Wonderful pictures, Ginger! Wish I could have been there!


What wonderful photos. Jim & Jenny & their kids were beautiful grand marshalls. What an amazing occasion. Great posters!! I wish I could have been there. I am so grateful who all who participated, and of course especially to those who organized this huge event.

I'm so mad about the lack of news coverage. I was yelling at my car radio this morning (PBS news) on my way to work. Yet I'm sure that these voices were heard, and will continue to reverberate.

crazy hair baby

I love the pic of the baby with the semi-mohawk hair do. Soooooo cute!

K Fuller Yuba City

I love the picture of the Dad with the sign regarding our senate and the committee investigating baseball and steroids. I emailed that committee everyday during that investigation and told them to get off thier butts and take a good look at the CDC and the FDA. I dont care what grown up entertainment people do to their own bodies!! Investigate what is poisoning our kids

LetThe RallyLiveOn

It was tremendously moving to look at these! All the amazing signs people made, the faces, the kids! I would love for this to be seen by the general public. This would have a great impact in a museum, alongside text explaining the autism epidemic, vaccine dangers, and parents' stories of regression and recovery. It could include audio/video clips of the people who spoke at the rally and some recovered kids. At the end it could tell people what to do to help - contact press for greater coverage, write politicians, donate money to ARI etc. for biomed research. Anyone out there have connections to a museum who would be willing to get involved with this? Preferably a major museum with thousands of people going through every day!

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