Hellraiser_boxBy Harry Hofherr

It's often amazing what you might see and hear while hanging around our nation's capital.

On April 4th of this year, Dan Olmsted wrote a piece for Age of Autism titled, "THE HEAD OF HHS SAID WHAT?" "The Head of HHS Said What?" In that piece he talked about a conversation he had over lunch with a friend who told him Mike Leavitt, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, acknowledged that mercury causes autism.   

On June 2nd, my wife, our son, our younger daughter and I were in D.C. for the Green Our Vaccines Rally. While there, we went out to dinner with an old friend and his family. While his neurotypical son patiently tried to communicate with our non-verbal son, my wife and I explained the purpose of our visit.

We detailed to them, again, that the vaccines and the toxic bouillabaisse brewed into them caused our son's autism, and there is indeed an epidemic of autism in the world, caused in large part by toxic vaccines. We told them the current CDC schedule is 37 injections before the age of five, and that one of one hundred and fifty kids gets autism and that one out of six children has some form of neurological damage. I said the government had to know and must be covering it up.

Guess what his response was: "Yeah, they know. Leavitt knows the vaccines are responsible."

I wasn't shocked. I have to admit that this was the second time he'd told us that higher ups in HHS know that vaccines are causing a lot of damage to our kids, including the epidemic of autism. So why should I believe him? Here's two reasons.

First, I've known him for a long time. He's as honorable a person as I have ever known. I trust what he tells me. Second; he works at HHS and he hears, and knows things. Plus, he told us essentially the same thing last year on a trip to D.C.

Just to remind you; HHS is the department that oversees the FDA, and our friends at the CDC. They are the department that acknowledged Hannah Poling and other children were injured by their vaccines. 

So, Dan Olmsted hears the story over lunch from a friend, and I hear essentially the same story from a source inside HHS. But it's all hearsay evidence, and I'm as certain that Mike Leavitt would deny he said anything of the kind as I am the sun will rise in the East tomorrow morning. 

While taking our circuitous route back to Chicago, via Appomattox Courthouse, my wife reminded me of what she had heard from another friend back home, the mother of an autistic boy. When we returned to Chicago, I called our friend and asked her to tell me the story.

It seems that a neighbor of hers, Ms. Carolyn Kolbaba, is the former head of Public Information at the American Academy of Pediatrics. Back in the fall of 2005, while doing PTO stuff in our friend's living room, they began discussing her son; she told her fellow parent Carolyn that she believes vaccines and mercury caused his autism. Ms. Kolbaba replied that the AAP knows vaccines are causing autism, but they will never make a public statement admitting that, "…because most parents wouldn't understand and they'll stop vaccinating and children will get sick and die."

My friend went on to say that Ms. Kolbaba seemed to be exorcising a lot of guilt about this while simultaneously trying out a sales pitch and working to convince herself that she was telling the truth.

When my friend said to Ms. Kolbaba that children and families were suffering because of this epidemic, her reply was, "But what can we do?"

It's clear to me that our government and corporate leaders long ago decided that the war on public health is going to take some heavy casualties. Those casualties are not always young men and women that volunteered for combat duty; mostly they are infants and their parents, and all of society.

So, Secretary Leavitt and Ms. Kolbaba, what you can do is, start with a heavy dose of the truth, a sincere Mea Culpa, and a vow to clean up this disaster before it engulfs the planet and destroys what little credibility they have left.

Harry Hofherr and his wife have three children; two daughters and a son, Eric 11, who has autism. He has been in sales and marketing for over 25 years.


Michael A. Chernoff

All of Us,

It’s time that we parents demand a cure from science quickly to save our children, within a certain time limit to achieve. Time to make the government commit to solving this problem; much like putting a man on the moon within the decade of the 60’s (like what JFK stated in his famous speech).

We must make it a goal to solve the autism mystery and cure this problem within a time frame we impose on the government, this is their mess they created and it is up to us to make them take the responsibility to fix it quickly - We MUST NOT EXCEPT ANYTHING LESS.

This is the message that we MUST be presenting to Obama and McCain, if it takes 100 billion dollars to help our children by solving autism - Then be it!

Thank you all, and please don't ever stop no matter who tired you are (take a break, but keep pushing foreword).


Michael A. Chernoff, for Alexander and so many Others.

Rosie McDonel

Hi Kim,

A couple of comment and ------a great day for aoa on content.

Getting aoa is still very slow--had been instantaneous.

I do and have had a problem deciding who has posted what in comments. The heading appears to go with the following comment although I don't think that is where it goes. There is no clear break.

Comments from the heartland--



This is much bigger and politically more dangerous than you realize.

When the whistleblowers and critical thinkers in the 80s said that the CDC was mistaken about the true nature of the neuroimmunological epidemic of AIDS and that HIV was a big mistake, nobody listened and they were mocked and marginalized.

When people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome said they had a serious neuroimmunolgical epidemic that was contagious, and that the CDC was lying about their plight, they were mocked in the media and in their doctors' offices.

When people said that autism is a neuroimmunolgical epidemic that has increased in the last two decades and is caused by some new factor, the CDC looked the other way and autism activists were mocked and even called a threat to public health.

If you think these are three totally separate issues that have nothing to do with each other, then you don't understand the political scope of this problem and the reason it is so hard for the CDC and NIH to come clean.

All three of these issues have one thing in common, one new medical factor that is the 800-pound gorilla in the room: the neuroimmunological virus HHV-6.

The CDC and NIH probably won't come clean about HHV-6 without substantial political and media pressure.

If you think that telling the truth about HHV-6 is easy, then you don't know one of responsibilities people in public health think they have. They think they must keep the public from any form of panic. They have a public relations responsibility to keep the country calm.

How calm do you think the public would be if they found out that HHV-6 is the real key to AIDS, CFS, autism, MS, and many forms of cancer? And that's just for starters.

Yes, implicating vaccines in autism would be a hard truth to tell the public. But how would you like to be the Secretary of Health and Human Services and have to tell the American people that for almost three decades the best medical institutions in the world have (for a myriad of reasons) gotten the definition and cause of AIDS wrong and because of their colossal HHV-6 mistake have caused untold collateral medical damage? Wouldn't you keep a low profile and pass it on to the next administration while looking for a condo in Florida?



The time has passed for diplomacy and patience. We are passed talking about getting justice. Now is the time to act for justice. By what ever means it takes for the government to pay attention and take us seriously.

The lives of our children and their children are at stake here. What do you all think is going to happen to our children when we die? Do you honestly think the government is going to take care of our children? FAT CHANCE!! they won't even admit they did this.

Those on the inside will never own up to this because of "guilt", because in order to feel guilt one must have a soul and these bastards have proven time and again that they are soulless.


Jeanne --
In answer to your question, "Are there really that many human beings in our country who are willing to let our children suffer?"

Apparently so.

Teresa Conrick

Ms. Carolyn Kolbaba has more than one neighbor that she has told this to. She obviously is doing an "out damn spot" and cannot supress or repress her guilt BUT that does little for all the children who have been hurt AND continue to be hurt by AAP's demolition vaccination program. Maybe the Stepford tapes programmed in are starting to wear out?


"because most parents wouldn't understand and they'll stop vaccinating and children will get sick and die."

what!? please, make it stop. I'm feeling whoozy.

Betsy Black

If our government can bring in past and present baseball players to find out if they "juiced" or not, why in the world can't they supeona these people and ask the hard questions like "when did you know, how did you know" and get to the bottom of this truth.

Try the truth

"When my friend said to Ms. Kolbaba that children and families were suffering because of this epidemic, her reply was, "But what can we do?""

I am speechless. What can we do? How about beginning by speaking the truth? Just try it *once*, for a change.

BTW Nancy Snyderman was looking much subdued, do you think she might have heard the RFK Jr speech? I can't get over that speech, it was marvellous.


We all know the truth. Now we just have to wait for more people on the "inside" to cave under the guilt they must surely carry on their backs. This tragedy... no.... CRIME has got to stop! I am sick and damned tired of us (the moms and dads) being treated like crazies when the cold-hearted truth is right there for all to see.

What scares me most about this situation is the number of people involved who stand by and watch as our children are injured. They stand there and they protect the people responsible for this situation. Are there really that many human beings in our country who are willing to let our children suffer?

Tanner's Dad

We marched to Washington D.C. As a group.
Now lets march our fingers to Obama's Policy section... This was a letter that invited us to write spread the word...

We encourage you to visit http://my.barackobama.com/page/s/mypolicy

Dear Tim,

Thank you for contacting Senator Obama about the challenges facing
autistic children and their families. We especially appreciate hearing
your perspective as the parent of an autistic child.

Autism affects more than 1 million Americans and is a serious and
growing problem for American families such as yours. Federal support for
autism research has grown tremendously in recent years, but Barack
believes that we can do more to help autistic Americans and their families.
He has been a strong supporter of over $1 billion in federal funding
for autism research and treatment, and he believes that we should
increase funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to truly
ensure that no child is left behind.

More than anything, autism remains a profound mystery with a broad
spectrum of effects on autistic individuals, their families, loved ones,
the community, and education and health care systems. Obama believes that
the government and our communities should work together to provide a
helping hand to autistic individuals and their families.

We encourage you to visit http://my.barackobama.com/page/s/mypolicy
where you can share your specific ideas for helping people suffering from
autism, or about any other issue. The My Policy tool allows you to
share your ideas not only with our policy staff, but also with other
concerned citizens and experts across the country. It's all part of our
effort to replace top-down insider-only politics with open, honest and
principled conversation about the future of our country.

Thank you again for contacting Senator Obama about this important


Obama for America

We encourage you to visit http://my.barackobama.com/page/s/mypolicy


OMG I think i'm going to be sick. There's no therapist/pill/positive thought process that will ever help me get over the fact that my child's life has been knowingly and severly compromised by my government. How will we ever understand this? It is overwhelming and devastating.

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