AloneBy Anne Dachel

What's happening in the medical world?   What's going on at CNN?  This week we were told by this major news outlet that some doctors are addressing the concerns of parents and adjusting the vaccine schedule.

To understand the ramifications of this action we need only to look back to June 4, when Katie Couric brought up the topic of vaccine safety in a CBS Evening News story about the Green Our Vaccines rally in Washington, Marching Over Vaccines And Autism  (HERE)

Parents might be saying the schedule is overloading kids with too many vaccines too soon, but CBS News had vaccine guru Dr. Paul Offit telling us, "There is no advantage to spacing out, delaying or withholding vaccines.  The only thing that will come of that kind of behavior will be allowing for a period of time to occur when children are at risk of vaccine preventable diseases."

It seems Offit wasn't speaking for the entire medical community in that CBS report because today CNN countered with a story called, Should I Vaccinate My Baby? (HERE)

They featured a host of experts from the medical community saying that they're willing to adjust the schedule to fit the parents and their children.

Here are some of the stunning statements:

Dr. Arthur Lavin, a pediatrician in Beachwood, Ohio: "I share with them what I know, but ultimately, it's the parent's decision."

Dr. Kenneth Bock, a clinical instructor in family medicine at Albany Medical College: "It shouldn't be my way or the highway. We can't say one size fits all. One size doesn't fit all."

Dr. Richard Frye, assistant professor of pediatrics and neurology at the University of Texas Medical Center at Houston: "I've never understood why we give this [Hep B] at birth,"

Dr. David Traver, a pediatrician in private practice in Foster City,
California: "I don't know babies who have sex or share needles,"

Dr. Laura Jana, a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Pediatrics:
"If you came to me and said you wanted to check titers, and you'll pay for it, would I do that for you? I would,"

Dr. Frances Page Glascoe, a professor of pediatrics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center,: "I would look at Mom, Dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins who had developmental disabilities, including language disorders and autism spectrum disorder.  That would cause me to discuss an alternative vaccination schedule."

We also heard about Dr. Robert Sears who developed an alternative vaccination schedule where "patients bring their babies in for shots seven times between the ages of 2 to 9 months, never receiving more than two shots at each visit."  The regular CDC schedule has children coming in three times during that same amount of time, receiving sometimes five shots at one visit.

There have been a number of stories out there recently telling us about doctors who threaten parents who question the vaccine schedule.
They tell them to either vaccinate or find a new doctor.  It was a complete about-face to see this unexpected news from CNN telling us about doctors who want to work with parents, who would delay and spread out vaccines.

The real message for Paul Offit from all this is that in the real world, parents are afraid.  They hear about so many people who claim that vaccines damaged their children.  They see so many kids everywhere with autism, a disease that was rare only twenty-five years ago.  These parents are coming to doctors with these very real fears and doctors have no reasonable explanation for the autism epidemic.
Parents know about the toxins and the massive increase in the number of vaccines with no safety studies to back it.

The most frightening aspect of this for people like Offit is that it makes the link plausible.  If doctors are adjusting the vaccine schedule because of parental concerns about serious side effects, does that tell the public that there is a connection?  Are doctors themselves worried that there are too many too soon?  I'd say it's a "yes" on both counts and this news has got to have a long-time naysayer like Paul Offit worried.
Anne Dachel is media editor of Age of Autism.


Anne Dachel


Thank you for that comment. Most people who know me casually around here don't know how involved I am in this issue. I never talk about it with other moms. An old friend who is also a teacher in Wyoming came to see me last week. Suddenly in the conversation about students, she remarked, "I don't know where kids with autism are coming from. Are we really more aware of these kids or is it from vaccines?"
I was shocked. She didn't hear it from me. I just said, "I think it's the vaccines."

It seems the word is getting out there!

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Carmen Atkins

This morning I had to go to Walmart really early. The cashier made a
comment about a baby DVD I was buying. It was something like "does
this really teach or entertain?" I told her I have autistic sons
that gain from it.

She then said "Have you heard about the wheat" Withholding my
giggle I said "yes mam we know about the wheat. She continued to
talk about a friend's sister's cousin in Florida or somewhere.

Then she leaned over and said "You know what I really think it might
be the vaccines" I was smiling so big at that point and I said "yes
mam I think it is too... In fact me and my family went to a rally in
D.C. a few weeks ago for that very reason"

Then this wise night clerk checkout lady in nowhere Alabama
said "You'll never get the government to admit that kind of thing"

I was taken aback that this lady had even just a primitive knowledge
of the truth and I am hopeful that we are actually being heard and
taken seriously even if only on a grassroots level.

Much love to you all

Angela S.

One of my favorite quotes:

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” -- Arthur Schopenhauer

Maybe the truth coming to the end of the "violently opposed" stage??



If you think very many doctors are changing their attitude, there are still a large number who are absolutely set in the 'give every vaccine' mode.

If you want to know what they think, read the April and May archives at:

Use the "index by subject" feature. Do NOT reply -- it's useless. As you read a large number of posts, it will become clear.


K Fuller Yuba City

Vaccine Patent holders should just chill. Even if slowing the rate of vaccines occurs world wide, they will get their money. They will just have to spend the profit more slowly. When someone holds on to something as tightly as Offit does, it makes them seem suspect that there is more to the story.It is just bothersome.

Rachel Ford

I may be wrong but I think this is huge. Definitely a major step in the right direction! I am sending it to all the new moms I know (and skeptics) even though it does not contain the whole picture. As the parent of a vaccine-injured child, they know where I stand and this will hopefully at least get them thinking and researching!

Another consideration?

"Another consideration: what's best for your child. For example, in the case of Hannah Poling, the federal government found that vaccines she received as a toddler "significantly aggravated" an underlying illness that predisposed her to symptoms of autism. The "vaccine court" ordered that her family be compensated financially."

I was under the impression that "what's best for your child" should be the primary consideration. That it's the foremost duty of the pediatrician to "first do no harm" by employing practices that would automatically confer "what's best for your child." Its seems from this piece that no matter what, the primary allegiance is still to the vaccine schedule and not the child.

Under "what's best for your child" consideration should be given to the child's family medical history. What needs to be given foremost importance to is "what freaking subset of the population" is succumbing to vaccine induced illnesses - there are at least 5,000 families in the vaccine court to follow and countless others that can be traced to study this fact.

Until mainstream media gets this all important fact out and harps on it, things are not going to get solved. Or maybe that IS the intent.

something is not right

"It was a complete about-face to see this unexpected news from CNN telling us about doctors who want to work with parents, who would delay and spread out vaccines."

What's the intent here? To deliberately muddy the waters some? Create some more chaos and confusion? This "news" item is an anomaly.

Michelle O'Neil

We're getting there! Just a couple of years ago it was horrible getting doctors to compromise on anything. We're being heard!


We hear over and over how vaccines save 33,000 lives per year. The bigger issue is how many lives per year vaccines destroy.


Dear Dr. Offit:

If you are so worried about uprotected babies, why don't you promote giving all the vaccines on the day of birth? I'm not sure how many that would be, somthing like 10 or 15. That way the child will never be without immunity for anything.


I just noticed that it is currently the "most emailed" story on cnn.com.

So, people are reading it, and then having found it interesting and sensible, forwarding it on to others.

It helps to take the sting out of that letter by the AAP a little bit. Not much though.

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