By Kim Stagliano

GOOD morning! Great news today! Thank you to Todd Hicks of WSAW TV for emailing me in the middle of the night to tell me that Keith Kennedy, the 25 year old man with autism who had been lost for over a week, was found ALIVE in Wisconsin.  Read the full story from WSAW HERE.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism and is considering adding a new category to the sidebar called, "Miracles."


For Conrad P.

Dear Conrad, thank you for your kind comment. I am so happy that Age of Autism is helping you and your wife to help your son.


Kim Stagliano
Managing Editor

conrad pacanza

im from phillipines,we with my wife inspired
about your web site,its educate us to understand and manage our son with autisim.he is now a grader a lot of adjustment we do esp.dialling with classmate
and parents,thank you with your blog i always look to...im doing will to control and to manage,just because the information i get from you.it is a nice program.more power!


I always fiercely pray when I hear stories like this, after having a "runner" child.
It it hits like a brick to read news reports of missing ASD kids. Bringing back pre-recovery memories of police cars, search parties and near drownings.
I think God has a special dispatch of angels for moments like this.
Thank God Keith you are safe and sound!


Great news, and a wonderful way to wake up!

Kelli Ann Davis

I love reading stuff like this!

And of course, you know what I think about a "Miracles" section -- hope and inspiration is the life-blood that keeps us all going and it's always so great to read.

Craig Willoughby

Every time I read stories about autistic people missing, it makes my heart skip a beat. That is the greatest fear of both myself and my wife is our son somehow getting out. He's done it before, and luckily we caught him quickly, but as soon as he gets out the door, he usually bolts.

Reading this brought me a huge sigh of relief.

Teresa Conrick

This is just such a miracle story. I spent the weekend thinking about Keith lost in the woods. Having a teen similar to him, these stories are vivid and real.

Bless all those who helped in his search!

Also, did they ever mention why he needed a kidney?


No profound thoughts from me, beyond a
"Thank God". I am so happy Keith was found.

here's a thought

"The Shoreview, Minnesota man was covered in ticks and mosquito bites, but authorities say he was conscious and alert."

I agree there should be a category for miracles. Who knows, if they put him on antibiotics for lyme disease, the man just might recover from autism.

Sometimes things worsen in your life for good reason, only you don't know it at the time.

Theresa Cedillo

Thank God - what great news. This made my day Kim. Thanks for reporting it!

(yes - add the "miracles" column!)

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