AlbanyIn order to establish an exemption to mandatory vaccines, the Philosophical Exemption to Immunizations Act recently was introduced in the New York State Assembly. Currently, there are 18 states that give parents this right, while most other states offer only religious or medical exemptions.  Read more HERE.

"As a parent, I don't like the state making medical decisions for my children," said NYS Assemblyman Marc Alessi (D-Wading River), who sponsored of the bill. "I think if you are philosophically opposed to vaccinations, the state shouldn't be stepping into the role of parents to make the decision for children."

...Currently, the Philosophical Exemption to Immunizations Act rests in the health committee, which will decide if the bill goes straight to the floor or to another committee before being approved by the New York State Assembly, New York State Senate and then on to the governor."

Quotes from Suffolk Life newspapers.


Kelli Ann Davis

"According to Romaine, who stated that he fully supports the new legislation, warning labels on some vaccines are questionable in relation to how they are administered. 'They are not always strictly followed,' he said. 'Ironically, many of the recommendations made by the American Academy of Pediatrics almost appear lax compared to some of the more cautious recommendations written on the product that is intended to protect the manufacturers of these vaccines from liability.'

What a great point!!!! Goes to show you that the AAP has absolutely no fear on this angle when in reality they should be "shaking in their boots."

They probably figure the signatures on the VIS (Vaccine Information Sheets)are enough -- especially considering that the CDC are the ones who decide what goes on the sheet.

Big Bullies

"But while the school districts remain adamant about the necessity of all incoming and registered students being fully immunized,...."

This has been our experience too. Schools demand full immunizations or they will be after you like hawks. So also ped practices.

I don't really understand that CDC research about vaccine non-compliance that was posted on this blog yesterday. The one that said kids are not being fully immunized because of "confusion." What confusion where? Nobody, but nobody, lets you off the hook if the vaccines are not up to date. I recall being needled about the 4 to 6 years boosters through preschool and kindergarten and we changed preschools 3 times because we moved states/ cities/ districts. Each and every time they would ask me about those boosters. I would say we have time until 6 years. There is no confusion about anything ever. That report was another one of those lies we are so used to seeing coming out of the CDC. I don't trust them on anything anymore.

Seemingly now the CDC is "baffled" about Morgellon's disease, which some kids on the spectrum might have. Now that comes from GMO foods and Monsanto (another big bully) is forcing the GMO seeds on the farmers and consequently GMO foods on all. Does that sound familiar? Major corporations trying to take over our lives!! For profit, nevermind the consequences. Seemingly Monsanto has ties to Big Pharma. What a surprise, one bully gangs up with the original big bully. Its a match made in heaven.

Time to break free, and good for New York I say.

Michelle O'Neil

I think they should call it an "informed exemption." Sorry, but I'm informed. Can't do it.

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