Way to go Jenny. You have the voice to be heard. My neice was affected by her shots when she was 4 months old. She had high fever and terrible seizures. She is 18 now and still has sever seizeures she can't talk,feed herself,express herself when she feels sick or is in pain she still wears a diaper. My children are young adults now but oneday I will have grandchildren and it scares me to death the amount of vaccines these babies have to get now and so many at one time and all of the junk that is in them that is unneccecary. Thank you Jenny for fighting the good fight, keep it up! You have so many supporters. The government needs to here us and do something soon. My neice was affected 18 yrs ago with the 10 dose schedule.


I think her message is interesting but she still had some facts wrong:
1. MMR never contained mercury and still does not
2. vaccines do not contain antifreeze

L Land

Typical doctor doubletalk from Karp

First he says:
KARP: Which disease do you want your child to get?


KARP: Pick the one you want your child to get.

GORDON: That's not fair. That's not fair.

MCCARTHY: Let him talk for a minute.

Thank you.

GORDON: That's not fair. Nobody wants their child to get any of these diseases.

KARP: But that's the point.
Then later he says:
KARP: Jenny, let's bring it down just a notch for a second here. When we look at autism, 75 percent of kids with autism, there's demonstrated change that the child has in the first year of life before they get to this period when they're getting the Mumps, Measles vaccine.

MCCARTHY: Give me Mumps and Measles. I'll take that way over autism any day.

KARP: That is not the option. That is not the option.
Do parents have an “option” to “pick” or not?

Cathy Jameson

Thank you for posting the links to the transcript for last night's show. We don't get CNN so I'm going to get all comfy tonight and catch up on what everyone got to see live. Reading all the comments on today's AOA and the message boards has me so intrigued and hopeful. It sounds like another Jenny Go Get 'Em kinda day!


Robin Nemeth

When they say ‘underlying’ mitochondrial disorder, what does the word ‘underlying’ mean?

Some of the definitions I get from dictionary.com are ‘anterior (situated before), and ‘prior’ and ‘belonging to an earlier stage in the transformational derivation’.

Has it ever been shown, in any studies, or in any court proceedings, that the mitochondrial damage came first, before the administration of any vaccine?

If it hasn’t, I really wish people would stop using that word.

Even David Kirby used the word, although he referred to an underlying mitochondrial disorder _theory_. But isn’t it also a theory that her mitochondrial disorder _wasn’t_ underlying?

It just seems to me that the use of the word is designed to bias people’s thinking on the matter.

Well anyway, that being said I have to say watching the show was marvelous. I think Kirby was marvelous, and Jenny was marvelous, and anyone with a mind open even the tiniest bit isn’t going to be swallowing blindly the CDC’s reassurances anymore.

K Fuller

Why is no one asking these men if their own children got the standard multidose immunizations???? And did they get them in rapid succession on the same day? Did they get shots during their multiple ear and sinus infections??? I really want to know!!
They need to ask them what else do children have in common?? They all get shots. What else links children?? What else??


"MCCARTHY: These doctors have been dealing with autism. I have been begging them to sit down with us. They just announced yesterday that they will sit down with the Defeat Autism. As a matter of fact, there's a conference this weekend, so I'm hoping you guys come."

It just occured to me as to why the AAP is suddenly so interested in learning DAN! They need to be able to come up with their own "studies" to counter the claim that most kids with ASD do in fact have a problem with their mitochondria. They need to be able to state - "There is no question of any mito problem at all. Nada, zilch. We have done 20 "studies" to prove it and believe us, there is NO connection between autism and mitochondrial disorders." More false junk fodder for mainstream media.

Because, think about it, how DO you counter DAN! doc claims of many mito dysfunctions in ASD kids? You have to BE in the picture to be able to say that, don't you? Clever, clever, clever!!


"KARP: Jenny, let's bring it down just a notch for a second here. When we look at autism, 75 percent of kids with autism, there's demonstrated change that the child has in the first year of life before they get to this period when they're getting the Mumps, Measles vaccine."

I agree with that statement. We need to bring down the number of the shots in the first year. My child had distinct slumps after his shots that I never even reported to the pediatrician. Everyone knows that the pertussis has a terrible record, the DTaP should be split up as per the Dr. Miller schedule.

In fact, the whole vaccine schedule stinks big time. Something definitely needs to be done about it.

Meningitis or cancer?

"TAYLOE: Because we've been able to develop ways to vaccinate children to prevent pain and suffering. Just in my practice, I've watched three children die of each of the different kinds of bacterial meningitis that we immunize for today. And it's tragic when that happens. I, in my practice, have not referred a child to the compensation program for a vaccine-related injury..."

Dr. Tayloe might want to take a look at this story the CNN ran yesterday. Turns out the doctors misdiagnosed a 15 year old boy's death as bacterial meningitis when it actually was a rare form of aggressive brain cancer. The attorney called it T cell lymphoma (Do B and T cell deficiences with regard to vaccine insults trigger any memories?). The parents asked for an autopsy and found out a month later that the "possible" bacterial meningitis was actually brain cancer. Dr. Tayloe are you listening? Are you diagnosing these "bacterial meningitis" deaths correctly? Have you done autopsies to confirm the diagnoses?

It gets more bizarre because the parents as per the wishes of the child had donated his organs. They then worried about the organ recipients and were told by the doctors that this rare aggressive brain cancer was only in the brain lining and had not traveled to the rest of the body. Anyone believing this c**p? They were monitoring the recipients and they were doing well. Evidently not, because the cancer DID spread to the recipients and two of them subsequently died from the cancer. The parents meanwhile have been to hell and back in the last year and are doing what they can to make sure that organ screening practices are improved. Stonybrook has been cleared of any wrong-doing, maybe the recipients families don't know this!!

How come kids are dying of rare brain cancers these days? The parents look very healthy. Might they be having an underlying genetic dysfunction that might cause their kids to get these diseases? Might over-vaccination be doing this to their kids? Might the immunization be actually CAUSING the cancer? Exactly how rare are these cancers? Anyone know?

You can watch that horrific story here:


Jenny, David, Jenny's doc you all were great. The world definitely needs to hear this. Thank you!

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