InsaneHere's the newest "it's genetic" spin to deflect the dialogue away from the environmental causes of autism.

CHICAGO (Reuters) - In another sign pointing to an inherited component to autism, a study released on Monday found that having a schizophrenic parent or a mother with psychiatric problems roughly doubled a child's risk of being autistic.

"Our research shows that mothers and fathers diagnosed with schizophrenia were about twice as likely to have a child diagnosed with autism," said Julie Daniels of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, who worked on the study.

.....No one knows what causes autism, but researchers think it is likely that several genes and possibly environmental factors contribute. Some autism advocates believe childhood vaccinations play a role, although most medical experts say it is extremely unlikely.

Read the full Reuters article HERE.


A Nurse

The perinatal period includes the Hep B shot at time of birth does it not?
•Yes it does but it is only recommended it is not required
What about the mercury laden Rhogam shot?
•The mercury is used as a preservative for a majority of vaccinations because it kills an unwanted bacteria, has a longer shelf life than most other preservatives, and guess what you can ingest more mercury in tuna fish than what they use in vaccinations.
What about pitocin during labor?
•It’s meant to induce labor and can be dangerous yes but that is why the child is put on a electrical fecal monitor and the room is filled with medical professionals to monitor and anticipate any complications which occur very rarely
What about prenatal pills loaded with folic acid in women who have problems with folinic acid and need methylfolate instead?
•Folinic acid is used as an adjuvant med with chemo drugs it isn’t the same as folic acid. You need folic acid and your body uses it every day. If you take folinic acid I would be more concerned about surviving cancer then getting pregnant.
What does that folic acid do in them?
•Folic Acid aides in DNA synthesis and repair so an increase in Folic Acid is necessary for neural tubes (which develop into the brain and spinal cord) so that the fetus can develop a proper neurological system.
What about the genetically modified corn that women eat which is apparently Monsanto/ Big Pharma driven with the FDA seal of approval?
•I’m pretty sure there is no convincing you on that one it seems like pure conspiracy theory.
What about instant cord clamping?
•Well if your newborn needs to be resuscitated you need to clamp the chord to save the kids life. But otherwise it’s up to the mother to make her intentions known if you want to wait its up to you unless there is a medical emergency.
What about having women birth kids in the prone position?
•That one is strictly for doctors convenience pure selfishness
What about hitting women with drugs during a C-section delivery?
•Typical drugs given for a C-section are Antacid (decrease risk for aspirating acidic gastric contents during surgery), Antibiotics (prevent possibility of infection), and a Spinal Block (so the mother does not feel the surgery; most commonly used in C-sections)
What about epidurals causing plummeting heart rates in infants leading to emergency C-sections?
•The epidural hasn’t been proved to drop the heart rate of an infant, it is meant as pain relief for the mother delivering the child. It only directly affects the mother in that it relaxes the muscle below the injection site which leads to the fetus being unable to accomplish internal rotation leading to the emergency C-section. Once again the epidural is voluntary and based solely on personal preference.

CDC stooge

Here's a mugshot of Julie Daniels.

From an autism list -

"Julie L. Daniels is an assistant professor of epidemiology and maternal and child health at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health. She directs the North Carolina Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Research and Epidemiology, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Her research focuses on perinatal environmental exposures that affect infant/child health and development."

I thought people are supposed to disclose conflicts of interest. She seems to have completely missed vaccines as an environmental factor affecting autism. The perinatal period includes the Hep B shot at time of birth does it not? What about the mercury laden Rhogam shot? What about pitocin during labor? What about prenatal pills loaded with folic acid in women who have problems with folinic acid and need methylfolate instead? What does that folic acid do in them? What about the genetically modified corn that women eat which is apparently Monsanto/ Big Pharma driven with the FDA seal of approval? What about instant cord clamping? What about having women birth kids in the prone position? What about hitting women with drugs during a C-section delivery? What about epidurals causing plummeting heart rates in infants leading to emergency C-sections? None of that apparently seems to matter!! All she could come up with as a possible suspect are genes? What a BS of a study.

"Perinatal defines the period occurring around the time of birth (5 months before and 1 month after).

The perinatal period commences at 22 completed weeks (154 days) of gestation (the time when birth weight is normally 500 g), and ends seven completed days after birth. (WHO - World Health Organization).

Legal regulations in different countries include gestation age beginning from 16 - 22 weeks (5 months) before birth."

Wonder WHO is schizophrenic here.


I wonder if the NYT is going to pick up this story next and run with it. Its right up their very shady street.

BTW why the joint studies with the Scandinavian countries - first its Denmark, now its Sweden. Is the pharmaceutical industry in trouble over there too? Are the Scandinavians chronically sick as well given that there's hardly any sunshine over there (lack of Vitamin D-3). Are they trying to appease their native population (lets pick some immigrants to do it, you guys are A-ok, not to worry) that EVERYONE is sick and hey while we are at it, lets get those Americans (who seem to be in thick S**T as well) to fork over some $$. Let's do a study to make EVERYONE happy -


- We have NOTHING to do with it, we are ONLY trying to help. Here take some more pills.


Funny that they can't prove a genetic link for schizophrenia either. The eugenicists tried for ages: Fritz Kallmann called for the forced sterilization of family members of schizophrenics and Foster Kennedy called for their extermination based on the assumption (and on Kallmann's rigged "twin studies") that it was inherited. There's no more "proof" today than there was then, simply a more widespread perception that the condition is genetic.

I think a certain level of trepidation should rise in any community that finds itself being "screened" for "genetic mental disorders". The history of what has historically been done to such populations isn't very nice. Because of this history and because, very often, laws and public policy are formed based on these studies, I think there should be legal recourse for other scientists to go in and investigate the original study subjects to see what the initial researchers skewed or ommitted.


Well sure, I don't doubt since a link at all --after all there are studies showing that a GF/CF diet helps schizophrenics as well.

Certain chemical imbalances in the brain are seen as a condition called schizophrenia. When they are not a condition at all, but are a symptom. Again we live in a world that loves to put band aids on symptoms instead of finding the root cause and fixing that.

We have come pretty far in the understanding of mental illness. It is now seen as a neurological condition, and I don't disagree. But it seems in all these neuro disorders we have stopped looking any further. We need to keep looking, researching the cause. Instead of, "Oh, here is what symptom you have, take this pill."

We are so caught up in thinking that Western Medicine is wonderful and advanced and is truly trying to help cure us of what ails us --but it's crap. We've found a way to make billions on pills --so why bother to look any further? And since I am riffing here allow me to answer my own question --we need to bother b/c we are killing ourselves with toxins and pharmaceuticals.


""Establishing an association between autism and other psychiatric disorders might enable future investigators to better focus on genetic and environmental factors that might be shared among these disorders," Daniels said."

Any idea who funded this hogwash of a study? So what new thing have we learned? Or rather, what old thing that we already know has been reiterated here?

1. There is NO autism gene.

2. If you do find a gene that explains 1% of the population or 2, you still don't know what to do with it.

Analysis - this is NOT a genetic epidemic so quit wasting resources and money, and barking, time and again, up the wrong tree. Old proverb (paraphrased, heck its old) - You don't look for your money under a lamppost just because there is illumination under it, you carry your illumination to where the money might have fallen. The word "illumination" is used on purpose because there ARE no bright bulbs here!!

3. "Its the environment." Its the same environment that has been around for ages. Granted its declining thanks to all of us, but not to the extent that it would suddenly cause an epidemic of autism in a trice. What has changed is THIS - vaccines that are injected into infants have quadrupled in the last 20 years and so have the many illnesses associated with vaccines.

Analysis - You want to do some *real* research, research vaccines and their harmful effects and you will find the answers that have been eluding you. Until then stop the waste, for starters we can't afford it. Big Pharma's hole to oblivion has already been dug because of autism excesses. If it does not wise up, it does not stop, the hole's just going to get bigger. If you do want to stop digging your own grave, STOP what you are doing. One third of the population is not equipped to handle vaccines, their immune systems are too fragile. Get used to this truth, making fragile constitutions chronically sick does not bode well for humanity. And not for you either I might add!

Tim Booton

After a quick read I noticed the authors. The first researcher listed is a drug industry epidemiologist. No conflict??

Coauthors of the study include Ulla Forssen, Ph.D., GlaxoSmithKline epidemiologist, Collegeville, Pa.; Christina Hultman, Ph.D., Sven Cnattingius, M.D., Ph.D. and Par Sparen, Ph.D., all of the department of medical epidemiology and biostatistics at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden; David Savitz, Ph.D., director of the Center of Excellence in Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Disease Prevention, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York; and Maria Feychting, Ph.D., Institute of Environmental Medicine

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