TauntBy Ginger Taylor, MS AM

The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that pediatricians tell parents who don't vaccinate (HERE) their children that they:

Are "Selfish"
Are "Self-Centered"
Are "Complacent or Lazy"
Are often "Emotional" decision makers
Have "Unacceptable attitudes"

But they do not believe that insulting you like this (HERE) is in any way coercing you to vaccinate your child.

Further, they kindly tell you that if you decide to only get one or two shots at a time, your child might die, but they are not trying to scare you into sticking to the full CDC schedule.

'Oh... and vaccinate or you are out of our practice and we won't recommend any other docs to you... but seriously... don't feel pressured.'

I have criticized the AAP in the past for making today's vaccine decisions based on the health threats that my father faced when he and his brother contracted polio, and lost their father to the disease, in the epidemic of the 1940's, rather than basing them on the modern heath threats my child, who contracted autism, faces a full sixty years later, in the current epidemic of developmental and immune disorders of the early 21st century.

But now they have topped themselves.  In the letter that they are holding out to pediatricians as a model of what to tell their patients, they are citing the small pox threat (which was eradicated 30 years ago) that Ben Franklin's son faced, and died from, in 1736! 

They reiterate that they believe that neither vaccines nor thimerosal causes autism, or other any other developmental disabilities, and that "ALL children and young adults should receive ALL of the recommended vaccines according to the schedule published by the Centers for Disease Control." [emphasis mine]

This despite the multitude of research to the contrary, and in complete contradiction to the vaccine safety package inserts themselves that list contraindications and say that certain people should not receive certain vaccines.

All this is a part of the collaborative effort between the AAP and other organizations   (HERE) (yes of course Pharma and Paul Offit are among them, I can't believe you even asked) under their new "Childhood Immunization Support Program" (HERE) or as they might as well call it, "We Know Everything and Parents Are Idiots Program".

Like pediatricians, and many of you reading this, I make my living by providing a service to people.  I wonder how many of my clients and potential clients would still want to do business with me if I handed them a letter that in any way even remotely suggested that they were selfish, self-centered, complacent, lazy, emotional people with unacceptable attitudes if they didn't take my recommendations on which services of mine they should purchase?  Any one of you wanna give it a try for a week in your business and see what happens?

By digging in and taking this increasingly absurd stance they are not just potentially damaging the vaccine program, they are putting at risk parents trust in their their statements about EVERYTHING.  When you stand in front of your doc and hear him make the statement that vaccines have nothing to do with autism, then watch Hannah Poling get a million or so check from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund for her "autistic symptoms", then listen to the head of the CDC explain how vaccines cause autism (HERE)  in the presence of mitochondrial disorders on CNN, then go back and ask him about the whole thing and hear him reiterate that vaccines don't cause autism, but this time handing you a piece of paper that insults you, are you going to take his word about about anything else?

What do they plan on doing if the VCIP Omnibus Hearings find for the petitioners with Autism?

Do they understand that they are moving from shooting themselves in the foot to shooting themselves in an artery?

Two weeks ago Jim Carrey asked, "How stupid do you think we are?"

The AAP has answered, "You are so stupid that we can not only keep telling you obviously disprovable lies, but we can also insult you, and you will not only CONTINUE to entrust your children to us, you will pay us money to do it!"

Last April the AAP took the wise step of attending the DAN! conference.  They said that they were impressed and thought we were on to something. 

I wrote a piece on the AAP's chance (HERE) to mend the widening rift between parents and pediatricians, and to regain the lost trust that was growing by leaps and bounds due to the obvious overstatements on vaccine safety that they were making to patients and their families. 

I warned that they had a small window of opportunity to work to change course, work in good faith, and begin to make statements about the true risks of vaccination that abandons the now untenable assertion that vaccines don't cause autism or contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders.  I warned that the window would only be open for a short time unless we saw real action, and would probably close around the time of the Green our Vaccines Rally if they didn't show up for us in some respect.

Well the AAP didn't show up for the rally and well... this certainly signals that the window is closed.  They want it closed.  And it looks like they may be locking it.

Ginger Taylor is a Johns Hopkins educated family therapist with a current case load of one, her autistic son Chandler. You can read her blog Adventures In Autism here.



Dr Dyer did his residency at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia no doubt with our other great vaccine opportunist Dr. Offit. Explains a lot.

Leanne Veitch

I find the US scary.

My experience of two other countries (Australia and NZ) has been that while both encourage vaccination, neither force it.

I chose not to continue the vaccination of my son when he started displaying autistic behaviours in Australia, and have not vaccinated my (younger) daughter. Although these decisions were questioned, and my ability as a parent was questioned by the council-appointed maternal nurse in the Australian system, we were not forced into vaccinating the kids. We did, however, have to provide a 'Conscientious Objector' form, signed by our general practitioner.

In New Zealand, the situation has been freer. We have not been criticised or questioned for our choice not to vaccinate, and no need for any form has been required.

I find it ironic that US citizens are continually brainwashed into believing themselves they live in a free country, when nothing could be further from the truth.

No country, to my knowledge, has such draconian and 'un-free' medical practices as the US (maybe mainland China might be as bad? Certainly Hong Kong is not. I know - I have lived there).

The wonderful US-based parents on this website (and others like it) are doing an incredible job. Not only are they protecting their children as they see fit and as concerned and educated individuals, they are protecting the very freedoms that the founding fathers of the US tried to put in place - and that have been taken away by a century and more of neo-fascist administrations.

Ginger Taylor

An addendum to address critique that this post has received elsewhere.

-One person seems to have been concerned that I was personally insulted by the AAP and All Star Pediatrics. I want to assure that I am at peace on the matter. After having my son become sick due to AAP's bad policy, not much that they simply say about me, or people like me, hurts my feelings.

Insults given do not necessarily need to be received.

In my life, personally, I believe it is wise to work toward not being "insulted" by insults. Because really, either the person insulting you is right, and you need to do some self examination and change, or they are wrong, and (to be frank) who cares what they think about you.

In this case, I think that Dr. Dyer and his crew are wrong. Deciding not to vaccinate based on your best judgment is not selfish, self-centered, or a product of 'unacceptable attitudes'. (Come to think of it, how exactly does Dyer and company read minds to know what peoples motives are? Especially people he has never met, as the statement is a blanket one?) We are charged with making the best choices for our kids that we can given the information we have. Reducing that decision making process to the motives Dyer wants to believe are behind those decisions is just speculative bullying and communicates low regard for parents.

Especially parents who are earnestly struggling with the issue.

And it is not me being insulted that is the problem. It is the parents on the vaccine bubble. Treat their legitimate concerns with contempt and you only risk making complete vaccine refusal more widespread.

-Umbrage seems to have been taken at my use of the word "recommends" in the opening sentence, "The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that pediatricians tell parents who don't vaccinate their children that they..."

I am making the assumption, a reasonable one I think, that choosing only one medical practices vaccine policy letter to patients (one would think there are a thousand out there to choose from) and placing it prominently both on your newsletter and website whose purpose is to give guidance to pediatricians who are members of the AAP constitutes a 'recommendation'. If not a recommendation, it certainly represents a ringing endorsement.

For the sake of accuracy, I will contact the AAP on Monday and ask that they clarify if this was a 'recommendation' or an 'endorsement'.

But, if we can cut the crap and get real for a moment, it does not matter what semantics the AAP decides to play with this. They are holding it out for their members as an example to be followed and even if they DID run a disclaimer (which they didn't) that they don't recommended the letter at all, the message would still be loud and clear to peds.

'Feel free to insult your patients, use coercion to get them to fully vaccinate and dismiss them if they don't. We might 'have' to officially say don't do it, but really, you won't get any arguments from us! (wink)'

Kinda like the conversation I had with my seven year old yesterday, "Son, it is totally wrong to steal cars. Did I ever tell you about Jonsie "Zoom Zoom" Mcgillicutty? Man that guy was great at stealing cars. Here is what he did... now here is how you jimmy the lock to break in... and here is how you hot wire it... and once you have the car you..."

They can say all day they want their docs to 'work with' parents, but what they DO gives us the real message of what they are all about. And what they have DONE is tell peds how to treat patients with earnest vaccine concerns with contempt.


I take my kids to a Family Practice Doctor, one of my kids has ASD and one has medical issue associated with vaccine injury. Neither are recognised as vaccine injuries by mainstream doctors but are by DAN doctors (and treated) They are all over-due for booster and new vaccinations. Everytime I bring them in for a check-up, the doctor says "so-and-so is due for x, y and z" and I say "I'm going to delay those shots until more vaccine safety research comes out" and he says "ok".

We've had longer conversations about mercury, my concers about reports on TV (which are none, I've been researching medical journals for years), ect. I feel like he has to "offer" the shots and I have to "partially refuse". Works for me.


The AAP had long remained silent on vaccine injury and was thought a fool by many parents. Now those self-serving bureaucrats have opened their mouths and removed all doubt.

These shrill, money-minded people have unmasked the ugliness we parents intuited from their previous inaction about our children's injuries. They are a disgrace and an embarrassment to the dues-paying members of AAP nationwide.

Trust can only return after the current officers are replaced with people of the highest moral standards. And with people who can write press releases that don't contain 3 grammatical errors in the first paragraph.

Katie Wright

Thank you Ginger!
It is simply astounding that the AAP would take this tack. Instead of respsonding with concern and openess regarding the dropping vaccination rates the AAP is dismissive and condescending. Rather than supporting objective scientific studies that would help illuminate this issue for all the AAP castigates parents for "spreading myths."

My son is no myth. What happened to him is real. It is the AAP who has been spreading falsehoods and endangering our children in their quest to hide from the truth. They have stooped to a new low- even for them.

Angela S.

Fire your pediatrician, hire a General Practioner!

Pediatricians are *not* the only doctors qualified to care for children.
I never saw a pediatrician growing up. My mother took my brother and
I to a general practitioner, and we are fine. I know of many parents
who do the same thing and most tell me that their GP gives them little
or no pressure about vaccine schedules.

Parents have an option. And if you chose a GP over a PED you still
have the choice to take your child to a pediatric specialist
should the need arise.

The AAP thinks if they can get all peds to treat us the same way we won't have a choice. Well guess what peds aren't the only choice we have for our kids.

Josh Day

Be very, very, very careful about what you sign!

You do not have to sign their refusal form. Never let any nurse or doctor tell you that you have to. However, treatment will then likely be denied to your child. And that brings up a whole new round of ethical questions.

The medical endangerment clause could at one time be used against you as proof you are neglectful parents.

You can have a discussion with the doctor and get around it either by scratching it out entirely or writing in something new that doesn't state you're endangering your child.

Anne Dachel

Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center
http://www.909shot.com/ had this to say about the uncompromising attitude of the AAP:

"If the average practicing pediatrician will reject the AAP leadership for making life too difficult for them by insisting on inflexible administration of one-size-fits-all vaccine policies, then the AAP will suffer membership loss and lose their power. The AAP has steered their members wrong for way too long about the risks of vaccination and gotten away with it. Hopefully a new and more enlightened pediatrician organization will take its place that is not so tied to vaccine manufacturers and truly embraces the concept of "First, Do No Harm" and shared decision making with parents."

Barbara Loe Fisher


This is one of the more infuriating things I've read. Just a day after CNN tells us that your pediatrician will listen and adjust the schedule to your wishes. THE DOCTOR WORKS FOR YOU!!! HE IS YOUR EMPLOYEE!!! I know there are families that are in HMOs, but there are still choices within the HMOs. I think parents need to pull away from pediatricians all together. Get a family practitioner or a G.P. They are usually much more open to adjusting the vaccine schedule. You do not have to have a pediatrician. Has your ped. displayed a wealth of knowledge regarding your child?

If you express your concerns about vaccines, but your pediatrician says - "Nope, you are wrong, we have to vaccinate." Thank him and state you need to discuss it with your ___________ (spose, significant other, higher power, etc.) pick up your child and tell your pediatrician you'll contact him to reschedule. When you get home, start dialing and find a doc. that will follow what YOU think is best for your family. Then pull your records and fire your employee (pediatrician). I enjoy the periodic verbal bloodbath but, you can do this kindly, if you wish, sighting the need for a: office closer to your home or job, different office setup, friend in the new office, preference for the lobby furniture - whatever.

When families start leaving pediatricians in droves, thus making an impact on their income - perhaps they'll attempt to listen. Hitting people in the wallet isn't always the best way to get things accomplished, but it will get their attention.



I am sure that pediatricians too are as individual as snowflakes. Some are good, some are bad, and some are downright ugly.

I have experience with examples on both side of the Great Divide. While my current pedi doesn't *believe* that vaccines can be a contributor to autism, she does *believe" that I am doing the right thing for my boys. She's seen them change, grow, and thrive. And at every well child visit it's the same two things "are we vaccinating today, mom?" (to which I very politely say "Not today") and "Keep doing what you're doing, these kids are doing GREAT.".

My ex pediatrician is a prime example of a rude arrogant pedantic donkey's behind. She had seen me struggle through many years of medical misery and pain with Salamander. Her assessment of his projectile vomitting and *like clockwork every 6 week metabolic crashes* was "he's trying to control you with his BEHAVIORS, he doesn't like the fact that you are a full time working mom".
And when I asked about splitting up the MMR for Potatey (as by that time I had a better grip on what was going with Salamander; plus Potatey has severe food allergies, was a premie and had RSV when he was 3 months) she got very angry with me and told me I was wasting time and money (whatever.. as I said, she's the EX-pediatrician).

I think somewhere along the way some medical professionals forgot that they are 'service providers' (right along with 'first do no harm'). I am a service provider and I can tell you that if I treated MY clients the way some medical professionals do theirs my business would have folded a long time ago.

Anne Dachel

It seems that the AAP's response to the rapidly eroding confidence in the vaccine schedule is to give us another chorus of "vaccine are safe, vaccines save lives."

The autism epidemic continues to go unnoticed by the AAP. One in every 150 kids has autism and the AAP pretends it's normal. Not to worry--they're telling doctors to screen for the signs of autism at well baby checks so that doctors can do even more better diagnosing.

Both of these actions do nothing to address this health care disaster and the AAP will only find themselves increasingly irrelevant.
I can't believe that doctors dealing with frightened parents will continue to look to this organization for guidance.

Anne Dachel
Media editor


I guess I'm lucky to have such an enlightened pediatrician. My girl is not quite two and I didn't even mention autism at all as a reason for not getting her vaccinated yet (I may later but definitely not on the AAP schedule). I only mentioned that I have some food allergies and my brother-in-law has type 1 diabetes, and I was concerned about exposing her developing immune system to these so early.

You know what she said? "You're doing the right thing."

Not everyone in that practice would say the same thing--another doc got very agitated when I told him I was delaying, but he didn't force it once he realized I was reasonably well informed. I am so grateful that that practice hasn't muzzled this amazing and supportive doctor, and just hope that those diamonds in the rough pediatricians that see kids as individuals and listen to parents concerns will not be bullied into conforming.

I actually don't know any children with autism, but I am generally agitated with the conventional medical community's dogma and lack of focus on proper nutrition and natural health. I am inspired by all of your plights. God bless you all and your children, and thanks for everything you do.

(And thanks Dan Olmstead, David Kirby, and others who have been brave enough to go against the grain to report on this issue.)

Kelli Ann Davis

“We firmly believe that thimerosal, a preservative that has been in vaccines for decades and remains in some vaccines, does not cause autism or other developmental disabilities.”

Hey doc Bradley,

You can *believe* all you want but mercury *IS* a neurotoxin which causes *NERUOLOGICAL INJURY* -- and no amount of *believing* is gonna make that scientific fact go away.

Excuse me for saying this so bluntly but any doctor who publicly proclaims that a neurotoxin cannot cause a neurodevelopmental disability is an *idiot* and needs to have his license revoked.

You are an utter disgrace to the medical profession and to the children of this country.

You should be advocating for the safest vaccines possible for your patients, but instead you have chosen to vilify parents who've done their homework and recognize what science has so clearly demonstrated -- *MERCURY IS DANGEROUS* and should be avoided like the plague.

Speaking of the plague -- I'm surprised you didn't use *that* dreaded disease right beside your timely small pox example.

Kelli Ann Davis, AM

Ginger Taylor

Commenting on my own piece. Personally, I don't think that individual pediatricians are going to tolerate this for a whole lot longer. They are the ones who have to actually stand in front of patients and say these things. At some point they are not going to be able to stomach it any more.

But the AAP is insulated. Like CDC and HHS, they can stay in their building and never have to actually debate parents or the docs that are serving their vaccine damaged kids.


Michael, thank you for sharing! My thoughts and prayers go with you and your family.

Robin Nemeth

I don’t have any answers. I guess I’m hoping that if I just explain a couple of things that have happened to me, somebody else might be able to look at the situations and figure out some kind of an answer for the mess we’re in. I can’t. But anyway, there are two things that happened to me that I wanted to relate just because I think they’re pertinent.

The first is the visits that I had with my oldest child Erin’s pediatrician, when she was a baby and toddler. Erin is the one who we had the most serious concerns about, who we were told might have autism by her gastro intestinal specialist.

I think he suspected that the vaccines were harmful. I don’t know why, exactly. When Erin would be there with me in his office for well checks as a baby, screaming incessantly at the top of her lungs the way she did, as if somebody had stuck a fork into her, he would just smile at me and shrug and say “oh well sometimes this happens…” But I remember there was one vaccine, I can’t remember which one it was, that had just begun being routinely given, and he actually suggested that perhaps it would be better if Erin didn’t get that vaccine. She was about four or five years old I think, at the time-- that would’ve been in around `94. He said “It’s to protect against a disease which is almost exclusively sexually transmitted. I don’t think Erin’s going to be having sex any time soon, do you?” And I thought to myself “well duh.” And I smiled and I said “No” and he said “why don’t we put that vaccine off until she’s older?” and I said okay.

He left the practice shortly after that. I was disappointed because I’d always thought he wasn’t too bad of a doctor all things considered. But I was also a bit surprised, because he didn’t really seem that old, to me. He’d told me he was retiring. I thought to myself that he seemed too young to retire, but didn’t ask him anything else about his age or why he was retiring. I sort of suspected though that maybe he was just going into private practice rather than continuing to work through the HMO. Or leaving the country maybe. But maybe he just looked young for his age.

The other incident happened five or six years ago. Everyone in my family, all six of us, got this horrible cough. You’d cough uncontrollably so hard and so long that eventually sometimes you’d end up barfing from it. It was pretty disturbing because it wouldn’t go away for the longest time. I was beginning to think there was some environmental toxin in my house, like maybe a carbon monoxide leak or something.

I remember seeing one of the HMO Doctors about it a few times over a period of maybe six or eight weeks. At first she told me it was the flu and it would go away. I said to her “are you sure? I’ve never had a flu last this long.” Eventually she told me it was asthma, and then later on, COPD. One of the things that she said to me, I think it was on my third visit, was “Are you just trying to get out of going to work?” I might not have been as offended as I was if I had any thought that perhaps she might have meant it as a joke. But the way she said it, I really don’t think it’s very likely that she wasn’t completely serious. I told her “Ha. I wish! I’m a stay at home mom.”

I swore that that was the last time I would make an appointment to see her.

I found out a few weeks later that we’d all had whooping cough. My husband found a description on a website, with a wave file of the way the cough sounded. Although he was the only one who got the classic ‘whoop’ sound with his cough, the rest of the description fit us all to a tee. It went away in three months, for all of us, just as the whooping cough description said it would. So anyway, the HMO Doctor couldn’t diagnose the problem, but my husband could. It’s all kind of weird because I don’t know how up to date I or my husband were on our childhood vaccines, but I do know that all of my children had been fully vaccinated at that point in time. Which meant they’d got their whooping cough vaccines. But still, they got whooping cough.

The worst thing about the whole situation, though, I think, was the attitude of the Doctor. I wrote a letter to the HMO explaining how offended I was by her question. This was the same HMO where I went, years later, and handed my pediatrician the information about mercury in vaccines, and he printed out the AAP’s There-there,-nothing-to-worry-about statement for me but he didn’t bother to look at it before he handed it to me. So that, when I got it home, I found that it wasn’t printed properly and I couldn’t have read it if I’d wanted to. We don’t have that HMO any longer.

The other thing that really disturbs me a lot is how no matter which health insurance plan you have (my husband is a federal employee, which means that we can choose between a list of insurers and switch yearly if we’d like), you end up with the same kind of crappy care.


Continue to insult parents and continue to see us challenge you and your schedule. How's that workin' for you?

Michael A. Chernoff

(Originally Published on Jenny McCarthy’s web blog)

To the other parents who like us, struggle with our son's Autism, please don't get caught up arguing with people who are not compassionate. The naysayer’s who say that vaccines have nothing to do with this epidemic, have a hidden agenda – they are protecting the medical establishment’s BIG mistake.

This is all going to come out in due time, and hopefully much faster with the pending litigation in Vaccine Court. The government finally conceded that there is a connection, and that is the start. Where one of the problem’s proving the connection, has been a lack of funds for studies and that is changing. The medical community can no longer play dumb and lie to parents anymore, we just will not accept the B***S*** anymore.

The medical community is quick to say there is no connection, but they have no reasoning on why a normal developing child would make a complete reversal of development and personality. Why? Because they made a BIG mistake, and they are trying, with the support of the government who mandates the vaccination schedule to cover up this major disaster. Here are a few points’…

1. Why did congress try to pass legislation that would drop all lawsuits against the pharmaceutical industry and indemnify them? Senator Frisk and Senator Army where pushing this at the eleventh hour, to try to slip it in. It failed.

2. Why do so many Doctor’s have conflicts of interest and own stock, options or get paid for studies that the pharmaceutical industry funds? Why have there not been more studies to prove that vaccines are safe, before they are made mandatory? The answer is that they are making a TON of MONEY, there are no third party independent studies. The pharmaceutical industry controls all studies, and they cater to doctors. I know, my wife is in the medical profession.

3. Why is there even a Vaccine Court, think about that? Because the government
acknowledges that people do get vaccine injured, and it was setup to protect the vaccine program.

4. Why after the most current ruling in Vaccine Court, the government will not release all the details – what are they hiding? This should be public record, and must be disclosed. Here the government again, is deceiving parents of very sick children and doing a disservice. All records of this magnitude must be open to the public. There should be an uproar why the court sealed the records, don’t you think? The parents are willing to disclose, but the government will not allow it?

5. Why did so many of us get sick when vaccinated, which I saw when I was in
the Military? Because the human body is getting bombarded, and can’t handled it – now think about giving all that to a developing baby? It does not make any sense, unless you think of all the money involved.

For further thought…

I (we) don’t need to listen to people who want to lecture me about what my son and family have been through, it is a waste of my time and anyone who is fighting this disorder. I always have believed America is compassionate, but I also have to remind myself that much of it is based on a system of greed.

This profitable relationship between the pharmaceutical industry, is just like the one you’re reading about in the current news about FFA and the Airline Industry safety. The government has a very LONG history of lying to the Public; this matter is no different and will come out with the proper litigation. They are not going to admit anything, it is going to have to be forced out of them…and I promise that parents like myself, are leading the charge.

By the way, my son will soon turn 9 and I have been involved in the Autism fight to be heard for the last 7 years. I told my wife, many years ago that it would take powerful people (Congressman Weldon, Senator Burton) famous people (Jenny, etc.) that this would unfortunately happen to their child, where you would see the change of public opinion. And change is coming quickly…My son is one of the first cases in Vaccine Court, and if we lose, we plan on taking it even further. Supreme Court if it goes that far.

For those of you out there, like us, keep fighting and don’t let anyone say otherwise (they don’t know what they are talking about). We are not EVER going away, EVER!

Michael A. Chernoff, for Alexander and so many Others…I will be your voice.

(Originally Published on Jenny McCarthy’s web blog)

Tanner's Dad

This is from the AAP form to report a reason why the parents object to vaccinations...
Ironic they are worried about future litigation when the industry is facing potentially thousonds upon thousands Lawsuits from our vaccine injured children...

"In addition to concern for the health of their unimmunized patients, doctors and nurses may be concerned about liability. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Infectious Diseases and Committee on Medical Liability state that documentation in the patient’s medical record of the efforts of physicians to communicate vaccine risks and benefits may help to decrease potential liability should a vaccine-preventable disease occur in the unimmunized patient (American Academy of Pediatrics. Red Book: 2006 Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases"


My pediatricians have not hassled me about my vaccination opinion. They treat my children with care and concern. We've worked with a ped in Cleveland (who was is a MENSA member and a truly respect and like him) one in Massachusetts and now CT. Do they jump up and down and give me an "atta girl!" when I tell them my vaccination opinion? Nope. They counsel me and we agree to watch the girls' health. Of course, when I utter, "seizure disorders, mitochondrial dysfunction, siblings with autism" they tend to get rather buggy eyed and write, "Medical Exemption" on the chart. But I've always had a respectful relationship with them, even when we disagree. I'm grateful for that.

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