BribeBy Kim Stagliano

This is a frightening glimpse into how opportunistic is the Psychiatric profession, which still controls autism treatment for many. Millions of American kids are on Prozac, Risperdal and other powerful drugs recommended by your neurologist, psychiatrist, developmental pediatrician, pediatrician every day for autism, ADHD, bi-polar and other diagnoses because so-called "world renowned" men like Harvard's Dr. Joseph Biederman are being paid consulting fees by the drug companies.  Is that the same as being on "the take?" Not necessarily. Decide for yourself. The NYT reports: 

A world-renowned Harvard child psychiatrist (Dr. Joseph Biederman and his colleague Dr. Timothy Wilens) whose work has helped fuel an explosion in the use of powerful antipsychotic medicines in children earned at least $1.6 million in consulting fees from drug makers from 2000 to 2007 but for years did not report much of this income to university officials, according to information given Congressional investigators.

The non-biomedical world berates us for using DAN! (and other) protocols for our kids and labels chelation as "voodoo science." What do you call it when Harvard professionals make money to recommend unapproved uses of powerful drugs on children as young as two years of age? Voodoo times two?

In one example, Dr. Biederman reported no income from Johnson & Johnson for 2001 in a disclosure report filed with the university. When asked to check again, he said he received $3,500. But Johnson & Johnson told Mr. Grassley that it paid him $58,169 in 2001, Mr. Grassley found.

The Harvard group’s consulting arrangements with drug makers were already controversial because of the researchers’ advocacy of unapproved uses of psychiatric medicines in children.

Read the full article HERE.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.


MJ  Barger

I am engouraged yet disheartened with this kind of news...Im so saddened and sick that it is going on especially at the level we are seeing confirmed. I am encouraged that it is being exposed...I hope I can do my part to make the world a better place....thank you for your work at this site



Hi Harry,

I appreciate your sentiments. I didn't think your remarks were aimed at me per se but I did want to offer a positive.

Someone who played with Count Basie, whenever the group would run into racism and injustice, would say in a faux British accent, "I feel a chill". I've also felt the "chill" so much these days. The apathy and ignorance today is terrifying. So many people have this don't-know-nothin'-ain't-gonna-find-out attitude that I wonder if the whole world has been poisoned.

We know the kids have been in any case. I wonder how many more people might be more involved in all kinds of activism if they weren't overburdened by having children with LD's, asthma, diabetes, severe allergies, etc. Maybe this hardship initiates people into caring more-- at the same time that it robs many of any extra means or energy to do much about it.

So I'm grateful for the thousands of supersonic parents who did show up at the rally and we hope either to be at the next one or, like someone else said here, that there will be no need for a next one.

If something isn't done during the next admin, autism will eventually become a movement of relatively more mobile college students, which might bring back a bit of the sixties. College students are the next profit niche to face increasing mandates and some aren't going to like it.


Harry I agree with you about the marchers and yes I understand that you would have liked to see more marchers at the rally. However, there are those of us than can barely keep a roof over our heads and GFCF food on our tables. Let alone the fact that our "insurance" company...if that's what they want to call themselves...doesn't cover ANY of Riley's expenses, I just couldn't afford it. But you know what I did do? I made posters and flyers and stood on the corner on our busiest street in town. I made 150 flyers and gave them all out. Believe it or not people asked for them!! No this is not a personal attack on you, it's just I wanted to let you know and anyone out there that it's not that I or anybody else didn't want to come, we just could not afford the trip or the cost of a babysitter. Maybe next year will be better and we won't even have to march. Wouldn't that be wonderful???

Harry Hofherr

Gatogora, I was not referring to you or anyone specifically. I was simply commenting on the lack of outrage, across the board, of our society in general.

I marched with my family last week at the rally and we visited our congresswomans office to ask for fairness and sanity in our public health policy. I would have liked to see ten times the number of marchers. I would like to see people marching and completely shutting down Independence Ave.

I miss the 60's because a generation and a society came together against a stupid war and forced the government to end the insanity. Believe me, the anti war protests had a huge effect. I can testify to that.


Harry Hoffner wrote "I think the saddest comment is that people aren't shocked by these revelations anymore. Where is the outrage and the total condemnation of these low lifes? Instead people shrug..."

Though you may have referred to my "not shocked" comment, I'm sure you weren't indicating my post when you refer to those who "shrug". You might be heartened to know that there are organizations and individuals which have been fighting this trend for almost forty years.

If you're interested, go to for more information. I joined the ICSPP and went on a fieldtrip with the group to D.C. to lobby Reps over the issue of mass child drugging last year. I'm going to the conference with a small band of altmed moms this year as well.

I was encouraged by how many ICSPP members are also supporters of the vaccine/environmental cause theory of autism and related disorders. The most noteworthy duel-supporters (those who fight mandated drugging as well as mandated vaccines and vaccine research fraud) are actually on the board of the ICSPP (Vera Sharav, Dr. Karen Effrem) and also head other organizations ( and respectively).

These groups are the only reason there are black boxes on certain psychoactive drugs. I believe quite a few profressional members were in Grassly's office last year and I know the doctor (extraordinary advocate) who went to visit Herb Kohl. Biederman was definitely on the menu.

Not a shrug among them.

Harry Hofherr

I think the saddest comment is that people aren't shocked by these revelations anymore. Where is the outrage and the total condemnation of these low lifes? Instead people shrug, and the government will probably give them another 287 million to continue their assault on our species.

I miss the 60's.


I wonder if these guys reported this income on their tax returns? It sounds like some of this was grants covering the cost of a research, but some of it was "consulting" fees. Tax evasion is a serious crime.

I'm recalling a conversation I once had with an oncologist. I asked her about whether diet and supplements can reduce breast cancer risks. She said, "Unfortunately, since people cannot patent vitamins or vegetables, there is not much financial incentive to do research on them. Most research is directed at substances which can be patented and thus make a profit."

How many of these kids being drugged might benefit from some kind of dietary intervention or nutritional supplements? It's just insane that so much money is available to research drugs, but for example so little research has been done on the GFCF diet for autistics, despite so many reports from parents and from people with autism that the GFCF diet can make a huge difference.

"In the last 25 years, drug and device makers have displaced the federal government as the primary source of research financing." Truly scary!!

This article was co-written by Gardiner Harris! Mr. Harris, what happens to your brain when you write about autism?

Good for Senator Grassley!! Excellent work!


Gawd does this piss me off. I have a kid who would be the perfect candidate for these subduing drugs. Generally, he's pretty manageable and pleasant, but now that puberty has hit and testosterone is raging he can get a little agressive and hard to manage when he is tantrumming. The poor kid can't tell us what is botherig him since he is still non-verbal.

We listened to the doctors and gave him all the vaccines they said he should have. And, that is what made him this way. Now we should listen to the doctors again and drug him into submission because that is all they have to offer kids like mine- dangerous drugs with scary side effects that will create more health problems then he already has had to contend with.

Doctors and scientists on the take getting paid for their "expertise" and it is our kids who are paying the very hefty price.


Thanks for covering this.

It's not shocking that Biederman had been doing this, but it was shocking that he was caught. I wonder how long it will be before someone from the Bush administration makes a few calls on Biederman's behalf to "make it all go away"? Or maybe they'll let him be a fall guy, so we'll see.

Biederman basically built the model for Bush's "New Freedom Commission"-- a program to drug the crap out of every kid in the U.S. on any pretext. In the case of vaccine-injured children, this is slightly easier to engineer because our children provide a bit of seeming "behavioral pretext" more than the average children-- who are drugged at enormous rates as it is.

So, in short, Biederman is the Paul Offit of psych drugs. Like Offit, he's got dead children in his wake. The psychiatrist who killed four year old Rebecca Riley-- an NT child-- was following Biederman's diagnostic and drug protocol. Rebecca may be one of many. I wonder how many child suicides have happened after Harvard's drug studies?

Vaccine injuries are not the only iatrogenic epidemic going on currently, though vaccine-injured children are the most overdrugged population in the country outside of foster care children. The other epidemic is that of drug-injured, formerly NT children. Those highschool athletes dying on the playing field? Children with progressively worsening psychiatric diagnoses which require more and more and more drugs? School shootings? Mollusks dying out from all the Prozac in ground water? Biederman was there.

I hope this is a medical-crime trend. I'd love to see Offit dragged up on criminal charges next.



These people deserve to get up locked up in jail for what they are doing to autistic children.

They not only sell the products for the producer but also provide the customers. They have succeded in characterizing autism in a way that it had become a life long diagnosis.

However, as stories of many parents depicts autism is not only in the head. There are many stories of reversal and partial reversal with bio-medical intervention.

However, these bio-medical interventions are not investigated by neurologists for specific children and there data are not generated. This is because psychology has full grips on autism. This is a devastating role that psychology is playing on autism without taking aything away from behavior-analysis teaching methods.

Corruption infrastructure

This is a neat little operation -

Master Operator - Big Pharma
Pimps - CDC, FDA, AAP, Big Media, fake Autism organisations
Whores - The Docs
Cheerleaders - Offit, Orac (the Os who get off on this stuff)

Kelli Ann Davis

“The federal grants received by Drs. Biederman and Wilens were administered by Massachusetts General Hospital, which in 2005 won $287 million in such grants.”

WT*! 287 MILLION in one year???

“Although many of his studies are small and often financed by drug makers, his work helped to fuel a controversial 40-fold increase from 1994 to 2003 in the diagnosis of pediatric bipolar disorder, which is characterized by severe mood swings, and a rapid rise in the use of antipsychotic medicines in children.”

40 fold increase in 9 years as a result of small studies funded by drug companies. Need we say more???

I’m sorry. But this crap absolutely ticks me off! We busted our butts trying to secure any sort of funding for our kids (CAA) and this frickin hospital gets a quarter of a BILLION dollars towards one year of research into *drugging* our kids??

What the he** did they do to secure that kind of money???


How timely that you post this today. In today's mail came my New York Magazine with its annual Best Doctor's issue. They list doctors in every area except, of course, DAN!. I found it very disturbing that they list one Dr. John Pomeroy from Stonybrook as a specialist in Autism who also has nothing in his bag of tricks other than big name drugs like Prozac and Risperdal. I have absolutely nothing against this man, but I wouldn't let him touch my daughter with a ten foot pole. (God...I sound like my mother.) I am using him as an example because I did once take her there, but all the doctors who were noted to work with Autism were psychiatrics and neurologists. Last year they did the same and I send them a letter explaining the whole DAN thing, but they either didn't get it (literally or figuratively) or they too are getting paid off.

Charlie Hoover

...and how much was Paul Offit paid last year in "consulting fees" from the vaccine manufacturers?


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