ann c.

Shame on the major news media for not covering the rally. Sure there were a few minutes of coverage but nothing like it should have been. I had to get on-line to see anything of importance about it and nothing was on-line till after the fact!!!


Could someone tell post the name of the song/artist that Jenny played when everyone held up pictures of their affected loved one?


Kelli Ann Davis

K. Fuller:

Autism One and Generation Rescue will both be putting out a video shortly!

Keep an eye on their websites for details.


Just saw the Jim and Jenny clips from CNN and GMA. They were awesome! Thank-you so much for bringing attention to this issue. And thanks to everyone at AoA, Generation Rescue, and TACA for giving our children a voice today. I could not be at the rally, but I was there in spirit. Did anyone catch the lead in comments from Diane Sawyer? She indicated that "some" thought that Evan was not really autistic to begin with?? I guess he has the Hannah Poling infamous "autism-like" symptoms?? LOL.


I just got home from the rally a few hours ago. It was incredibly powerful. Many people marched with posters that had pictures of their affected kids. We marched right past the CDC... as you might expect, the chants of "Too many, too soon" became even louder as we went past that particular building...

Youtube has a few videos posted of the rally. You can see some great photos of Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey at the rally by googling "Jenny McCarthy June 4." Unfortunately right now most of what's online are pictures from celebrity websites... but still, they're great pictures.

We marched, not only for the children in our lives, but for *all* vaccine-injured children.

Thank you to all of you who were with us in spirit.

Craig Willoughby

Jim, Jenny, we love you! I just saw the CNN snippits, and it brought tears to my eyes. Kim and JB and Dan Olmstead, and everyone who is there fighting for us, I hope you shouted so loud that the pharma-whore Offit had to hide in the closet like the useless and sniveling coward that he is. Keep up the fight for my little boy, and thank you all so much for giving him a voice for me. Bless all of you!!

K Fuller Yuba City

I hope that the whole rally was taped and can that we will be able to see it somewhere. Our hearts were there.


More links:

Good Morning America
Celeb Couple to Lead 'Green Vaccine' Rally (Length: 8:12)

Marching For A Change
Filed under: Inspiration > Jim Carrey > Jenny McCarthy

Gossip Girls


Here's CNN's coverage:
Carrey, McCarthy lead march (4:22)
Actors Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy speak at a march to advocate for safer children's vaccines.


Inside Edition had a great piece on Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey at the rally. It was the third item, after Obama/Clinton and Ed McMahon's home foreclosure.



Kim - thanks so much for all the updates!!! It's like I'm there (and I continue to be so bummed that I couldn't get my life together enough to make it there); yes, living vicarously through ALL OF YOU PRESENT IN DC today.

Please tell us - was there a 'Sea of Green' moving through DC??????

Oh, and is/are Jenny/TACA considering making this an annual event? I pray to all-powers-that-be that we won't have to do this every year, but realistically we'll still be at this for a while...

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