Kiss_2By Kim Stagliano

See that rocket flying out of Kiss's Ace Frehly's guitar? That, and many other rock n roll pyrotechnics and amplifier improvements, was designed by John Elder Robison, NYT best selling author of the memoir, LOOK ME IN THE EYE

John is a friend of mine, and I happily reported HERE about his participation in a new treatment for autism at Harvard called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and its almost sci-fi results. Here's a chance to SEE the results on video for yourself.

This morning John directed me toward videos that show him before and after TMS. (At the end of this post.) But - please, do go over to his blog at HERE to leave him a comment after you watch the videos, won't you? 

I find it puzzling that so many adults with autism and Aspergers and/or parents of children with autism and Aspergers go out of their way to belittle our community for wanting to treat/cure/ameliorate (call it what you want) the symptoms of our loved ones' autism.  Isn't it odd that there are parents of profoundly affected kids who simply hope for "acceptance" rather then an improved life for their child? Odd indeed.

Scroll down and watch the John Robison show! And please, report both here on his blog too!

1) Before TMS: This is John's video taken by his brother Augusten Burroughs, also a best selling author.

2) Here's a link to John on CBS before treatment.

3) HERE IS video of John AFTER TMS treatment.

Don't forget to visit John's blog HERE to read his full post on the before and after video.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.


Jennifer Walsh

I would like to know more. Is John Robison continuing the treatment? If so, how often, and is there any lasting effects?


Sincerest thanks from parents of children with autism in Italy for having shared this amazing transformation!!!
Ornella, from

For Donna

Donna, people with Aspergers, like your precious son, are benefiting from the same biomedical interventions as people with full blown autism. Please go to our sponsor TACA and poke around. I'd start with tweaking your son's diet. Does he haved GI issues? The Gluten Free Casein Free diet can work wonders for gut issues and anxiety. As can many simple, safe supplements like magnesium and GABA. Fear not! You have the power to help your son. You really do. And bless you for recognizing that he needs some assistance.

Kim, Managing Editor

For Jo

Hi, Jo and welcome. Kim here. If you could read what many of the ND blogs print about us you'd know I used restraint with the word belittle. 36 vacccines into kids is experiemental right now. Gardasil vaccine wasn't test on girls younger than 15 and yet is approved by FDA for girls as young as 11. That is experimental. Strong antipsychotic drugs have never been tested on toddlers, and yet are prescribed every day. That is experimental. So to call only biomedical "experimental" is not quite accurate. Some of it is - much of it is not. And when it means my child can suddenly say, "Mooommmmm." I call it miraculous! Again, thanks for reading A of A.


Kim Stagliano


I have a 24 year old son who is autistic. While I would love to have people accept him as he is, I definitely feel that treatments are necessary to help him cope with society and to control the behaviors that are not acceptable from anyone in society. Some autistics have outbbursts/meltdowns that must be controlled. I will try almost any treatment that will help my son. He has asked me to help him find help.


LOL! No, I haven't slipped John any biomed cocktails! This is PURE TMS transforming his brain circuitry.



"Belittleing" is a rather strong word when used about experimental treatments.

While I'm happy this worked out for your friend, as a person with mild Autism Spectrum Disorder (high-functioning PDD-NOS) I find being accepted as I am more important than subjecting myself to treatment that, since it's still experimental, may well result in me ending up worse than I am right now.

I am not fond of doctors, hospitals and medication as it is, so why I would want to subject myself to this treatment is quite unclear. I am able to work, able to live on my own (with some help, but still about 80% independent), and while I can see people in more serious cases wanting to try this (the worse your case, the less you have to lose, I think), I don't think it's for me. Just as I won't have a heart operation as long as my (also very mild) valve problem remains stable - the risk outweighs the possible benefits.

Good luck to your friend though, and congrats to him and his family for being brave enough to risk this step.


Kim did you have him take supplements - as well? No way can you get that much emotion on a face (compared to before), he is moving his head and gesturing, pausing appropriately while speaking. His voice hasn't quite lost the monotone quality, guess that will come next.

No way can I believe its just the TMS that is doing this!! Very awesome, whatever it is. Hope he continues to see improvements.

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