Davidkirby_2We are pleased to announce that David Kirby is now a contributor to Age of Autism. Welcome, David. Below is a list of David's NYT work as well as a detailed biography.  He has his own category on the sidebar. Click in to see many of his Huffington Post and Age of Autism pieces.


David Kirby was a contributor to The New York Times from 1997 until 2003, (the year he began writing books). During that time, he wrote more than 200 articles on a wide variety of subjects for the newspaper.

From 1998-2001, Kirby was a contracted writer and weekly contributor to The City Section, the paper’s popular section on conflicts and customs in New York City’s diverse neighborhoods. There, he wrote about politics, real estate, public health, zoning laws, medical research, housing, clinical care, business, architecture, local history, the arts, and the United Nations.

Kirby also contributed to Science Times, Personal Health, the Sunday Magazine, Arts & Leisure, Weekend and Metro Sections of The Times, as well as special sections on Men & Health, Women’s Health, E-Commerce and Cars.

Like many writers at The Times, Kirby occasionally wrote about destinations he visited while vacationing, including places in California, Mexico and Brazil. He wrote a total of 10 articles for the Travel Section during his 7 years with the paper, and a few travel-related pieces for the Friday Escapes Section. (A brief biography is included below).

The following are just some of the articles the has written for the NYT:


1) SCIENCE TIMES - HEALTH & FITNESS | October 3, 2000, Tuesday
More Options, and Decisions, for Men With Prostate Cancer

2) SCIENCE TIMES - HEALTH & FITNESS | May 7, 2002, Tuesday 
New Resistant Gonorrhea Migrating to Mainland U.S.

3) SCIENCE TIMES - HEALTH & FITNESS | May 8, 2001, Tuesday   
Patients Embrace New Generation of Imaging Machines

4) SCIENCE TIMES - HEALTH & FITNESS | December 26, 2000, Tuesday $
It Works on Sushi. It Could Help Teeth, Too.

5) MEN & HEALTH | June 21, 2004, Monday 
SEX & MEDICINE; Party Favors: Pill Popping As Insurance

6) November 18, 2002, Monday 
OVERSEAS/AIDS; U.S. H.I.V. Groups Reach Beyond Borders


7) THE CITY WEEKLY DESK | October 10, 1999, Sunday 
NEW YORK UP CLOSE; Do AIDS Patients in S.R.O.'s Need On-Site Caseworkers?

8) THE CITY WEEKLY DESK | October 3, 1999, Sunday   
NEW YORK UP CLOSE; Closing of Old Dental Clinics Seen as Strike Against Poor

9) THE CITY WEEKLY DESK | October 22, 2000, Sunday 
ROOSEVELT ISLAND; Disabled Say Island Is Even More So With Old Elevators

10) THE CITY WEEKLY DESK | February 28, 1999, Sunday   
NEW YORK UP CLOSE; Arrested? Hand Over That Bottle of Medicine, Buddy.

11) THE CITY WEEKLY DESK | April 2, 2000, Sunday 
UPPER EAST SIDE; A Baffling Plague of Mosquitoes, Though None With the Deadly Virus

12) THE CITY WEEKLY DESK | March 19, 2000, Sunday 
NEW YORK UP CLOSE; Thoughts Are Turning (Not Lightly) to Spraying

13) THE CITY WEEKLY DESK | September 24, 2000, Sunday 
NEW YORK NOISE; Measuring That Whirring Sound Just Above

14) THE CITY WEEKLY DESK | December 10, 2000, Sunday 
NEW YORK NOISE; Waves of Low-Flying Planes Send Morale Even Lower


15) MAGAZINE DESK | December 15, 2002, Sunday
THE YEAR IN IDEAS; Net Metering By David Kirby (NYT)

16) E-COMMERCE | June 7, 2000, Wednesday 
E-COMMERCE - The Web's User Profile Undergoes a Broad Transformation

17) STYLE DESK | August 19, 2001, Sunday   
TECHNOLOGY: Designer Bacteria May Have a Future in Fashion

18) CARS | October 27, 2004, Wednesday 
TECHNOLOGY; When the Car Beside You Is an XXX Theater

19) E-COMMERCE | September 22, 1999, Wednesday   
E-COMMERCE - Make a Quick Purchase. Wait for the Delivery Man.

20) ESCAPES | November 8, 2002, Friday   
TECHNOLOGY: Life, Unplugged: Surviving 'Off the Grid'

Please note – an essayist, poet and book reviewer from Florida, also named David Kirby, also contributes quite a bit to the Times.


David Kirby is author of the critically acclaimed bestselling book “Evidence of Harm, Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic – A Medical Controversy” (St. Martin’s Press – 2005), which debuted at number 27 on The New York Times bestseller list. His book has sparked a national debate in private homes, leading universities and the halls of Congress, and Kirby has appeared on such venues as Meet the Press, Larry King Live, The Today Show, Imus in the Morning, Montel Williams, Air America, and dozens of local radio and television stations. Kirby has also been interviewed by -- or reviewed in -- The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Associated Press, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Newsday, The Lancet, and many, many more.

Kirby, a charter contributor to the Huffington Post since its founding in 2005, has been a professional journalist for over 15 years, and wrote extensively for The New York Times for seven years. Kirby has also written for a number of national magazines, including Glamour, Redbook, Marie Claire, Mademoiselle, Self, Art News, and others. In addition, Kirby was a foreign correspondent in Mexico and Central America from 1986-1990, where he covered the wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua, and covered politics, corruption and natural disasters in Mexico. He has also worked as a freelance producer in television for a number of years, with Field Producer credits for American Movie Classics, Bravo, A&E and TV Land.

Kirby also worked in politics, medical research and public relations. He worked for New York City Council President Carol Bellamy as a special assistant for healthcare, cultural affairs and civil rights, followed by employment as chief scheduler to Manhattan Borough President David N. Dinkins. He also was a senior staff adviser to Dinkins’ successful 1989 run for Mayor of New York City. From 1990-1993, Kirby was Director of Public Information at the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR), where he acted as press spokesman for Chairwoman Elizabeth Taylor, and witnessed first-hand the inner workings of Congress, the White House and powerful Federal agencies like the FDA, CDC and NIH. Kirby also ran his own public relations agency in New York from 1994 to 1996, with clients that included the National Cancer Institute, AmFAR, ABC, BBC, Absolut Vodka, Dean Witter Discover & Co., and others.

Kirby is currently writing a new book, about industrialized animal production in the United States, also for St. Martins Press. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.



David Kirby officially on the Age of Autism...terrrific!

Is he prepared to "out" Mrs. Toast?


Oh no.

A book on industrilized animal production in the works?

I don't know if I can be a GF/CF/SF vegan.

But, after reading that book, I'm sure I'll try.

Robin Nemeth

Yay, hurray!

Welcome, David Kirby.


In the pursuit of truth, few reporters are as tenacious as David Kirby. Most quit when faced with the vaccine/autism issue's dauntingly steep learning curve. Others retreated when reprimanded by fearmongering public health administrators.

Welcome, David, and thank you yet again.

Tim Kasemodel


So glad to see you are going to be contributing to AOA!

Looking forward to anything you write.



Great news! What an excellent addition to an already fantastic group! :-) David Kirby... Yea!

Teresa Conrick

Well, this is good news for all concerned. Welcome DK!

Richard F

Welcome David,I will always be amazed at how your book EOH unveiled in such a fantastic way what so many tried so hard to keep hidden.
My family will always be grateful for what you have done to stand up for all the babies who were,are and will be vaccinated.

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