OLMSTED ON AUTISM: CDC triggers measles outbreak


Honor_thy_motherThis is the the transcript of a DVD sent to the Presidential candidates by Rebecca Estepp.

Vaccine Safety Requests For Our Next Commander in Chief

My name is Rebecca Estepp. I am a proud military wife and mother of two boys. My husband is currently deployed overseas.  This is his third deployment in five years.   My oldest son, Eric, is a child living with autism.

I followed the recommended vaccine schedule for my son Eric.  He developed typically until he had a vaccine reaction. Eric was later diagnosed with autism.

We know from the recent government concession in the Hannah Poling case that children with underlying and generally unidentified, mitochondrial disorders are at risk from such  aggressive vaccination practices and can develop autism from receiving too many shots in one day. Military families are frequently exposed to multiple vaccinations in one day as they move about from base to base in their service. 

Based on my son's experience with adverse vaccine reactions, I want to know if you are elected if you would issue two Executive Orders, which would begin to improve vaccine safety.  The Executive Branch is responsible for vaccine policies through the actions of the CDC, NIH, FDA and EPA. Vaccine safety issues are a topic of great concern for many, many families with children today.

Candidates: The first Executive Order I would like you to consider is within the first 100 days of taking office, would you issue an Executive Order requiring the removal of MERCURY from all vaccines by January 1, 2010? 

Mercury is STILL present in 94% of all flu vaccines. In fact, the amount of mercury present in one dose of flu vaccine exceeds EPA safety standards for human exposure for anyone who weighs less than 500 pounds. Mercury is a known neurotoxin and a toxin to the developing immune system. There is absolutely no reason to  purposely inject mercury into our babies, much less into pregnant women and their fetuses.

With the tremendous talent, ability and resources available to the pharmaceutical Industry, they can comply with this order by producing vaccines in single dose vials.  Government agencies charged with vaccine safety recommended that mercury be removed from children's vaccines back In 1999. The recommendation to err on the side of caution has not been followed by industry, or enforced by those agencies.

In 2004, both candidates supported the removal of mercury from all vaccines while on the campaign trail. Unfortunately no action has been taken to date.  I am asking the next Commander In Chief to please issue this order.

For the second Executive Order, Candidates: Within 100 days of taking office, would you issue an Order requiring a Moratorium on the addition of new vaccines to the recommended list for children, until the current vaccine schedule can be proven safe?

In 2008, children who follow the recommended vaccine schedule receive 48 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6 - more than twice the number of doses of vaccines that children got in 1983, when they received 23 doses of 7 vaccines. While it is unclear exactly what role this increase in the number of doses has played with regard to the health of American children, it is clear that new vaccines are not held to the same safety and testing standards that new drugs are. 

It is also clear, as the CDC has recently admitted, that  simultaneous vaccination is incompletely studied at time of licensure.  Even though kids get multiple doses of vaccines in their doctor’s offices everyday.To ensure that the vaccines American children receive are as safe as possible, the next generation of children will need strong leadership from the next President who oversees the agencies that approve vaccines.

Public confidence in vaccine safety is essential for compliance. More and more parents are refusing or delaying vaccines out of a legitimate concern for safety as the number of sick children has risen along with the number of vaccines.  Vaccination is a medical procedure that manipulates the immune system and alters the human body, not just a rite of passage . I am asking that they simply be held to the same rigorous testing standards as other drugs.

Issuing an Executive Order to stop adding more vaccines to the schedule until safety can be determined through those standards will be a step towards restoring public confidence and allow us to move forward ensuring that children are both protected from diseases and reducing the possibility of adverse reactions.


Regardless of the controversy between vaccines and the cause of autism, these simple requests provide a common sense approach to restoring the public's faith in these medical procedures.

Candidates: Thank you very much for listening. We need a President willing to take action to restore the principle of "First, Do No Harm" to Public Health. I look forward to receiving your video responses prior to Memorial Day this year. The responses should come from you, in person and on video so that American citizens concerned with vaccine safety can witness your campaign pledges.

To all American citizens concerned with vaccine safety, I encourage you to send a link to this video request for these questions out through your email.  My husband and thousands of other dedicated soldiers are fighting around the world to preserve our freedom of speech to let our leaders know when we see a need for change to improve the quality of life for American citizens. Children deserve to be protected from diseases that could harm or kill them.  But we need to be sure that in our efforts to prevent disease, we haven't created life long disabilities. Thank you.

NOTE: To contact the campaigns:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]



What about ultrasounds? It seems autism has also been since they became prevalent?

Mahlon Smith

Dawn - Thimerisal strips the Purkinje axon (cerebellum) of myelin, which results in such learning issues as auditory and visual processing disorders, language processing delays, visual motor integration issues, balance and position of body, and poor socialization due to the child's inability to "read" facial expressions, etc., all of which are caused by this pharmaceutical adjuvant. And the horrible truth is, not only do pharmaceutical companies already know this, so does our government!

Mahlon Smith

Contrary to what the government is acknowledging about it’s understanding of autism, the US has known the importance of dietary micro nutrition since the mid 1940s.

Omega 3 is naturally occurring in mother’s breast milk but was absent from infant formula 1982-2002. Pressured by pharmaceutical companies, Ronald Reagan deregulated the FDA in 1982, which allowed manufacturers to produce infant formula lacking Omega 3. Mother’s who thus breast feed their infant children on formula were depriving them of nutrition which is needed to myelinate the Purkinje neuron in the cerebellum during infancy. In some cases, this effect alone will cause a disorder known as Asperger’s, but not always. However, where the Purkinje axon is weakly myelinated, the child may appear to function normally until exposed to immunizations containing one of five known pharmaceutical adjuvants, including thimerisal. These adjuvants further demyelinate the already poorly developed Purkinje axon, thus assuring Asperger’s.

Knowing this, what medical research is attempting to determine at this time is whether myelin present after two years of infant diet and stripped from the Purkinje axon will recover, and it does. This means presentation of autism subsequent to immunizations will eventually diminish, unless other drugs are introduced, which can make things even worse for the child.

Autism had two known causes, and this is absolutely no mystery to medical research. The first cause is poorly arborated cortical mass of Purkinje neurons. If you imagine a winter tree stripped of it’s leaves you have a pretty good idea of what a healthy arbor looks like. The same tree pruned back to stubs is what the arbor looks like in classically autistic children. Classic autism is a neurological birth defect, and there is no cure.

For those of you who are familiar with root systems of a tree, these are sheathed like the bark on the tree’s trunk, and you can see this more prevalently when the root begins to dry out. The Purkinje axon in sheathed in myelin. This is an insulating substance that helps the Purkinje axon transmit electrical signals between the cerebellar cortex and muscles. When myelin is stripped from the axon, the neuron can not transmit signals as efficiently between cortical mass and motor neurons, and processing deficits such as are typical of children with Asperger’s occurs.

Asperger’s in a type of autism that typically occurs when the mother’s breast milk naturally lacks Omega 3, and this phenomenon is the source of the government’s and pharmaceutical companies standing research into the use of adjuvants such as thimerisal in immunizations. In other words, the cause of autism is no mystery, but the government will sustain the public’s mystification to continue research on human infant guinea pigs unfettered by parental concern over the ill effects of this massive research.

Good luck fighting this. This in a multi agency enterprise where everyone participating in the project is benefiting economically, even your HMO and local school district.


Dalinda, thank you. Becky is with our sponsor TACA - you could make a donation to them, any of our other sponsors, or us! And simply by calmly and logically explaining your decision to other parents, you'll make a difference.

Thanks. KIM STAGLIANO, Managing Editor

Dalinda Dallas

I am a young mother of two boys. I began hearing negative comments about vaccines while 4 months pregnant with my first. I di a huge research and decided against vaccinating my children for now. How can I help your cause?


Kudos Rebecca. I have chosen not to vaccinate my daughter and have met with obstacles every step of the way...but it is better than her ending up with a disease. I may have to end up home schooling her due to this and that will be fine...Don't forget though, mercury is toxic and does need to be removed but there are many other things in vaccines that are toxic as well, aluminum, fecal matter, aborted fetus tissue(mmr)etc etc... so even ensuring that mercury isn't in the vaccines will NOT make them safe. There is nothing safe about putting disease into a healthy child. Proper diet, chiropractic adjustment and exercise will keep a child healthy and eliminates the need to vaccinate.

Marilyn Plante

My grandaughter Kaidyn was a bright, healthy child until she started receiving vaccines. She did not recive her first vaccine until she was over one year old because my daughter was living in Germany and was seeing a homeapath. When she moved back to California, the doctors pressured her and made her feel guilty and the vaccines started. We started noiticing changes about the age of 2, but were not aware of what was taking place. At first she became aggressive, biting her mother and other children and having behavior problems. She slowly started to lose her ability to talk clearly and eventually lost all ability to communicate. She also could not understand the spoken word. Even though she had many symptoms of autism; lack of eye contact, head banging, screaming, running in circles and running away from us, biting herself and others, hurting herself constantly without feeling pain and many more, she was diagnosed with LKS. As far as I am concerned, neurological problems caused by vaccines are all devasting and similar. LKS is just a label. I was aware of the dangers of vaccines and had warned my daughter, but I understand the pressure parents feel. When Kaidyn stopped talkin, I was angry and full of pain. I turned that pain and anger into an intense pursuit of natural treatments and diet for Kaidyn. I also started taking care of her full time, while her mother worked. We eventually got her into the public school system. It was good, but inadequate...not enough therapy and not enough help for these children who need intense help early on. We were not able to subsidize her therapy because of financial hardship. We made up for it by giving her so much unconditional love, acceptance and attention. Taking care of Kaidyn was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. The physical and emotional demands were extreme for a grandmother, let alone a young mother. We never gave up hope and we had some remarkable progress. I kept a journal with information about the treatments we tried and the diets and supplements and the results. Kaidyn still has not started talking, although she occasionlly has said a few words and sometimes we think she understands some of our words. We continue to try new things and she is now receiving some extra therapy, which is a combinaton of speech, occupational and behavior therapy. Her parents moved to Austin Texas in December and her mother is staying home with her full time for now. I miss her terribly, but I know that it is important for her to be with her mom and living in Texas was the only way she could do it. Kaidyn is 5 now. We still think she will start to talk one day. We continue to see improvement. Kaidyn received 23 vaccines in less than 2 years. The last vaccines she received were the flu and hepatitis B vaccines. 2 weeks later she stopped talking completely. She has not received another vaccine since, even though her doctors have tried to give them. We know that the vaccines she received caused her neurological problems. I hope that our government wakes up and listens to the parents of these children. Until that happens, parents should either refuse the vaccines, or insist on mercury free vaccines and also a safer schedule. Dr. Bock, MD has a vaccine schedule in the back of his book that is safe for parents who want to vaccinate. I reccommend that every parent and grandparent should read it. My heart and prayers go out to all of the children and parents and their families. Losing a child to Autism or other similar disorders is devastaing. There is not one of us on the planet that is not affected by the loss and suffering of these children.


Thank you!
Rebecca, you are right! My son was nornal until he has so many vaccines and flu shots in his first two years. Now his labs tests show that he has so much mercury and others toxic metals in his system. He is dialoged Autism.

Dawn Hagenbarth

I agree with you Rebecca. I am a child of a retired military parent and I have a son going through the testing at the age of 5 for autism that has been ignored by medical and the education system until now. He too progressed fine until he had his vaccinations, his were at the age of 10 months and again at 18 months that he lost what he had already learned. I want this issue brought up and answered for the sakes of all the children being bombarded by these unnecessary risks and then avoided or neglected to be recognized by those in charge of protecting and helping them.

Media Scholar

Thimerosal induces mitochondrial disorder.

C's Mom

Well done, Rebecca! I too am a military mom with a son affected by autism. I stand beside you in this fight. My husband is also overseas and I understand the challenges you face. I thank you, and your husband for both your service and loyalty to our nation.
Personally, I'd like to know what insanity has gripped our nation and medical community. Prudence in the care of our children should never have been questioned. The disdain that I've encountered when I approach the subject with the military treatment facility doctors makes me feel like I'm in an episode of "The Twilight Zone". They've shown with my son the same disconnect from care and concern as they would some numbered lab rat. The circular logic that they argue in reference to mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde in vaccines makes me think I'm argueing with a drunk.
Some day sanity, not greed, will prevail.

Kurt N. Woeller, D.O.

Great job! Your efforts are appreciated, and your families sacrifice for this country goes beyond most. I think the executive orders are definitely needed. Unfortunately, it will likely take until 2010 to take mercury out of vaccines when in reality it could and should be done much sooner. I hope the presidential candidates are listening. Keep up the great work.



Jennifer Baudin

I wanted to say Thank you in doing this. I hope this will open the eyes of everyone and that Autism and vaccines are a BIG question. I have twin girls and One has Autism. I belive we do need to do more testing and such. GREAT JOB and thank you again.

My husband is also military and thank you in what your husband do for us.


Valid, concise and pertinent info. hope we get the answers

Becky, how you pull this off with a child on the spectrum, another child, a full time job and a husband out fighting for the beyond me
Everydday in autism I find a new hero. Youre mine for at least another few weeks.

Michelle Thorn

Thank you Rebecca for continuing to be such a champion of information regarding autism and vaccines. You remain an inspiration for many. You are my hero!

H H H Fudenberg M,D.


Pamela Felice

I agree with Kelli Ann. I greatly appreciated what Rebecca has done and I also believe we should go back to the schedule of 1983. So let's move forward with Rebecca's call to action but, for those who agree, let's ask in our email that we go back to the schedule of 1983 with no more vaccines added until appropriate studies are done.

It's like Jenny McCarthy said on the Larry Kind vaccine debate, "It's not like we had kids dropping off the map in 1983"...that necessitated the aggressive increase in our schedule.

Lin Wessels

THANK YOU, Becky et al. We very much appreciate your efforts! Thank you for your unwavering dedication and commitment to all those afflicted by autism! I think you did an outstanding job!! We appreciate you and all those who worked so diligently to make this happen!


Kevin Barry

Subject: Vaccine Safety Requests for Our Next Commander in Chief

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


Can someone post the email addresses at the end...votehillary something, etc?

Kelli Ann Davis


Love it. Short. Sweet. To the point.

I hope they get flooded with e-mails!



Not unclear

I appreciate the effort made by Rebecca - a LOT - but I would have preferred it if the second order had said that we need to go back to the 1983 schedule (at the very least until a safe one is implemented) since we KNOW that the current vaccine schedule is undeniably unsafe.

Even keeping the current schedule going means that kids are continuing to get axed on a daily basis. Newer and newer people are hitting the lists each day with 2 or 3 year olds that have been recently diagnosed. THIS current schedule needs to go - ASAP. Just my personal opinion.

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