Brass_ballsEditor's Note: It's time to declare Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News the best mainstream media reporter on the autism epidemic -- breaking the news, asking the right questions, analyzing and synthesizing the data in a way that puts her slothfully incurious competitors to shame. In other words, she's doing her job, and doing it well.

Her recent blog entry, Vaccine Watch, (HERE) notes the upcoming mitochondria conference, deftly summarizes the Hannah Poling case and asserts "the debate has shifted from whether vaccines have any relationship to some cases of autism... to what is the role of vaccines in some cases of autism. And how big is the pool of cases." And she makes this pointed remark:

"If vaccines can trigger autism in any way, directly or indirectly, that contradicts all the rhetoric and dogma heard from many public and government health officials for the past decade. " To use Tim Russert's catch phrase (different network but the same idea): Go get 'em, Sharyl!


Fred King

I was very happy to have my son's story (Jordan King) told on the same CBS News program that included the Bernadine Healey interview.

Is there a problem with the link to Vaccine Watch? I can't get it to load- and there is a widget that seems to take forever.


Sharyl is the quintessential anti-sock-puppet - outstanding is an understatement - she had the "stones" to ignore the specter of "career death" (as described in past CSJ articles) and for that she deserves all the kudos in the world.

Thank you Sharyl - you rock...


Ms. Attkinsson gives journalism a good name.

At the conference on the 29th the CDC should be asked if the mitochondrial dysfunction in the massive Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic (which the CDC has ignored or mishandled) has helped fuel the autism epidemic. Are parents with CFS more likely to have children on the autism spectrum?

Are families with autistic children more likely to suffer from the wide array of neuroimmunogical, digestive, cardiac, and oncological problems associated with CFS?

Of course the CDC will be very hesitant about exploring this because they will have to admit that they have botched the tragic CFS epidemic that has put the whole country at risk for "mysterious" neuroimmunological disorders.

Knowing that mitochondrial dysfunction is part of CFS and that CFS is widespread, the CDC should launch a study of the entire population to see how many people have mitochondrial dysfunction.

Should people who are considering having children get tested for mitochondrial dysfunction?

And should all children born to mothers with CFS be screened for mitochondrial dysfunction before they are vaccinated?

katie wright

Sharyl Attkisson is an amazing investigative jouranlist! Finally a reporter not afraid to ask the CDC tough questions! Attikkson does her homework and it shows. Her reports are never the ususal, meaningless puff pieces only quoting Julie Gerberding or Paul Offitt. Sharyl interviews families, doctors and yes, CDC personnel and arrives as nuanced, thought provoking conclusions. Thank you Sharyl!

Anne Dachel

I see the time limit for comments has expired. Regardless, this is an excellent article to share with others.

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Rachel Ford

Count me in as a huge fan. Her piece with Bernandine Healy was exquisite. Thanks so much Sharyl. We look forward to your continued coverage.

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