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Thank you Jenny for speaking MY message!

My son, Jack, was a sweet, typically developing baby. At his 4 month pediatric appointment, Jack was on track developmentally, had great eye contact and social gazing and was babbling in a manner that was complex for a baby his age (per his pediatrician).

However, between 4 and 6 months, he stopped babbling and got a "serious" look about him. He did not respond when we called his name, but whipped his head around when he heard the Elmo song. Over the next year his language did not develop. At 15 months he had no words. We sought Early Intervention and by 22 months felt that we were dealing with autism. His language at 17 months was that of a 5-8 month old. Soon our son, Jack, was diagnosed at 23.5 months with ASD - moderate at Vanderbilt University.

We immediately began introducing the elements of the DAN! Protocol, along with an intensive home ABA program. We began the GFCF diet and soon our son was no longer spacy or tantrumming. He was beginning to learn how to learn. We saw a HUGE gain when we put him on Nystatin and, at 2.5 yrs old, was able to imitate for the first time in his life. Within 3 months of the diet and supplements he had 65 words, used mostly for labeling and a few for requesting. His social interaction was still quite limited, but we were making progress.

We began MB12 injections and in 4 weeks saw remarkable social gains! He was now dragging his grandparents around by the hand to play!! We started chelating with TD DMPS at 2.5 and saw small gains for a year. Then we began IV chelation, supervised by a prominent FL DAN! Doctor and saw amazing gains! By age 5, with 1.5 years of IV treatments, his language has become AGE APPROPRIATE!!! He is social, talks about his school day on the ride home and is a happy boy. He is conversational and enjoying his 5 year pre-k classroom in a typical setting with 12 other typical children. He still maintains a classroom aide, but the teacher often comments that there are many days where the aide's minimal support is not needed.

We are thrilled with where we are now! We still battle yeast and bacteria, and are in the final rounds of chelation, we hope. Our son is bright, reading on a 1st grade level and doing math well beyond his age. He is funny, now telling us jokes and delighting in being with family and friends. We know that we still have a few more miles to go in this marathon, but we can see the finish line and we are thrilled for all that has happened to Jack in his recovery! We now know our little boy! We are so grateful to the voices that speak for biomed and for those that have worked so hard to find solutions to this complex biomedical disorder! Thank you to all the professionals and parents that fight so hard on our behalf! We are cheering you from the trenches!

Karen & Scott
Grateful parents to Jack, 5.5 and heading toward the recovery finish line!!
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Lori Christian

Hey Karen! How in the world are you? This is Lori Christian, Sully's mom. I have been praying for you and your little family for quite some time now, and am so happy that things are going better now. Are you still chelating in FL or locally? HOW IS THE NEW BABY? Love to hear from you! Lori

Riley's mom

Congradulations to you and mostly to JACK for being so brave in his recovery. We've just started Riley's (4 1/2)recovery, first with diet and supplements. We are just starting down this road but I have hopes that it will be a "paved" road rather than a gravel road!! We have found a good DAN! and have been seeing her for about a month now. Baby steps for us, Riley is completely non verbal but TODAY his said Yea when I asked him if he was thirsty.
You're story gives me hope that it will all work out in the end. No matter how many people say it can't happen. I know in my heart my boy is in there and I can't wait to hear his voice!!!

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