Nurse_with_shotBy Kim Stagliano

THIS article was not written by a junk science junkie, a manic mom, a mercury militiaman or a mostly moronic measles-lover. It was written by an RN named Barbara Jamison and printed in that scandalous, liberal (LOL!) newspaper, The Fort Wayne Sentinel News.

You can register at the Sentinal News site and add your comments, as I'm sure the vaccinophiles will be there shortly ripping Nurse Jamison a new one. As soon as they scour Age of Autism with their morning's weak tea.

It is time to take a new look at the need for specific vaccinations. Vaccination is designed to benefit the public health. It is a one-size-fits-all approach. Thus, the rural Midwestern baby receives the same treatment as the crowded inner-city baby. Surely, the needs of these babies are not the same.

Hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for men who have sex with men, IV drug users and babies prior to hospital discharge after birth. This is because the government wishes to avoid future cases of Hepatitis B. Thus, all babies, regardless of the likelihood of exposure, are given this injection. Does that seem appropriate to you? This same theory is the reason for the recent push to vaccinate all 11- to 12-year-old females against HPV (human papilloma virus), which is spread by sexual contact. Another example: Hepatitis A is a contagious liver disease spread through contaminated food and water. Children are not among the high-risk group. Does your infant really need this shot?

Does Paul Offit find Nurse Barbara Jamison "endearing?"  (Thanks to Jane Johnson for that one!)

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.


Jim Witte

"I am waiting for the day they will release the 1 in 50 number, do you think the public might notice that?"

They might.. Or.. They might just yawn while the newscaster rushes breathlessly into the next sentence, which no doubt will contain the word 'measles' (or 'polio' if they want to rachet up the fear factor a bit)

But isn't the rate of autism in boys (single-gender analysis) already something like 1 in 90? One website I read ( says that while the official CDC estimates (which are old, we now know due to "CDC Sitting on Autism Data?") are 1 in 150, *educators* (who might be lumping in "full" Kanner autism, Asperger's, higher-functioning Asperger's, ADHD, ADD, emotional problems that might or might not be related [probably are], and probably a few other classes of kids). Anyway, the schools apparently estimate that the overall rate is already 1 in 94.

And given that the CDC is sitting on data.. We may not be far off. Now, if you do include not just all the above, just also J Diabetes, J Arthritis, other autoimmunities, allergies (life threatening and not), asthma, seizures that are clearly vaccine related.. You already are at 1 in 50 I think, or close.

Just wait until they put another vaccine on the schedule, make a *6-in-1* shot, or if people jump on the "flu shot" bandwagon (and they still contain mercury! At least for now). In Changing the Course of Autism, Jepson says that with flu shots now being so recommended ("pushed?") for kids, the amount of mercury being injected is approaching 2001 levels again. Now, this is not quite as early, and is spread out - the flu shots are only at 6 and 12 months, and then every year after? Or are they every 6 months up to 5 or something? But I'd like some hard data on that.

Gerberding and the rest of the "mercury is gone from childhood vaccines" people need to see that data.

Yes, askthedoctor dear

"Ask questions such as: How dangerous is the illness? Is my child likely to contract the illness? What are the risks of the vaccine?"

Ask your doctor *this* question (as supplied by Healy) - "Doctor is my (individual) child susceptible to vaccinations?" And watch him squirm because he has NOT done his homework. And he really has no clue because he was NEVER taught this in medical school, and has never bothered to research this simple fact, and is solely responsible for making 1 in ? children autistic today.

PS: I am waiting for the day they will release the 1 in 50 number, do you think the public might notice that?


Weak tea?

I thought it was vinegar.

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