Green_vaccineBy Katie Wright

I can’t wait to get to D.C. for the Greening the Vaccines rally! Washington needs to see how our community can mobilize and stand up for our kids. I am so happy that so many people who love my son and care about all of our kids are coming with me, Andreas and our two boys. Joining us will be my sister, my brother-in-law, my aunt, wonderful therapists, and my Mom, Suzanne Wright.

I am delighted to join our fearless rally leader, Jenny McCarthy, in this effort to make our vaccines as safe as possible. Although vaccines may be safe for many, they were not safe for my son, who convulsed with fevers, rashes, non-stop screaming and an arched back all day and all night after receiving a series of vaccines in one “well baby” visit. On Jenny’s last appearance on my favorite show, “Larry King Live,” Jenny brought the CDC’s infant and toddler vaccination schedule, which is as jam-packed as Grand Central Station’s train timetable. Jenny also brought a list of all those “extra” ingredients frequently found in your child’s vaccines: aluminum, ammonia, formaldehyde, anti-freeze and yes, mercury which is still in the flu shot. But no need to worry about the mercury anymore, if your child weighs 450 pounds it is a perfectly safe amount of mercury to inject him or her with.

Jenny asked a perfectly reasonable question of Dr. Tayloe, the new AAP president, “are these adjuvants safe when administered in some many combinations to babies?” Dr. Tayloe had no answer, because no one has done such research. Amazing, isn’t that! Dr. Tayloe instead proclaimed that the toxins in the air we breathe are just as dangerous as the neurotoxins we inject in babies’ bloodstreams. Now, I am not a doctor…but does he really expect us to believe that? Yes, I am a busy parent with a lot going on, but I’m not an idiot, that reasoning just defies common sense.

My son cannot excrete heavy metals as well as he should. Maybe that is why 3 separate heavy metals tests have shown Christian to have toxic amounts of, you guessed it:  mercury, aluminum and ammonia, in his body. None of the other members in our family tested anywhere near Christian’s levels. I would not like to undergo an elective colonoscopy but I would be willing to bet that I do not have the measles in my colon either. But then again, I got the MMR shot when I was 5, not at 12 months. Too much, too soon- isn’t that what we have been saying for so long?

Too much, too soon and unsafe for too many. We need to green our vaccines now! Our kids cannot be viewed as acceptable collateral damage and the price worth paying for an untested, ultra aggressive vaccine policy of questionable safety. We cannot continue to be asked take such chances with our children’s lives. 1 in 90 American boys are autistic, 1 in 6 American boys are neurologically impaired and in special ed. Our opponents say that single dose vials or more expensive, less toxic adjuvants will cost too much. Cost too much? Are they kidding? Try autism if you think new vaccines are expensive. It is time to green the vaccines and make them safe for all children.

See you in D.C.!!!! Thanks Jenny!!!!!

Katie Wright has two young boys. Her oldest son, Christian, is severely affected by autism. He developed normally; smiling, talking, walking; only to lose every skill and every word by the age of 2 and a half.  Upon the advice of medical professionals Katie and her husband were advised to pursue only high quality behavioral therapy, speech and OT for Christian. It had no meaningful impact on Christian until his parents sought help from DAN! doctors who treated the underlying causes of Christian's descent into autism. Christian has improved but still has far to go. He has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the measles virus in his gut and an immune system akin to a late stage AIDS patient. Christian does not have a psychiatric disorder. Before autism, Katie Wright was the Clinical Director of Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Stamford Connecticut. Katie is proud to serve on the Boards of NAA and SafeMinds.


Kimberly Davis

To everyone who has a child with autism and can't go; I'll be there for you. How can I not remember you, when you tell me so poignantly of your child's last words. I can barely type through my tears.

I have 2 sons with ASD. I honestly don't know if my oldest son was vaccine injured. My youngest was never vaccinated. They are still environmentally injured. Every molar in my mouth has a mercury filling. Viruses did them both in.

So, I'm there to speak for you, and fight for you and all the other children who can no longer tell us what they want to say, because big pharma's greed stole their voice.

Zsa Zsa

Maybe Two Park Ave?

Cathy Jameson

Thamk you to all he families who will be in D.C. for the rally--we can't be there but will pray your voives are heard across the nation's capital. We appreciate all who will stand up for our children!

Cathy Jameson

Autism Mom

Because so many parents of autistic kids can't possibly get to DC on June 4, I wonder if we could think of other sites in key cities for smaller demonstrations. Maybe in Chicago, in front of AAP; in Atlanta, in front of CDC; maybe in front of major children's hospitals? If anyone's thought of a site in the New York City area, I would love to hear of it. Thanks.


Anyone in Chicago going to the Greening the Vaccines rally? Please reply and let me know.




Terri and anyone trying to get on my site, if you are having trouble, I apologize! My husband is on the phone with tech support right now. Please, please, please, try again in about 10 minutes (they say it will be up by then). I don't want to lose the chance to add to my stack of families and kids! :-) Thanks!

K Fuller Yuba City, please check my site for information on a project I am working on!



Green our Vaccines Rally has a list of supporting organizations.

Support Organizations are:

LATER TODAY we will be adding the organizations that have DECLINED their support. One of those organizations includes Autism Speaks. (Katie you rule. This is just about AS, not you.)


Thank you Katie. Thank you for your continued support on these efforts. You are appreciated.
Lisa - Jeffs mom

Terri Lewis

P.S. An invitation to anyone lurking, and to those I haven't seen in a while and miss (biomedmama7, are you there?), and to those who are new, and to those who aren't personally affected, but sympathetic:

We need you. We need all of us.


Terri Lewis

I hate it that I can't be there, but we've got e-mail and we've got phones, right, everybody?--and we are NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM!

Those of us who can't be there in person can still be there on the phone and in e-mails sent ON THE DAY of the rally. (And the next day, and the next day.)

June 4, 2008 is going to live *in history* as the day that parents showed up in Washington D.C. in numbers that couldn't be ignored.

Jeanne, I'm just now seeing your note, too, and will check out your project on your blog. WHOOO!

*Fight* the good fight.

Hey, does anybody have a sign that says, "What you do to the least of these. . ."

Or how about (especially for those of us who can look a bit intimidating):

On the front: "You hurt my kid. . ."

On the back: "You're gonna answer to ME!" Just a thought.

And maybe mixed in with some of the green t-shirts with the official "green our vaccines" slogan we could have a few that say "Screw your schedule," or (on the front): "I want to be one less. . ." (on the back): "One less victim of your messed up vaccines!" (Get it? It's like the Gardisil commercials!)

Thank you to every single person who's able and willing and making that sacrifice of time and money to BE THERE. Nothing can substitute for that. But those of us at home can sure try!!

Terri L.



This line in your biography caught my eye: "He has . . . an immune system akin to a late stage AIDS patient."

Are you aware of the questionable science and politics of AIDS that are keeping the public in the dark about a virus that connects AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autism and many other medical problems?

That virus is HHV-6 and it might be the missing piece of the autism puzzle that needs immediate attention. The HHV-6 story is politically explosive because it could unite all the AIDS activists who have argued that HIV is not the real cause of AIDS with the CFS activists and the autism activists. All three groups are victims of what the CDC has not yet told the public about HHV-6.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that we are in the middle of an epidemic of activated HHV-6 which has many different ways of expressing itself. AIDS, CFS, autism, MS, serious gastrointestinal problems, are just some of the ways this pernicious neuroimmunological virus presents itself.

Ironically, the CDC's researchers were probably staring at HHV-6 in AIDS patients in the early 80s when they thought they were looking at CMV which HHV-6 resembles. HHV-6 was only discovered in AIDS and CFS patients in 1986, two years after HIV was declared the official cause of AIDS. Blaming HIV for what HHV-6 was doing in AIDS could turn out to be the biggest mistake ever made in medical science. Not only did it affect AIDS patients, but millions of other who are now suffering from which could be called complications of HHV-6. While the focus has been on HIV, HHV-6 has gone on its merry way since 1981. The chronological overlap with the autism explosion is noteworthy.

An urgent area of research should be the relationship between vaccines and HHV-6. Do vaccines make an HHV-6 infection even worse? (The degree of HHV-6 infection seems to correlate with the degree of pathology in MS.)

A major conference on HHV-6, hosted by Robert Gallo, will take place in Baltimore on June 19. The autism community should consider joining forces with all the activists and scientists who want the world to know the truth about HHV-6. (Hopefully Dan Olmsted will bring the conference and the HHV-6 link to autism to the public's attention. His fan base would grow exponentially.)

Maybe instead of asking if autism is an epidemic the question should be this one: Is autism part of the pandemic of activated HHV-6?

Sandy Gottstein

OMG, Craig. Your son's words will be burned in my mind forever.

All the best,

K Fuller Yuba City, Ca

Good luck Katie, you are a fabulous spokesperson. I know that you would never choose this job in a million years! I try to quit all of the time, I always hope that my son's Autism is not a lifetime career. Of course I will do it because it is best for him, but I believe we will find a way to heal him and make him the best he can be.
Our family does not have the financial ability to go to the rally in Washington. I wish someone would produce some kind of letter writing campain to take with the people who are going to be there. We will be with you in heart and spirit. I am so glad that Jenny has gotten the attention, saying all of the things so many of us have been saying for years. Thank you for opening up peoples ears. Jenny has a huge purpose in this world. Thanks again. I hope all of those in power will hear our voices loud and clear. Our son's voice needs to be heard as well. I sign every email and every correspondance with the sentence, "1in150 American children are affected by Autism, including our son."

Katie Wright

In response to a number of questions regarding Autism Speaks supporting the Grreening the Vaccines Rally, I, unfortunately have no answer. One would think that making our childhood vaccines as safe as possible should be a goal that AS and everyone in our community would publicly support. AS says repeatedley how committed they are to vaccine safety issues so one would think this would be an ideal opportunity for AS to reach out in support of our community and vaccine safety issues. The fact that my mother is attending is wonderful but I have no idea if AS has committed any resources or will be attending the rally in any capacity. I would direct all questions to AS Communications or Public Awareness personnel. In light of the fact AS has just co-sponsored IMFAR and sent a large delegation to London to attend, it would be particularly appropriate for AS to evidence support not only for the academic community but families of autistic children as well.



Just when I had dried my eyes, I read your baby's last words. My God... so sad. I will add your son's name to my sign if you want. Also, if you visit my blog you will see about a project I am working on to represent everyone who can't be at the rally. My email is on the blog entry, contact me if you are interested!

Gotta go fix my mascara.

Kelli Ann Davis

(Jeanne -- you literally took the words out of my mouth.)

Tanner’s Dad and Craig:

To say that your son’s last words are a powerful motivator for “fighting” is an absolute understatement!

No parent should ever *I MEAN EVER* have to witness the horror of listening to their child’s last words!!!

When I read these accounts – I weep. And then I pick myself up and remember *exactly* why I fight!

God’s best to you and your families.

Your friend in arms,

PS....Katie -- YOU ROCK!

Craig Willoughby

I am terribly sad that I can't be there. There is just no way possible for my family and I to make the trip, especially considering that the IRS scimped on my economic stimulus check. Well, if and when it does show up, I plan on spending most of it for GFCF stuff.

Tanner's Dad is spot on; we need to speak for our silent children. We need to tell the world what happened to them. My son's last words to me were "Go Bye Bye!" And he did. His voice has since been silent, and I wish I could be there to speak for him. Thank all of you for speaking for us. Even though I have never met any of you face to face, my wife and I, and my 3 beautiful children, all love you and your sacrifice.


Thank you Katie for supporting the "Green Our Vaccines" rally. I too have a son severely affected by autism and it is a tough road. I won't be able to bring my son- I don't think he could handle it.

I'm wondering since your mother will be attending the rally with you- does that mean Autism Speaks will be promoting the rally? I didn't see anything on their website about it. Please, someone let me know if I overlooked the information. Will Autism Speaks be demanding a greening of vaccines?

I think it is great on a personal level that your parents are supportive of your views on autism causation and treatment, but I sure wish that support would spill over into the very public Autism Speaks.

I imagine this rally is going to be a momentous occasion and I look forward to being a part of it.


Katie, See you in DC.
My prayers are with Christian to recover.
It is insane that we can go to a doctor with an ear infection and say "This looks like a swollen infected ear, boy is he in pain." And they look at the ear and prescribe accordingly.
But when we cry vaccine reaction we are silenced and discredited.
Incredibly obvious GI and developmental problems ignored.
This is why I want to be sick every time prevalence numbers are chalked up to be "better diagnosis".
It's not better until things change!
It's not better till pediatricians listen to parents.
It's not better until consumer safety trumphs more mandated shots.

Mito mom

"Speak in his name. Many many parents would love to be at the rally but we are struggling to find treatments, therapies, respite, and support. Maybe even one day some remediation."

Tanner's Dad, I was thinking of a particular treatment option for your son that you may or may not have explored. If you are interested, please ask Kim for my email address.

Anne Dachel

Look at the lengths parents have to go to in order to wake the country up to the damage that has been done to a generation of children.

No one ever said it would be easy.

No one should ever expect that the government, the medical community or public health officials would willingly admit to complete oversight failure, but each day our ranks grow stronger and our voices are louder. We will succeed. We're never going away!

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Jeff Stone

In addition to "greening" the vaccines, testing for "too much too soon" in terms of virus exposure from vaccines is so important. There's the CDC on one side that says how 30,000+ people die each year from the flu. But is it the flu? Or, is it that people who have the flu also get pneumonia and die from the combined stress of both viruses? Then, of course, we have Paul Offit, who says our kids could be inoculated for 10,000 viruses at one time and be OK. Naturally, the CDC has done no testing, so who knows what's safe?


I am a Generation Rescue "angel", and I need your help. I am answering the "battle cry". I have a charter bus reserved for central PA. I have 30 seats left. If there is anyone here who lives in the area, please, feel free to email me. The cost is $32 per seat. It will be departing from the Lycoming County Mall at 4:30 AM, and will stop for breakfast and dinner. We will have an onboard raffle for some great bus prizes. I have a ticket to meet Jenny and Jim, and I am so looking forward to this. Please, join us! Everyone has a voice, and it does make a difference. Recruit everyone you know, and let's go! dentaldiva2@comcast.net


Tanner's Dad,

Every time I read your son's last words, I cry. My family and I will be at the rally, I am adding your son's name to my sign. I will speak his name.

Tanner's Dad

Thank you katie...Remember that you, Jenny, and others at the rally are there with the power of the voice of parents all over the world. As Jenny said almost 5000 going to court. I bet there is another 50,000 who wish they could go to court ( turn over the statute of limitations ).

Parents plight make them right.
When the obvious is in sight.
Our "natural science" will make us fight,
To bring our children back to light.

My son's last words haunt me every minute of every day... 5 1/2 years ago the morning of July 4th

"My name is Tanner. My name is Tanner." just after his shots.

Speak in his name. Many many parents would love to be at the rally but we are struggling to find treatments, therapies, respite, and support. Maybe even one day some remediation.

Alison Davis

Thank you, Katie, for your Rally cry. I liked what you said about "acceptable collateral damage". My poster has a big picture of our 3 boys with vaccine-induced autism, saying, "UNACCEPTABLE 'COLLATERAL DAMAGE' DONE!" We are ready for the GREEN OUR VACCINES rally and, most importantly, our legislator meetings.


If anybody speaking is reading this I would ask that you apeal to the british media to start reporting what is happening to our kids. we are in a desperate sititation the latest is that kids in london will be given 2 lots of mmr in 3 months. (and I bet that hasn,t even been tested on monkeys)
You are marching for all our kids.
thank you Katie Jenny Jim and all

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