Unvaccinated, Autistic; am I merely an outlier?

Sandy Waters

Charlie Sheen did his homework and I admire him for his good judgment. Autism rates are 1 in 150! So, what number is it going to have to be in order for something to be done about it. In our society today it takes a celebrity to bring attention to a issue. Sad to say but this is how it is. As long as we bring more attention to autism who cares!


Well, not to put words in someone's mouth, but I think Kelli is just trying to say that with star-power invovled we shouldn't get complacent.

Sure the numbers increased with Jenny. And that's great and I wouldn't deny that.

BUT, it was just a "regular" person that got the word to her, right? We have to keep getting the word out. And we have to keep letting people know that Jenny isn't just a celebrity, she's right too.


Hey Kelli Ann-

I went to the Generation Mercury march in DC in '06 not a fraction of the crowd that turned out for the GOV rally was present, nor the press coverage. Boyd Haley commented on another rally that he was at that had 250 people in attendance.

So, pre-Jenny (and Jim) not many people attended our rallies and we didn't have nearly the amount of press either.

I'm not saying we should credit these people for what we are trying to do collectively as a group. BUT, you have to admit the attention their involvement brings really helps.

I agree- we all count. However, the star power and publicity celebrities bring to our efforts sure helps getting us noticed. That is why I brought up Martin Sheen being a long time political activist and suggested he might be interested in our issue. Especially now considering what is going on with Charlie. That's all.


Good job Charlie! Keep up the good fight!

Yes, this is a group effort, but having celebs with passion for the cause is a huge PLUS!

Kelli Ann Davis

"Who said it was an either/ or situation?"

You did in rebuttal to Andrea's comment.

"I don't believe this. I think Jenny McCarthy is responsible for this."

I disagree. I think it's the combined efforts of Jenny, Bobbie and who knows who else -- and that's the important point I was trying to make in my initial comment.

Personally, I'm not concerned about *credit due* as I am about stressing the fact that what we are doing is a *TEAM EFFORT* and to insinuate that any *one person* is *completely* responsible for advancement of our issue is counter-productive to promoting that message.

And quite frankly, I think Jenny would be the first person to agree with me.

Way to go Jenny

Who said it was an either/ or situation? Who said anyone was placing expectations for winning on the backs of certain celebrities?

Just giving credit where I think its due. Just posting a comment on a thought. And not policing you from giving your credit where you might think its due.

Contrary to what you might think, people can think for themselves and are not going to stop doing their individual thing just because a celebrity is endorsing a cause.

Kelli Ann Davis


It's not an "either/or" situation -- each of our voices is important in this *fight* and we need to remember that as we move forward!

It is the *sum mass* of our combined efforts that is going to produce the change -- in essence, each of us adding our own unique *gifts* to the mix -- and I think it would be a grave mistake to place our expectations for *winning* on the backs of those in the public eye.

Each of us has our part to play.

In this specific situation, a parent from our community (Bobbie Manning) made contact with Martin Sheen wayyyy back in 2004 (trying to remember the exact year) and talked with him at length about this issue at a fundraiser in CA.

One parent. One voice.

In some cases, that's all it takes to get the ball rolling.

Bottom Line: *Each* of us is vitally important to this cause and we will never know if something we do *today* will make an impact on tomorrow unless we try.

In this case, it did.

Kudos to Bobbie for having the vision and fortitude to keep *plugging away* and never giving up on our kids.

Way to go Jenny!

I don't believe this. I think Jenny McCarthy is responsible for this. Wasn't she on Two and a Half Men? This is great.

Jenny, you are one amazing woman! I am going to enjoy this for the rest of the day.

CDC, are you listening? She said she wasn't going to shut up and she is keeping her word.


Well, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Charlie's father- actor Martin Sheen is a long time political activist. You can check out his Wikipedia page and see all the things he has protested against.I remember in HS watching video on my local news of Martin being chained to a fence at a nearby toxic waste dump and then being arrested for his actions along with local "Joes" who didn't want a toxic dump in their own backyard.

Anyone with half of a brain could do a little reading up on toxic vaccines and understand they don't want that crap given to their own kids. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Charlie speaking out on this issue more vocally. Hell.. maybe he, his dad, and his brother Emilio might be at our next rally if we ask them to. Seriously.

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