Barney_fifeThere. That headline will torment Mr. Barry Barnett on his Google searches for a good long time.  Are you tired of kids with autism getting the short end of the stick? Read this story....

Mr. Barry Barnett is the head of Barnett Management, of Beachwood, Ohio. Barnett Management runs a neighborhood association for MEADOW LAKES in North Ridgeville, Ohio. Mr. Barnett is trying make a mother who has cerebral palsy take down her autistic son's swingset because "play apparatus" is not allowed in the neighborhood according to the association rules. Mom had gotten a verbal "go ahead" from a previous board.  Mom is unable to drive her son to the park.

Barry Barnett, the managing agent for the association, said the Chapeks live in a part of the subdivision that has property restrictions.

"One of the restrictions, as it clearly states in the documents, is play apparatus not permitted," Barnett said.

Let's help out another autism Mom as only we can. You can go into Mr. Barnett's Meadow Lakes association website HERE. And you can email Barry RIGHT HERE. Or if you have free long distance..... 216-831-0165.

Read the full article HERE.



Reasonable Accomodation/Modification is all that's needed here. If not approved, call an attorney!


I feel so bad for this lady and her son. I am raising an autistic grandson and I know of the problems associated with autism. They have to move around constantly and cannot accept change. To remove this swingset would devastate the child. Rules, rules, rules. Special conditions should be taken into consideration. In this case, I vote (if I could) to let her have the swingset. Sorry to those who don't agree, but try living with a child with autism. It is not an easy task.

For Virginia


Because out of decency people can make exceptions.

Virginia Gale

It is an association of homeowners who purchased their homes because there were rules and regulations and were told when they purchased their homes that the regulations would be enforced. If you give in to this clearly stated regulation what is next. And why should anyone in this HOA then abide by any of the rules and regulations in the Declaration?


I understand where everyone is coming from, trying to allow a swing set in this persons yard.. However, when you move into a community like meadow lakes, there are rules that you have to follow as set by the HOA or property management company. If you don't want to have any rules like this, don't live in a community like meadow lakes! People move into communities with these rules for one reason - because they don't want to have to look at their neighbors, with sh.. all over their yard!

C. M.

Has everyone gone insane??!!! We are talking about a poor little boy with disabilities, who wants to play on his swing set!! And a disabled mother.. How on earth can you people care more about some RIDICULOUS ASSOCIATION BYLAW... then for fellow human beings!!!!! You better hope you never have to deal with the challenges that this poor family has to deal with. What a heartless bunch of people!


I understand the frustration. however, Mr. Barnett has a JOB to do. Everyone always blame the enforcer of the rule when they enforce an "exception" to the rule, but what if he didn't ENFORCE anything...EVER? Then you would ridicule that as well... what will it take to please EVERYONE?!?!?! GEEZ


Thanks for the help guys I am the mommy of the little boy in the article. I apprciate all the support given to me by the community. I pray this resolves soon.


This article is stupid. When you move into a development there are rules you have to follow. Doesn't matter what the condition is. Thats why everyone pays all this money a year for it to stay nice and neat. If she got permission it should of been in writing. How do we know she actually got approval in the first place? The old management company is out of business.


As someone who resides in the Meadow Lakes development, let me tell you all that we're appalled by this and are trying to help however we can. Even petition Barry saying we have no problem with the swing set breaking the dumb rules

Theresa Cedillo

can someone email the mom Petra and my information?


Jim Witte

I'd hate to be Mr. Barnett's postal-person (or his ISP or phone company for that matter), as he receives thousands of angry letters, emails, and phone calls over the next week or two.


Theresa, that is a GREAT idea!! Does mom have a good OT/SI therapist on her team? If so, the OT/SI should be able to write up something that states that the "therapeutic sensory integration equipment" is an essential component of the boy's daily therapeutic regimen . That should shut Mr. Barnett right up.

Theresa Cedillo

Mom can say it's a vestibular therapy apparatus. Maybe it would be protected by the American W/Disabilities Act???


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