Dan_and_rfk_2The following provides video of RFK Jr.'s speech from the June 4th Green Our Vaccines rally. It's in three parts. Videography by Brad Woodville, WORLD MERCURY PROJECT. That's Age of Autism's Dan Olmsted speaking with Robert.

Listen for the new word he coins, "BIOSTITUTE." Are you listening Drs. Offit and Biederman?

Each segment runs 6 minutes.


Part 2

Part 3



I know that many have looked to mercury as the carrying agent issue for autism - interesting that during the early 1970's there was only 1 in 10,000 autism children diagnosed - while in 2008 there is 1 in 150. The dramatic rise occured between 1978 and 1983 - when fetal/embryonic cells were first introduced. By the end of 1983 there was no longer any animal protein cell vaccinations available. And the diagnosis skyrocketed. Is this causality? Maybe not, but thimerisol (mercury) was deleted in 2001 from the vaccines and the level of diagnosis has not diminished. Also important to note - the Amish and Menonites who do vaccinate their children only use vaccinations that are animal cell protein oriented - not fetal or embryonic cell lines. They have had no incidences of autism. There are vaccinations that do not include fetal/embryonic cell contaminates - not all the vaccines are available but mumpsvax and meravax are in the US and you can travel or import from another country the safe ones until they are all available here! Our children used to have 10 vaccinations - now they have 36, 28 of them before the age of 2 while their brain cells are still multiplying and subject to DNA attachment - while they would reject animal cells. For the most part our vaccinations currently are riddled with human contaminants from aborted fetal tissue - and we know nothing about the DNA "history" from these aborted children's tissue that is being injected into our children.

There are several organizations that have found enough data to question the issue and they are preparing to do the research to confirm the noted concerns/suspicions that the FDA had when embryonic/fetal stem cells were first introduced into our vaccinations. In the meantime - it might be prudent to look at more causality than metal pollutants to ensure the safety of our children - it can't hurt! Check out the new FLICA legislation (google FLICA)and notify your congressman/woman about the need for the Fair Labeling and Informed Consent Act. Let's not allow another opportunity for our children's protection to get by our notice.


Hey - did the video get pulled?

Just tried to load up the RFK Jr. YouTube vids above, and all 3 gave an error msg. saying "sorry this video is no longer available"


Sally M. Monk

I think that THE most important thing that RFK, Jr. states is at the very end of his momentous speech, & that is whether or not you attended the rally, you need to get out there, get active, & contact your congressmen!!! You have to let them know how you feel on this important issue. Remember always: there is strength in numbers. We live in a democracy where we are allowed to have our voices heard. I know the difference between communism & a govt. that allows freedom of speech. Trust me, I've been to Cuba. We need to remember that these are our elected officials. If they want to continue to receive our votes, & keep their cushy seats in office, then WE have the power to do so. They have an obligation to listen to us, or else they will suffer the consequences. After all, it is an election year, folks. I've posted the following website below so that you can easily find out just who the Rep. from your district is, just in case you don't already know: http://capwiz.com/a-champ/dbq/officials/
Go get 'em!

Karen Fuller Yuba City

Watching these videos is bone chilling to me. Maybe someone should get Geraldo Rivera involved like he was when most special needs children and adults were warehoused in institutions. He cared about it then maybe he would again. I am stunned by the lack of press coverage. Does anybody out there know him? If RFK Jr. doesn't bring in the coverage, who knows what will.
Great video and great coverage of the rally.


Thank you Ed and I'm going to that site RIGHT NOW!!!!!
I'm a mom and a force to be reckoned with, kind of like a hurricane!!! Yes this mother *knows* what happened to her child. He is absolutley RIGHT!


If you want RFK jr. to run for President, might want to check out http://RFKin2008.com and sign the petition!

Kelli Ann Davis

"These mothers know what happened to their child."

That's right. And we are a force that will not be side-tracked, stopped, or silenced in our quest to make sure that no other mother ever has to experience the pain of seeing their child slip into autism.

And *that* is a promise you can take to the bank.

We *WILL* obtain justice for our children -- plain and simple.

Woo Hoo sign lady

Sign lady, you totally rocked!!! My heart stopped and then gave a whoop when that sign went up.

I thought the "low-quality fraud" comment was fantastic too. RFK Jr just gave it off to everyone and laid the truth open - everything the media does NOT want to report - and it was great to hear that in front of 8,000 people AND the media. Plus the fact that the flu shot contains 60% of the thimerosal of all the earlier shots combined.


This man is a champion!!! Thank God for him and the 8000+ people that went to the rally. I seen a sign on You Tube that someone had at the rally, it said...For those who couldn't be here. I couldn't be there but I still feel like my son and myself were there in spirit. Thank you to ALL that went and spoke up for me and for RILEY.

sign lady

Without a doubt, the best line in RFK's speech was, "...it's not even high quality fraud!!"


I listened to Part I but unable to get Parts II and III to play. Am I the only one? Thanks!

Sign lady's friend

Hey Thoughts,

That was my friend with that really awesome CDC sign. She told me she just knew she was going to get kicked out of there for raising her sign up in front of the cameras. But she didn't, and boy she sure knew how to work that sign, didn't she??


This was the first time I saw the entire speech, thanks for posting it.

I was struck by the man's compassion. He stopped speaking and waited till a sick person was given water and attended to, before he started to speak again. I am a fan.

Loved the "CDC Lied to me" sign that went up appropriately time and again. How telling!! I do know CNN has this footage, do you think Dr. Sanjay Gupta will call Julie Gerberding and interview her on this? Any other national news channel that might run this?

Thank God for UTube!! As an aside, how long will it take the government to regulate Internet sites such as Utube for hosting what is deemed to be "provocative and inflammatory" material. There was much discussion this morning on NBC about a prank by juveniles posted on Utube, and talk about holding Utube responsible for the content it publishes. The intent is not to stop the behavior but hide the fact that a crime was committed. How long can information out there be suppressed?

I am going to forward this page to everyone on my email list. It is going to have to be a grassroots movement if the news channels out there will not cover it.

Thank you Jim Carrey and Jenny for the rally, it was terribly important to do it.

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