I stood among the thousands yesterday and watched my hero's speak the truth. My feet are back on the ground today as I search for media coverage. They were there, why the silence?? I'm hoping that they are researching the details of every speaker so they can report accurating this one time. I know all too well not to wait for them. I am searching for a video post that includes key points from each speaker, the crowd and the pictures of our sick kids. I'm going to attach the video and send out one of those annoying chain letters to everyone in my address book asking them to forward it to everyone in theirs. I won't promise them 7 years of good luck or good fortune for doing it but I will forever be grateful to them for helping me get this out. We can not be the only ones to hear the truth, we already know it. Please do the same and encourage them to send it to everyone, those affected by autism and those that are not. The internet brought more than 8,000 people together yesterday. Let's not under estimate it's power.

Robin Nemeth

The main stream media, it seems to me, reached the same point a few years ago that the Doctors and pharma and the CDC reached a decade or a decade and a half ago. They had a decision to make—either speak the truth, or cover up the truth. They made their choice and now there is no turning back from it. They are as complicit as any of the people who first realized “oh chit, look what we’ve done!” and decided the best course of action was to sweep it under the rug.

I wasn’t watching my telly all day yesterday. But in the little bit of time that I had it on over the last two days, I saw three stories about the one hundred parents in China who were protesting about the corrupt government oversight that resulted in the deaths of their children in the recent quake. I saw one spot, about three or four minutes worth of coverage, on the ten thousand at yesterdays vaccine rally. They showed Jenny and Jim (thanks so much, Jenny and Jim!) but there was no mention that I saw of the many other speakers there yesterday—RFK, Burton, Haley, Jay Gordon.

As I have said so many times before, please, please, PLEASE do not wait for the main stream media to pick up this story and run with it. They are worse than useless. They are nothing but a propaganda arm for government/pharma. Do anything and everything that you can to bring this to the awareness of everyone that you can using any methods you can think of OUTSIDE of the main stream television radio and newsprint media. Wear your tee shirts. Distribute your flyers. On your flyers, ask others to distribute your flyers. (Here is the one I’ve been distributing whenever I go anywhere parents might be –
http://www.wideopenwest.com/~r_nemeth/vaccine_flyer.htm) Talk to people at your church and your schools.

If you belong to one of the major autism support organizations, PLEASE let them know that you will no longer work with them if they continue, as well, to be complicit in this cover up.


"The airwaves are silent. Its like the rally never happened. The way I see it, the media is a bigger problem than I thought it was. Or maybe not, its easy enough to strangle it it seems!!"

well then we will just have to keep doing it.

especially since the CDC and Pharma seem so intent on adding to the numbers.

The media does not like being told off

"Still--I'm glad Boyd Haley told 'em off!"

I am ecstatic they were told off. Dr. Haley then spoke about how nobody from the CDC or the FDA had got in touch with him to talk about how dangerous thimerosal is and what harm it can do, when the feed was abruptly cut off. It was literally like someone was ordered to pull the plug.

They did show snippets later of Jim Carrey's speech (star power at work here), got a good tight shot of the "Too Many Too Soon" slogan on his back. I was impressed with Jim Carrey and his "imagine the positive now" message. Very inspiring.

The huge "Too Many Too Soon" banner with the same slogan was very highly visible. They also showed a lot of the parents slogans about the CDC, which was wonderful.

How many were there at the rally? Someone said 9,000. That is a huge number. Glad the weather help up, it was looking nasty on the forecast yesterday.

Terri Lewis

The mainstream media, with very few exceptions, has become nothing but propaganda for Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, and other corporate and bureaucratic bullies.

The answer, I think, is a new free press, and that's mostly happening online. As in--HERE.

The truth is here, right now, for people who want to find it.

Those who want to continue to believe something more comfortable will continue to get their news from the mainstream, and will remain in the dark--for the time being, anyway.

Still--I'm glad Boyd Haley told 'em off!

Anyone who still has a soul can find ways to work for change. Because if you aren't outraged, you're not paying attention.

Terri Lewis

The media does not like being told off

"To the media here "You are a huge part of the problem.""

Turns out that the media didn't like being told that - so they shut off the live feed, i.e., CNNlive.com. Nobody else even reported anything.

The airwaves are silent. Its like the rally never happened. The way I see it, the media is a bigger problem than I thought it was. Or maybe not, its easy enough to strangle it it seems!!


I LOVE YOU for telling the media to man up!
Thanks for caring so much about our cause!

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