Mistakes_were_madeBy Katie Wright

Julie Gerderding’s recent admission that much of the CDC’s research exonerating vaccines as a trigger for autism was both shoddily done and politically compromised. It felt like a bittersweet victory. The selection bias errors are numerous and egregious. But I didn’t need Dr. Gerberding to admit the obvious in order to know that the CDC endangered my son and an entire generation of children. Like so many other families, we lived the nightmare after Christian received 7 vaccines in one day, initiating the mental and physical deterioration of my child that became autism.

It astounds me that Gerberding has not resigned. But then so much astounds me, such as the AAP’s recent publication on how to “handle” vaccine adverse parents. I had high hopes after speaking with Dr. Louis Cooper from the AAP at the DAN! Conference. Not only did Dr. Cooper show up and listen to parents, he attended numerous lectures and workshops. What happened? The AAP “parent handling” imitative is both condescending and ridiculous. The days when parents unquestionably accepted whatever their pediatrician says are over, especially when they have been wrong about so much and have ignored the needs of our children for decades. Threatening to “fire” families from a practice or telling them that they are endangering other children is not an effective way to go. The fact that the AAP comes out with this guide right as the CDC admits so many of their vaccine safety studies are compromised is bizarre. These are the people we are supposed to trust with our children’s health? Who do they think they are kidding?

We need an autism enlightenment movement, which can move this discussion beyond the flat earth, or scorch earthed policies of the CDC and the AAP. We need more AAP doctors, CDC researchers and AS scientist to come to AutismOne, DAN!, the NAA conference and hear from these parents, meet our children and learn from their stories of hope and recovery. I am so tired of hearing the same old autism careerists put forth the same stale information in the safest of safe environments, where their travel and lodging has been paid for by someone else, lecture more careerists about the “autism is genetic” groupthink agenda. And if they only had $10 million more they would be able to find 2 more genes out of the 1,000 thousand that compromise autism. Enough! None of that has helped one child with autism.

The CDC was invited to speak at the “Greening the Vaccines” rally and, of course, declined, literally afraid to face the community.  They missed amazing day. From the Congressional lawn, as far as the eye could see, all the way down Independence Avenue I saw families with autistic kids marching down the middle of the street. TACA literally stopped traffic. It was a beautiful sight.

We have all been to autism marches before. They are usually held on the weekend, often in empty industrial office parks and are a friendly but low-key affair. This was something completely different. We were in the nation’s capital and wanted the world to see our families, read our signs and start thinking about what the hell is in our kids’ vaccines. My friends the Ioannardis of NY had great sign, “Anti-Freeze Is For Cars, Not Kids,” and “IF I Had The Flu, I Would Be Recovered By Now.” As we passed the FDA, I saw a number of people in the windows looking out at us, giving the thumbs up sign.  My first thought is that they must be parents of autistic kids and that they looked sad and trapped. The rest of the FDA people looked scared, as if they know what is coming.

Jim Carrey said that this day was all about unconditional love.  We have all lost so much, for most of us our children’s health, friends, family members who do not or cannot understand, homes, finances, jobs, dreams of more children. But on that day, at the rally, all I felt was pure joy and pride in this community. The parents I meet were amazing, inspirational and filled with hope and determination. The speakers were passionate, articulate and brilliant. It was a privilege for my family to take part in the rally. I wish every autism organization could have been there, supporting these incredible families. It was a day none of us will ever forget.

Yesterday was also a day I will not soon forget. I attended an amazing David Kirby lecture at NYU packed with fantastically devoted parents. While the history and the raw facts regarding what it took to get access of public vaccine safety database documents is laid out, I literally felt ill- again. It is still hard to believe this happened. Pages and pages of documents marked up with black felt markers, reams of “lost” research, disappearing documents, and so forth. No matter which way Verstratten ran the numbers he, “just couldn’t make it go away.” It being the association between vaccines and autism.  Verstratten was right about that, indeed, he could not make it go away. The evidence vaccines are triggering this autism epidemic is, at this point, painfully obvious. To continue to be condescended to by the AAP and the CDC is unacceptable. We need transparency and support from them for objective vaccine research, not arrogant, self-serving dictates.

Katie Wright has two young boys. Her oldest son, Christian, is severely affected by autism. He developed normally; smiling, talking, walking; only to lose every skill and every word by the age of 2 and a half.  Upon the advice of medical professionals Katie and her husband were advised to pursue only high quality behavioral therapy, speech and OT for Christian. It had no meaningful impact on Christian until his parents sought help from DAN! doctors who treated the underlying causes of Christian's descent into autism. Christian has improved but still has far to go. He has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the measles virus in his gut and an immune system akin to a late stage AIDS patient. Christian does not have a psychiatric disorder. Before autism, Katie Wright was the Clinical Director of Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Stamford Connecticut. Katie is proud to serve on the Boards of NAA and SafeMinds.


michele i.

Hi Katie-
Love the piece, it is all so true. As always, thank you for putting yourself out there.
And thanks for mentioning our signs! I proudly carried them.


I meant no offense to Katie or Age of Autism. I'm relatively new to your website and as I told Kim Stagliano I truly enjoy reading Kim and David Kirby's work. I mistakenly confused Katie with Suzanne Wright. It was Suzanne who promised that Autism Speaks would study whether vaccines cause autism. Again, my apologies.



Wow thanks for this mental picture. It's nice to read a well thought out objective recap of a personal experience. Lets hope the AAP and the CDC can admit all their mistakes and come clean so we can all start looking for answers.

Bill S.

Michelle O'Neil

Thank you Katie for your bravery and your work on behalf of vaccine injured children.


Thanks Katie for writing this article. Please continue to write. You need to keep pointing at things that do not make sense. Please keep it up. Thank you.


I must admit I did a double-take when I saw you wrote this article. Well said. Most of us (including myself) don't understand the whole story, but after reading your article it appears you must have had some sort of epiphany. Either that or you're similar to myself. View both sides of an argument, then choose what side you're on. Autism Speaks was one of the few organizations that didn't endorse the Green Our Vaccines rally. Welcome aboard to the good fight. For your sake, I hope there is no animosity between you and your parents.



Well said, Katie! Thank you for speaking out for our children. Although Ms. Gerberding should have been relieved of her position years ago, I'm encouraged that she has finally admitted that the CDC research was flawed. And you are right...the bittersweet side is that the AAP is shoving their self righteous, condescending fists down our throats, once again. Too bad that this has to be a fight. Our children have a right to their health and well being...

I wish you the best with Christian's journey toward recovery!

Barbara Fischkin


Thanks so much for this. Your commentary on the "handling of parents" is right on target. Thanks in large part to you parents will feel empowered.


I can't believe the mainstream media gave no attention to Gerberding's recent admissions!! The road to change is going to have to continue to be grassroots. We are going to have to keep getting the message out to expectant and new parents, then they will put pressure on their peds. who will eventually be forced to do more true research into the area or to put pressure on the CDC for major changes in the schedule--and a hopefully a LOT more (dare we hope for) non-biased research ASAP.

In the meantime, I am spreading the word to online mother's groups, like CafeMom, where almost everyday there is a query from the group "Advice for new moms" about vaccines and autism. If you know of other similar groups, please join me in getting the word out. I can't stand for more families to fall victim to uninformed consent.


Thank you so much, Katie for this great article.

It's amazing that youall marched right past the FDA. The amount of news coverage of this amazing event was disapointingly miniscule. When I asked people, "Did you hear that thousands of people marched in Washington?" they say, "No, really?" Truly bizarre that most of the media suppressed this story. But, surely many people in Washington D.C. -- including senators, congresspeople, and federal agency employees -- couldn't help but see the number of people marching for this cause.


Thanks for the emotional post. I surley would like a pic of the folks at the FDA with the thumbs-up sign, that had to be comforting in the midst of all this.
You stated that you felt ill watching all the pages with the blacked-out lines. That feeling is so familiar...I still wonder each day why this isn't getting through to everyone. The radiologist where I work told me that "you have to trust someone", when I was showing her the recent CDC/Gerberding statement. Even with the acknowledgement in her face, she didn't see it, and I felt ill.
Maybe someday....


Well said - Thanks Katie - God bless you.

Jeff Ransom

Thank you Katie Wright. I could not agree more! I soooo can not understand why the media will not do there job and report the truth, I know they want the drug money but at this point isn't it closer to blood money?


"Mistakes were made." What a clever use of passive voice, blaming no one.... Next we'll hear Gerberding announce impotently that "somebody should do something."

How did the vaccine bureaucracy come to value itself more than the people who use it and fund it?


Katie, thank you for writing this piece.

Karen Fuller Yuba City

Amazing words. Can I email this to a few newspapers?
If we all send it to our regions biggest papers it might get printed and make a difference.

Kelli Ann Davis

"The fact that the AAP comes out with this guide right as the CDC admits so many of their vaccine safety studies are compromised is bizarre."

You're right Kaite -- it is bizzare if you look at it from the perspective of protecting children first and foremost. If that were the *primary* focus of the AAP, then the CDC's admission would elicit a response along the lines of "OMG, maybe the vaccines are causing autism. Let's do whatever we can to support the parents and protect the children."

But of course, as we all know, *their* number one focus is the protection of the vacine program and so this response from their prespective is absolutely on target --"We can't let the CDC's admission effect our program so we've got to do whatever is necessary to really tighten the screws and make sure parents comply."

It let's us see the proverbial "wolf in sheep's clothing"....

Anne Dachel

Thank you Katie for your summary of the failure of the medical community and health officials to address this disaster. It's beyond belief to see the complete absence of compassion for the hundreds of thousands of suffering children.

We can all take heart in your comments about the rally and David's talk. WE ARE NOT GOING TO STOP! MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE HEARING THE MESSAGE ABOUT VACCINES.

Simply put, there are now just too many of us with nothing to do for the rest of our lives than expose the truth about autism and vaccine damage.

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Les Feldman

Dear Katie,

I totally agree that Gerberding should resign; the CDC hides the paternal age connection to some autism too.

Nicole Raimann

Well written and well said. Major metropolitan newspapers should pick this story up and run it (I'm daring to dream).

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