, they’re the real deal. (That’s Brad Woodville, Eric, Shiloh Levine, me and Brad the Dog in the photo.) Eric was mercury poisoned for years and finally figured it all out when one last tetanus shot in his 20s pushed him way over the edge. Let’s put it this way, he knows why autistic children act the way they do.

He’s set out to turn his own personal nightmare into something good -- a high-energy, well-organized and large-scale attack on mercury in its many manifestations, from vaccines to power plants. Mercury belongs in laboratories under tightly controlled conditions and nowhere else, he says.

They’re doing a big loop around the country and talking with dozens of people involved in the mercury/autism/thimerosal issue. I first bumped into them at the AAP rally last winter in Chicago (but was too bundled up and frozen to notice), at Autism One last month and now at the rally. They stayed with Brooke and John Potthast in Arlington (in their driveway, actually) and drove their mega-RV (TVs, fireplace, editing desk, etc.) by my place Sunday to drop off a DVD of Bobby Kennedy’s speech at the rally (which they’ll be posting for us shortly).

A lot of videos have been, are being and will be made about the subject, but this one has the potential to be a next-generation leap forward in terms of nailing mercury as the evil force it really is, and getting something done about it.

“We need to assign mercury to the conditions it causes,” Eric says, adding that goes way beyond autism (which is plenty bad enough) to the whole new landscape of neurodevelopmental, neurodegenerative and chronic conditions now turning the planet into one big sick ward for the human race. “That’s never happened, and I don’t understand why.”

One reason, Eric suggests, is that toxicologists absolutely “get” just how bad mercury exposure is, but most doctors, with their focus on germs and medicines (and their heroic self-image), are for the most part clueless. They need to start communicating. Basically, we spent half the time shaking our heads that anyone with a high-school education and half a brain, let alone an M.D who took a vow to do no harm, could conceivably inject, defend or otherwise sanction the presence of mercury in medicine, in their own practice or anywhere on Earth.

The mercury flu shot for pregnant women seems to us like proof positive that the public health officials and pediatricians of the United States have lost their collective half-brains. Both Eric and I have been told by concerned doctors that a big swath of the youngest kids with autism now are “flu shot kids” whose mothers got the mercury shot during pregnancy.

Talk about SICK. Reminds me of the sign I saw at the rally with a photo of an affected child and the words,”If I had the flu I’d be recovered by now.”

WMP headed out of DC last night for New York. Can’t wait for the film, or the movie, or whatever it’s called these days. Meanwhile follow their progress at WORLD MERCURY PROJECT.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



MinorityView simply read the insert. Category C vaccine has not been tested for safety or efficacy in pregnant women. May cause fetal damage or reproduction issues.


it's not "let alone..." it's "yet alone."

Maurine Meleck

Go Eric. I first met him last year at the CDC rally in Atlanta. What amazed me this year was that he didn't forget me and Joshua-after having met so many new people.
I cannot wait to see the documentary and wish them the best.
Maurine Meleck


Yep. I've been saying that our twins had "flu shot efflux" for a year and a half. Flu shot in pregnancy, flu shot for the kids at six months, etc.

All power to the WMP. They can park in our driveway any day.


Flushot data question.
Refer to the Material Data Safety Sheet.
Thimerosal is considered a birth defect risk


Please come to Atlanta I have a little place near Clifton Rd I would like you to park...

Robin Nemeth

Oh oh oh they NEED to come to Cleveland! This is such a backward town and needs to be enlightened. I'd be honored to have them stay in my driveway if they want to.

Becky Estepp

Eric, Brad and Shiloh are fantastic!!! I am happy to call them my friends. I wish them nothing but luck and can't wait for the movie to come out. Thanks Dan for highlighting their project.

Sonja Lopez

Hi Dan,

My husband and I were interviewed by Eric & Co. last year.We got together again last week at Brooke's to catch up on all things Mercury over the past year. Anna got to show off her Japanese and we all talked about the Autism One Conference...we could have talked all night! What an amazing project he is creating! We wish him all the best.

Anne Dachel

These guys are fantastic! They were like three superheroes at my house for the day. And have no doubt, they are professionals. The setup and the operation of the WMP is state of the art. They know what they're doing and they're good at it. I hope lots and lots of people get to meet them.

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Kelli Ann Davis

Hey Dan,

Eric, Shiloh and Brad (minus "Brad the dog" and the metalic RV) hung out at my place in Georgetown on Thursday for about 5 hours after Anne pointed them in my direction a few weeks ago.

The first and only time I've been interviewed for something like this so I didnt' really know what to expect. I pulled out all my papers, etc so I could lay out a "timeline" for them in regards to some of the political stuff going on.

I had a splitting headach when it was all said and done -- in addition to the hoarse voice and burnt forehead from the Rally.

Afterwards, I pointed them in the direction of Mark Blaxill and Jim Moody because in my humble opinion, no documentary/movie/whatever you want to call it would be complete without those two!


I've been wondering about the flu shot in pregnancy bit. Has any data been collected? Just saying this won't cut it with the scientific crowd.

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